Jesus christ guys it's bad enough this fuck makes more than Jamie Dimon for making fucking youtube videos, but now he can't even be bothered to come up with his own shit and is literally directly stealing jokes from Veeky Forums anons

the world is in a sad state kek

also yeah I get it by posting about him I'm making him richer... too bad I am pewds tho and this is self marketing (prove me wrong; protip: you can't)

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shut the fuck up PewDiePie, that video was funny

Do you really think he gives a fuck?

based felix

hey felix, in case you're reading this know that I like you

also make a yugioh joke in the next video so I know you read this

fuck off. Pewdiepie is /ourguy/

gtfo this is Veeky Forums, you are rich enough faget

You can probably just afford it because you got enough money, but i like you dude.
Even if its fake, you seem like a good person.

Hes kinda bringing kids on Veeky Forums, whos his audience? Yes, 13 year old cringy vidya boys

Why do you even bother to make videos 2times a day? don't you already have enough money?

Why don't you just go and enjoy life? go travel or watch anime 24 hours a day idk man you have everything you want.

Not like they're coming to Veeky Forums

That used to be his audience who are now entering adulthood. The 13 year olds watch the Paul dudes.

yeah, he's fanbase is pure cancer, but he's an alright dude, exactly the weirdo type that belongs on Veeky Forums. I think his videos are quite funny to be honest, he's probably the only entertainment youtuber I watch now.

The more I read shit like this, the more I start to realize I'm not being trolled. It was a mistake coming back here.

nah, his audience is mostly 15-24 white males.

Thank you for mislabeling greentext as a Reddit thing so that all the kids go there and not here
do a BRAAAPPP in your next vid again

Youtube was a mistake

Pewds if you are reading this, what does Marzia's O face look like and is she loud whilst having the sex?

Made it to 40 seconds. A new record.

monetization was, and always will be the problem when combined with herd behavior

PewdiePie grow up will ya?

Dam he didn't share any of my green text stories. Fuck.

Laughed my ass off broo ahahaha

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Go to hell -- we love Pewds

It's so easy to make videos about anything and get people to watch it. Nobody deserves money but people who make videos with actual advice and really helpful videos. Like DIY and an amateur series on nutrition and health. Some streamers like Joe Rogan are fine. Not some teenager playing video games.

Same feelings.

watched, wasn't entertained.
why do you faggots even watch this shit?

pewds is one of the few guys who actually deserves the money he makes.
>not flaunting it
> etc etc

If I ever make it I hope I'll be like him and not like some show off cunt.

they'll be contained on /v/, /b/, /tv/, and /pol/

>Last online: 1764 days ago

I cri everytiem

i like pediepie

pls add me in your vids

also marzia has a weired voice i keep imagening sex with her being weired like the japanese porn girls which is really bad

i love you pewdies we should be toghter

Literally who