If your portfolio doesn’t look like this you’re slacking!

if your portfolio doesn’t look like this you’re slacking!

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What a shit folio

ur mom gay

Komodo is essential to own

see you on the moon fren, very undervalued indeed.

>.7 btc value
> thinks hes done well

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>lunch money
>50% BTC

lol, see you in a year when that 6k is 15k

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hater desu

have fun being 100 percent alts noob

if you have less than 1 BTC, you should be 100% alts
you will go nowhere being so safe with such small investments

You might aswell have invested it in government bonds

t.21k folio 100% alts


Also check em link 1000usd eoy

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>didn’t invest .01 into $ZCL at 20k sat
>small investments suck

0.7 BTC?

You faggots are all smalltime

that’s the joke queer

at this point you'll earn more on your investment becoming a welder

makes sense

>diversifying with a meme amount
Come on son, you won't make it
Pic related, doing it right

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I actually like the distribution a lot, good job poorfag.

NO ETH? WAN? REQ? Stay poor faggot.

>no AION and XLM

No XLM, not gonna make it.

no skycoin, it is you who are slacking op

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>Biggest holding is in normie coin
>Diversifying so much when you have pocket change
>Not a single pick that's worth a shit
>So defensive you need to reply to every post
Have fun getting liquidated cunt.

These portfolio threads are all jokes right? They're like 50% dogshit memecoins every single time. What's the point of them?

My dubs confirm that i will make it

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