>He is still in crypto and not the guns and gold portfolio

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Gold has no intrinsic value

Nice pistol user - I daily carry the same

Lol this shit always amuses me. Turn in your phone and computer and every fucking modern piece of tech you own, since you 'don't need gold' as it 'has no intrinsic value'.

Fuck off peter

Sure thing john wick


yes it does but its traded way above its intrinsic value

IDK man, I need to liquidate for taxes and i think id rather sell my gold than my crypto. gonna keep a bit of course, and my guns aren't going anywhere

What pistol has the potential to go up in value?

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It is a store of value. ;)

Antique one.

tfw canadicuck and not allowed to CCW

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Well, you can knid of eat it and I guess fuck it? If you drill a hole in a bar maybe?
Not sure about drinking it though, that would burn


estimated 4500. only 450 were made. Will only appreciate

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>not having gold, guns, food, and crypto
Fanboys are fucking retarded

dream gun,,, walther ppk

preferably an SS-issued PPK from WWII

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i bet you manchildren love to play video games too

Cuck living in a socialist "paradise" spotted.

>socialist "paradise"
Surely these are the "Sanctuary Cities" I've been hearing so much about?

i was thinking of buying this as my first gun. thoughts? also thinking of getting a glock

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i wouldnt normally buy a gun but i live near too many niggers and it gets spooky sometimes

lol sig, have fun shooting ur foot off if you knock it funny on accident

>Usp masterrace.

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>afraid of black people
typical /pol/

I live maybe 10 miles from this.

Dont buy a 357 as your first gun, go instead with a smaller caliber like 9mm or .380

p238s dont have the problem that one striker fire model had...that sig is a badass lil gun

that being said, hk is awesome

ok, i was thinking of getting a glock but the only that worries me is theres no thumb safety

>Not cautious around black people

You must be in an all white neighbourhood. I can't wait until you get a taste of diversity.

tfw i live in louisiana and know to never relax

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name of the left one?

same gun as in op's pic...a sig p238

plastic guns are overrated anyways.

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so glocks dont rust right? i honestly dont mind if its plastic. i heard they are so reliable

Shill me it. I’d like to get a small sig

mother fucker i live in the east bay, you're the deluded fuck who lives a sheltered life

It’s a nice revolver but what glock were you looking at? Not a huge fan I’ve got the whole canik tp9 series and hk vp9 and would say either is light years better than a glock

>TFW will never own a Beretta M9 or an M1911
Why even live?

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glock 19

Just bought a glock 19 as my first gun. Couldn't be happier. I love it. Probably seen 5000 rounds already.
Thank god i got talked out of the 38 special I wanted.

why user?

>have a beretta 92A1 thats getting the Samurai Edge mod soon

Yeah .38 is a good training round. I just never bought into the whole fandom of glock, also am a lefty so the vp9 was a little more friendly
I feel like glock is the bitcoin of handguns

But my other gun is a hk

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This kills the libercuckian.

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r u a leaf?

lol yes it does, it has very good conductive properties and is valued for this intrinsic property, and therefore has intrinsic value.

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I trade gold for a living, it has taken on a full inverse relationship to the DJI, wait to sell, at least a couple weeks.

Why not the superior ppq

get a .22lr pistol, you need to learn to shoot first.
Tho i love .357's you can load .38 in it for practice

Does every gun you buy go in the records? Or is it just pistols?

> no thumb safety

not an issue if you practice proper firearm safety, like keeping your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot

having /noguns/ sure seemed like a good idea before all these niggers turned up!

>crypto in a SHTF doomsday scenario
>implying his internet money won't cease to exist when the internet infrastructure goes under
Stick to the basics if you want to prepare for Armageddon.

Guns don't hold any value in my shithole country unless you're in the illegal business.

I can't make any roi of gold.

buy art

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whatcha gonna do when the big gov come for your guns and the jews come for your gold?

I was torn between the sig p320 compact and the g19. ultimately chose the p320 after fingerfucking them both in the store. I like the grip and trigger on the sig better. You will probably be pretty happy with either one, or even a cheaper XD or whatever

use the guns to defend your gold
a tale as old as time itself

not like you need alot of it tho

your phone, computer, and every fucking modern piece of tech you own has no intrinsic value

> fell for the gold meme
silver is the only metal worth buying

why? Cause it is used in electronics and can kill werewolves?

>doesn't have a usp compact

what do you see on the horizon for silver mister metal man

SIG is definitely quality, you seem to know that, but I would go with the P938 instead since 9mm is much more prevelant