it's okay my child you are safe here

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Sold ICX at the bottom, still holding ETH.

Still 2x my initial investment sorry for your losses lads lmfao

During the december/jan bull run, I bough TRX at 300 sats, sold at 400
3 days later it was at 2500 sats

I made the suit wojack meme a couple of days ago without posting my wallet address.

Fuck em.

Bought ETC at $35. It is the only position where I am at a loss. I could have cashed out at $40, but I'd rather hold out because I still see it being capable of hitting $70-$80 and eventually breaking $100 like Litecoin did.

BNTY has lost me over $5k of my $7.7k initial, but I want to keep it in bc it’s MC is $7M and is constantly recognized in articles as a huge potential gainer. Also I would like to coinfess that it made me $30k in one month but I didn’t sell because repubtards would take it all

i would like to see this suit wojack

Bought Stellar Lumens at 0.9$ for everything, only leaved money for food and basic needs. :/ Im pretty much suicidal now D:

Didn't sell REQ at $1.

Went all on neo at $130 a few weeks ago, now down 40%

Bought the top of Storm. All in. Tanked immediately after.

I could have 800k but instead i only have 500k

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I held.

I still hodl.

You can't be down 85% if you hodl.

I am not a meme. I am a person, with feels.

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congrats for being chad about it mang

Took too long to realize that if you put a thousand dollars into TRON, Verge, Req, etc, during one of the big ass dips you can literally make a thousand dollars in a week.

speaking of TRX dipping;

after this little rally that started a few days ago, this thing should drop off on the 31st into April, and dip before the mainnet launch in June.

1000 bucks in that could make you 10G's.

buy low.

i was up 25% in sats yesterday holding BNB. It dipped today and i tried swing trading with NULS, XEM. Ended up losing all the gains and down on sats than whatever earned yesterday.

Yea good call. Just kinda annoyed. Like my money didn’t go through until after things had already started to recover.
But yea, between the weird coin burn pumps on BNB, and then the tendencies of coins like verge, trx etc to bounce back, if you have money there waiting for the dip, you can make stupid amounts when it bounces back.

Sold my entire bag of DENT this morning, expecting it to dip because I wanted to increase my stack, right before it started mooning.

August 2014 I "mine" 6500 XLM Stellar Lumen. Cost: $0, and 15 minutes of time.

January 2018 I sell $1850 XLM, transfer $1500 to my bank and leave $350 in Coinbase. I keep 1200 XLM, and trade 1200 XLM for the equivalent of 600 XLM in BTC and 600 XLM in ETH.

My cash is still cash, BTC went down a bit but not as much as XLM and ETH.

I am 44 years old and have been investing for a long time. I don't consider cryptocoins an investment they are off-the-charts speculation and gambling. But whenever I start feeling it is time to start taking profits, whatever I leave in the market to see if it goes up even higher in a speculative bubble never goes higher. The last time I took profits in a big way across my whole portfolio was in the spring of 2000 as tech stocks fell. I actually broken even there - on my last investments I quadrupled my money (illiquid), then it crashed down to where I only doubled my money, where I sold half, then the stocks went out of business. So I broke even - I sold half when it fell to double, and the other half went to near $0.

I suspect the same with cryptocoins, which are worth even less than high-flying dot-com stocks. Stocks like Cisco and Microsoft were still worth something in 2001, even off their highs.

how far do you think TRX will dip before it rallies again?

I have a temporary order set at 520 btc sats (temp because i need to see what this beast decides to do).

With the amount of volume, all it takes is a little move in either direction. Although with the news in the next 45 Days being promoted as it has been, I doubt Selling Volume is as high as Buying volume.

its okay bby
after the deathcross you will be down 100%

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The difference here I suspect is that these coins are not companies at all.

People can pretend that they are tied to the fates of their news, execs etc.. but they aren't.

These are marketable assets, securities desu.

>inevitable conclusion is inevitable

to be fair i've been hearing about the bubble collapsing for 4 years.


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>start January 17
>BTC at about 14k as I start buying in fucking Coinbase
>by the time my money clears value is plummeting
>keep trickling in more money through February
>at about .9-.8 BTC throughout
>sell 4K worth of my stacks to my brother who is FOMOing so hard he won’t leave me alone
>16-4K = 12k
>Down from My original dollar investment. ObviouslY
>all time low under 3k

I switched some over to BNB and I’m only about 3k down from that 12k but I went over 1 BTC value for the first time Friday. SATOSHIS are more inmportamt than dollars right guys!?

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Hodl &Rip

Behold the power of what you may call
>The True Veeky Forumstard

me to fren
never let go

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....I COINFESS!!!!!!!!
me three fren

i let go

i lose

i wait for new opportunity

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