Why didnt you invest in asian girls?

Asian girls are

white women are
men without dicks

Why didnt you invest in asian girls?
Some of you even invested in projects like ICX or VEN....ffs, you were supposed to invest in asian GIRLS, not CRYPTOPROJECTS!

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how 2 invest?

Can I buy them on Binance?

The same way you invested in black people in 1850

a. learn the language
b. travel to the country
c. create LINE/kakaotalk/WeChat account
d. talk to girls on the street, first in english, then switch to local language to instantly impress her, get her number
e. meet and fuck her
f. make her pregnant

you are now successfully invested in asian girls

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Asian girls are the ugliest girls lmfao. Ugly as fuck and have the bodies of prepubescent boys.

oh, roastie, haven't seen you for a long time.
what are u doing here, trying to catfish some rich chainlink whale now that you need to feed tyrones baby?

Don't learn their language, they will instantly know you are a yellow fever weeb. They prefer if you are just some white guy in the area.

Shoo shoo longnoseman

absolutely not. especially if you want to get japanese girls its essential to learn japanese because these girls dont mind learning english.
I know that korean girls are better in english, maybe there its different. I can only talk about japan and there you need japanese if you want to make it

>got a qt conservative white girl by going to a small town college

feels good

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You're no better than the women who fetishize blacks by the way.

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I am a result of mudsharks, indeed.

this is the result of asian fetishism

beta sons who amount to nothing & daughters who become whores

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hahahahaha topkek

And I don't care if you date asians. Just don't breed. Your children won't look like you because white genes are recessive.

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why are guys like you always posting hapas with jewish fathers? of course these hapas are mentally sick, because they suffer from their satanic, twisted kike mind.
Real hapas look like pic related: Kiko Mizuhara, japanese mother, white american father.

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don't forget asian women don't age while white women look like dogshit by 35

jewish fathers. not white.

another example:
jasmine thompson, chinese mother, british father

>he thinks race mixing with honorary aryans is the same as with jungle gooks

Elliot's father is not a jew anyway. Same for Kelly's. Anyway enough of this as this topic is not business related. We can jerk off to this topic on

Yup this, you'll only ever pick up gaijin hunter hoes if you know no japanese

>muh white race

dude, I'd fuck the shit out of that girl. i seriously don't get the whole MAKE WHITE BABBS thing around here.

but then again I am the result of a viet/itallian relation so I guess I'm biased. but hey, feels good not being constrained by a racial bias that permeates my entire worldview.

don't understand how you nigs spend so much energy on it

you're probably an ugly faggot so that is a good thing

It would be impossible to have blue-eyed children with Asians. I make deep connections only with other blue-eyed people. No thanks

>i seriously don't get the whole MAKE WHITE BABBS thing around here

Every race is outbreeding us and our genes are bound to go extinct. At least we'll become such a minority that the other races will try to purge us just like in south africa right now.

>viet/itallian relation

jungle gook mutt detected

I didn't even read that part of his post.

Elliot Rodger mutt FUCK OFF

Protip: dl Tantan. It’s the Chinese tinder.

I prefer waiting for sex robots.

Well.. how many race classifications exist to you? I'm willing to bet some subtypes are underperforming in comparison. If your goal is to achieve same-race breeding, I doubt you'll be able to convince others by telling them who they can/cannot breed with.

>jungle gook mutt detected

really? what gave it away?

I bet my jungle gook family came from a more affluent family than yours. They used to own a chain of grocery stores and farms in Vietnam before the commies nationalized it. The good breeding shows in the family; muscular tall men with high IQs.

The interbreeding with the itallian side unfortunately dumbed me down in comparison to my better half, but I'm still at 140 IQ.

Never been with an asian girl yet, mostly white girls. You'd be surprised how many of them are into anal. But yeah, maybe I'll take your advice on this and get myself a smart, sub, asian broad.

>he thinks owning a chain of grocery stores in a shithole country means anything
>he thinks 5'8 is tall

6'1 actually. So how many businesses does your family own? Guess you must be pretty wealthy with all those superior white genes.

Super jelly right now, for real.

You ever been to Vietnam? I went to southern Vietnam a couple months ago and bought weed from a grandma in a hammock. Anyways, pretty awesome place with a lot of room for growth in the near future. As a fellow halfie, I would advise you to just ignore the muh white race people from bumfuck usa who jack off to animu porn and never leave their country.

Asian grils are disgusting

>no tits
>all about social heirarchies and 'face'
>stink like rice

literally the grossest women of all

> asian girls
> stink
top fuckin kek
Also japanese girls are really funny to hang around, many of them would love to play some Mario Kart with a blonde or ginger white bf

you sound like a butthurt beta fag that got rejected by an asian girl and now has a chip on his shoulder

Veeky Forums is it worth even trying out a relationship with a girl who is decent looking but not really my taste looks wise? We do get along quite well and it's fun to be around someone from such a different world. she's from vietnam just moved here two years ago so I'm not sure how serious she takes dating. I don't know if she has adjusted to American dating culture yet or very traditional/conservative like most women asia are.

She's shown very obvious interest in me since I've met her. I don't want to get into it with her expecting this to last forever. I've never dated someone like her who, as I said, is decent but not really my taste.

I've been in a similar situation before man, i'd say leave it unless you're wanting to settle down, she will 100% try and push kids on you as soon as she can

White pig, go home.

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I'm really curious about that gif, is this just another one of their many fetishes?

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No, you hairy white pigs are the stuff of nightmares. Every now and then you find a couple who are willing to try bestiality out ... for a little while anyways.

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cool, bought 100k!

this post is screaming elliot rodger all over

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>willing to try bestiality out
Absolutely degenerate.

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>stink like rice
factually false. i can tell you've never been intimate with an asian woman. faggot.

>Women of all races imagine ryan gosling, brad pitt, and leonardo dicaprio when they answer "white"
>This is what shows up at their doorstep with a naruto headpiece trying to get sucky sucky

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nice, just bought 100,000 asian girls

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But, I did invest in an asian girl, user.

Why remind us? REE

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The hell are you talking about, half white half asian are some of the best looking people. Do you think keanu reeves is ugly?

sometimes love is something you grow into, give her a chance user!

Asain girl meat has poor roi

where can i buy one of these?

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nah retard

pic related

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alright user I'll go for it, wish me luck

Asian women>white women
>70.2% (FUCKING -SEVENTY PERCENT-) of American females are overweight vs
>2.9% overweight/obese rate in Japanese females
>55% divorce rate in America
>White women age like shit, any white girl over 24 looks 30
>Number of Americans who will get an STD in their lifetime: 1 in 4
>STD rate in Japan is nearly nonexistent

White women are simply trash. Find a cutie Asian girl (that didn't grow up in America) to settle down with.

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lmao, Fuck you know my ways. I always find asian chicks that just want to cheat on their husbands.

My advice for the virgins here. I fucked more than 100 Asian girls. Filipina, Korean, Japanese, Viatnemese, Indonesian... They all are different but still better than average white girl.

Filipina - they are not hottest asians some are gypsy tier and they will eventually cuck you. If she doesn't, her family will.

Indonesian- Submissive, loyal, down to earth that you can make your slave in bed. There are good Christian Indos you can find and those are my favorite among all Asians.

Korean- Shallow, boring, some are really virgin like you at 25+, traditional, loves money more than anything. Pump and dump material.

Japan- This one is interesting. They are smart for sure but their social hierarchy, games and culture too complicated for me to understand and some of them are really hostile toward foreigners. Still wifey material.

Viatnemese/Laos- Balanced mix of every other Asian girls.

Any kind of Asian is still better than your average white girl and race mixing results in mutt is a meme. Don't fall for it. I'm 1/4 Asian and still looking better than most of you retards. Haven't paid single penny fuck those girls.

ok but what about chinese grils?

You are still a mutt.
Get too uppity we will find your address and lynch you.
Just try it.

based list

>tfw married to flip and it matches the indonesian the most on your list.

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my experience with a chinese grill is she gets very defensive when her country is criticized, but will very openly talk shit about everyone else. There is loyalty but the she will probably want you to move to china instead of her moving to your home country.

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I've tagged prob 30-40 and this is pretty accurate but you forgot a few:
chinese - very hit or miss. you'll see an occasional 10/10 in hong kong but most of them are busted and they are kind of stuck up like the japs.
taiwanese - similar to chinese but more submissive and more welcoming to whitey
mongolian - fucking gold mine!

fuck you cunt

Not all asian girls are pretty or nice

Been to only industrialized parts of China couple of times. I don't have much experience with them other than couple of ons. It was easy. A friend of mine got married to a Chinese woman like 10 years ago. I've never seen him complaining about his wife but things are changing so fast in China. I really have no idea about how they are like right now.

I agree with you on Mongolian girls. You can add Kazakh and Kalmykian girls too. I fucked a Russian-Kalmykian mix in Moscow years ago and it was one of best pussies I've ever seen. I see some retards are going to Russia for fucking poor blondies but real gem there is Mongolian/Turkic girls (Not Turkish).

Redpill me on Mongolian girls. Do you have to wrestle a horse before she considers you worthy?

I'm not an expert I only fucked 2 and neither were actually in mongolia they were just from there. but both were very hot. they are basically a mix of russian and chinese

>pedastalizes asian girls as pure and traditional
>in the same thread, men who have fucked 30 to 100 asian girls

Makes sense. Where did you meet them?

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Yes, interesting but is Asian pussy sideways?

I'm 32 years old and traveling Asia more than 10 years. It's not even that high. Point is Asian girls are mostly non materialistic. They will sleep with you not because of your money, status, game, etc. They will fuck you right away because they have white fever and anyone fucks me out of this fever, admiration is not a whore in my book.

only virgins consider pure and traditional a good thing. those girls are boring as fuck. much rather have a fun girl. I dont care if shes been with other guys cuz I'm not an insecure little bitch.

one in hong kong one in serbia (random I know)

I'm around the 60 mark for gooks. Taiwan is a gold mind. Thinking of going to live there for 6 months to a year just for the pussy

>Women of all races imagine ryan gosling, brad pitt, and leonardo dicaprio when they answer "white"
Just you user

Any experience with Burmese?

Women fetishize blacks for their dicks.

Men "fetishize" Asians because they are more feminine, have better Family values and because they are sick of white women being so entitled

I have a white wife who is all of those things...
Plus all three of my kids actually resemble me. Fucking hilarious to see those mutt kids that look nothing like either parent. Their problems are broadcasted everywhere.

>They will sleep with you not because of your money, status,
The status is that you're white you knob lol