Who /crypto zombie/ here?

who /crypto zombie/ here?

>wagecuck 6 days a week
>literally spend rest of free time and only day off refreshing biz and staring at charts on bittrex and binance

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try /crypto neet zombie/

This is me.

I feel like a fucking loser.

This shit is like an addiction. And I can't stop.

how much money do you make /hr outside of your wage slavery?

I've been refreshing biz and watching charts 16h per day for the whole march, didn't make a single trade, everything seems risky.

I'm 30 and i make about $9k/month after taxes.



we are going to make it tho. if you don't grind, if you are not learning something new every single day about your craft, you are not getting any better. only the ones addicted to their craft will make it.

Eventually you stop caring, i used to spend 90% of my free time watching tradingview like a retard, now i just watch the price maybe 10 or 12 times a day.

You’re gonna make it user. Keep wagecucking for now. Don’t overspend. Don’t get too emotional or impatient.

This. Crypto 24/7

i was like this with stocks in 2007.
i can't trade while wagecucking so just accumulating. won't make it without risking anything, the feeling of missing out is much worse than the feeling of losing fiat.
but i think we're in the early majority, we're gonna make it.

feels like this has the highest roi out of anything i can possibly do right now, at least that's how i rationalized it. just 3 years. 3 fucking years of this. not even hoping for lambos, just a secure life without wagecucking, fuck

Veeky Forums is a satire website do not listen to advice from the people on it

I just subscribe to a signals group that does everything for me. Worth it so far.

>who /crypto zombie/ here?

crypto zombie is a faggot
who steal your energy
put you in trance
at the same time you get good gains
I do like gaines
who does like fucking gains
but fuck this faggot

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any groups you can recommend?

nice life LMFAO he actualy fell for the digital meme coin meme LMFAOOO

I feel bad for you son

Thanks Veeky Forums.

you should, i also have no gf or any prospects of one

Same. I just want to make it and get off this ultimate ponzi forever