You know what's funny? Investing in mining hardware companies is actually better than investing in the coins themselves

You know what's funny? Investing in mining hardware companies is actually better than investing in the coins themselves.

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>not just buying the cards and selling them on ebay brand new when demand reaches its peak for 3x the price of a burned out one used for mining
It's like you don't even want to be rich.

>2.5x in a year
instead of 8.5x in a year if you had bought bitcoin

I don't think so buddy.

except AMD

not really, but NVDA was definitely a top tier stock to hold for 2016-2018

holding BTC or ETH would've been better though but what retard has his whole portfolio in crypto anyway?

>he pays capital gains tax on all of his profits


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That's a gpu company

Well, Price is about to dip so you should pull your profit. BNB is about to go MT gox exit scam and the general public figure out it was a ponzi.

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you know what's even more funny?

you could have bought mining hardware in early 2017 instead of shares of the hardware company, and made 20-30x your investment back instead by mining ETH

fucken love NVDA stocks. bought in between $10-17. comfy AF.

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20-30x? probably would be a lot more than that if you just held it all and payed for bills with fiat

All these triggered coin holders losing money. People still use video cards not Crypto OP had some high quality bait here.

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whats funny is you think video cards are why nvdia rose so much

That shit is about to fall

That happens, everything in crypto goes down. Binance is not a small player exchange. Source?

Oh cool. Are text adventure games going to come back in fashion? Do you have insider information?

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pic is you.

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>200% is more than 800%

Kicked out of Japan bumping and dumping there own coin.

How you think this is going to end user? Ask the king

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Op invested in something real not tulips

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Tell me more about what some random old white dude thinks!

Google it

holy shit you dumb cunt. i posted how i bought NVDA between $10-17 and it made me rich. NVDA being Nvidia stocks you fucken brainlet. you didn't even read my post did you pajeet. kys.

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Look at this thread the binance shills are going on a smear campaign

Because of this thread

You think these people are competent individuals that should be trusted.

Literally. these are the people in charge of meme money.

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Keep telling yourself that. Meanwhile I'll take 8.5x yearly returns instead of 2.5x. Coping so hard you actually convinced yourself you're smarter. Yikes.


You flipped the btc chart upside down. I have some bad news for you

Tell this to my dpw bags

>burn out
It's funny to me that you think this is real.