Studying in Italy good investment?

Any international students there? Which university city is the best?

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it depends if you think the return is worth the expenses.

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Studied italian, speak it very well but not fluent.
Honestly, as far as what you'll get out of it.... pussy and general interest.
GF studied abroad in Italy and when I went to visit she was super impressed that I could speak to the people there in Italian... but everyone there speaks English...

There are wiser languages to invest your time in honestly.

Depends on what you want to study, Milan, Pisa and Rome have some of the best universities in Europe though

if he's a burger it's probably cheaper. Otherwise, not worth it

I study law, so it will be for half a year only in that field. Oke thanks, isn't it more fun in a small univeristy town? Or is milan university also fun.

Vieni alla Bocconey se vuoi farti su big money

Money not a problem. EU programs let me pay my school in europe. So no difference cost of living probably cheaper in italy. The investment is time, and leaving everything behind for half year vs. being alone in another country and meeting cool people and study at a good univeristy,

Why would you use the indian flag if you're making a thread about italy you stupid fuck

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Milan is probably one of the best cities in Italy for studying, Politecnico or Bocconi as mentioned are some of the best unis there are here.
Also here in Italy we don't have university towns, especially for smaller universities.

ma vuoi fare l'erasmus o cosa
se è per l'erasmus scegli la città che più ti piace
per legge al nord Milano Pavia Padova Pisa Bologna cose così

avoid sapienza and other rome universities, the organization and logistics are awful here.
from bologna upwards there are some really good ones tho, depending on what you wanna study

Why would you learn an language that only 63 million people in the world speak.

Learn chinese, spanish or russian.

If you go to Italy, I have a mission for you: Find this guy, and tell us where he hides. We have business to finish with him.

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siamo pieni fuck off

South Tyrolean here. Don't move to italy, it's a overrated shithole full of arrogant fags.

>South Tyrolean

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Rome university among the best ones top kek

In Rome, LUISS is the best one but you have to pay thousands of euros cuz it's for rich kids
La Sapienza top kek, full of terroni

I would probably go to the north
Bologna, Venezia, Trieste,Forlì

Thank you!

Because I love italy since i was young. Idk why, maybe it sucks irl. Just only europeans i like. Juventus! With spanish you have a point, very close and i can do much more with it. Either way you don't want to be in business with both spanish and italian people.

Will do kek.

Putting your dick in young tanned Italian thots will reward you everything.

I've been to Erasmus there and banged 7 Italian girl and only one Bulgarian. They are slutty and want it rought, 3 out of 7 was into anal which is a great percentage.

if I win in crypto. Is italy a good place to buy a house/apartment - live there as a king? or Spain is better.

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How could this possibly be a good investment?
If you want to do it for personal reasons or for fun, the fine.

nice OP
where are you from?

^ I have the same question

Amsterdam! thanks btw.

Besides that, was it also a great experience?

btw it depends from the faculties aswell
For example, in Torino I know there is a good engineering school


Mmm. ok, i also have to look at partner universities but there are enough. Did you do an exchange to italy or are you italian? Als you think it is nice to go for an exchange?

I am not italian. But I prefer it way more than spain. Als good weather, first world country, laid back people. So not much that is better.

I'm Italian. I think it's cool to be an exchange here. I think Italian girls are quite hard. You have to fucking treat them as princesses and then maybe you can get laid (with some drinks).

I'm Italian. I'm not neutral but you can have some nice houses in little towns not for much.
Also, pay attention that Italy is,for most of it,a sismic area.

Where would you suggest to buy in Italia. Nice weather+food+beaches?

Honestly almost every beaches in Italy are fine.
Top Notch: Sicilia,Puglia,Calabria and Sardegna

Nice weather in the south but in summer it's hot as fuck and you have to stand very high temperatures.

Food everywhere

Thanks. Also, regarding mafia, sicilian stuff - if I get a house. What are the odds being robbed or being kidnapped/burglared. I mean, is it the cliché stuff we hear?..

I heard a month ago, a city gave away houses for 1 euros because it was a ghost town/or mafia related.

Should I be worried?


Thanks again. Yeah probably, fucking feminism right kek. Exchange students should be pretty easy tho. And I'll probably hang out with them the most.

I don't think it is true houses are getting sold for 1 euro. If so I would buy them.

Mafia is everywhere but it's not like in movies where they have shotgun and look badasses.
Mafia trades drugs,is behind the migration problem, makes deals with politicians and I think some merchants have to pay "pizzo".
But no, don't worry. Of course, eastern europeans can break into your house but that's everywhere.

Italy is a dump. Outside of the tourist areas the country is falling apart. Everything is covered in graffiti, grime and dirt. The trains look so run-down it's a wonder they even still function. But there's always a jobsworth around to hand you a huge fine if you didn't stamp your ticket (which serves no purpose other than to catch people out to force them into a fine). The toilets are holes in the ground and you'll probably find an african sleeping in one. They can't fix their infrastructure because they're always giving the money to niggers, as well as directly from Italians' paychecks. Talking of illegal niggers, they roam the length and breadth of the country hustling, stealing and sleeping rough and not a single soul does anything about it. Italians themselves are loud and aggressive. Shout before thinking types. Show them some resistance though and you've never seen someone run off faster. I never even ventured into the south but I heard it's even worse. Anyway, enjoy Italy :^)

Come on man. That is not even good fud. It might be a bit of a mess in some places. But I'll go to a city. Also temperament is commen in the south, if you are not a fag it is not a problem. The migration is a real problem tho. Idk, it can't be as bad as you say.

quite true but he wants to buy a house to chill not to live a life here

dont do it man you will get stabbed to death from some random gypsy

You fucking ask. Sure it was, best time ever. I was traveling, partying, fucking, drinking for 4 months and I passed all my exams easily. Later on I had all of the passed courses assigned to my records transcript at my home university. Instead of struggling with hard courses at my Uni I passed them with my cock in warm pussy and belly full of beer. No regrets.
And most importantly I've GOT FUCKING PAID FOR IT from Erasmus+ scholar. KEK I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN

>You have to fucking treat them as princesses and then maybe you can get laid (with some drinks).

Ugly beta detected.

Kek, I smashed your countrywomen just after knowing them in the club. All I did was being Veeky Forums and hitting straight .

Kek you can smash whoever bitch you want I don't fucking care since I have a girlfriend and she is not Italian.
Italian girls are fucking boring. Have fun fucking brainless girls.

This is the official ranking for Law in Italy.
Factor in that bigger cities may have more international students and more courses in English.
In Northern Italy you will get easier women but also a worse weather.

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What. I didn't went to talks with my school? You get fucking money from erasmus to support you or something?

Politecnico di Milano has more than 20 courses in English, Università degli studi di Bologna 18, Bocconi (also in Milan) 8 courses.
Italian government put restrictions in place about teaching in English only so many universities only offer classes in Italian.

My university has partnerships with:
Milan university
la sapienze rome.
Any experience anyone? What is the most fun

Yes Erasmus is top kek
It's a pity most of braindead spend time just fucking girl

Come to sicily palermo my nigga, most redpilled people and best food

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K thanks, i need english i can't speak italian. And it will be to hard to read fucking italian law books.

If you are a millionaire, indeed Italy is a good place to live. If you have to be a wagecuck, not so much.
Come here on holiday and judge yourself.

Milan or bologna if you could choose.

Milan or bologna? If you would go yourself.

>he doesn't know

Of course, it fucking pays you. I had 500€ scholarship for each month there. They paid me 80% at the beginning and additional 20% after my return.

It obviously wasn't enough to cover all of my expenses as I was traveling a lot and spent a lot on alcohol. Italians have the best cheap wines ever

Milan is more expensive, girls use better clothes, bars and restaurants are trendy, etc.
Bologna is a lefty town, hippie girls, smaller town and more students around, everything is cheaper, local girls are famous for tortellini and blowjobs.
Both are beautiful towns historically-artistically speaking.

Lol. Always or do I have to act like a poorfag first, fucking great. Yeah it doesn't need to be more. I pay my own rent and living cost now also. So basiclly every extra would be nice. And you pay for school to your own school only right?

Damn you make me want to go there so much. I think a smaller town with a lot of students would also be fun. Mmm, you helped me a lot. Thanks bro.

you are welcome, enjoy your time there :-)

>And you pay for school to your own school only right?

Fucking burgers. Universities are free in most of the European countries you faggot. At least mine.
US is the biggest meme of 21st century

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No Italian universities are terrible. Shitalians are not smart people

I'm not a burger i pay 2k a year in the netherlands. We get cheap loans so it's ok.

Italian here, but never lived there besides from when i moved out when i was 6-7 years old.

I'm a systems engineer now but more geared towards software development, is the tech scene good in italy atm?

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