Get ready for 4K

Get ready for 4K

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My body is ready

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That's awful math

This is literally astrology tier shit.

i feel violated

this faggot literally copy and pasted this, i heard this exact same fud a few months ago.

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that gotta be the most retarded reasoning for a drop i've ever seen

i'd rather listen to that nu-male marius faggot than this retard

>huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr btc is going to drop like a rock because it isnt parabolic anymore

he also said we would be at 13k in february no

mfw could zoom in on that chart and find 100 instances of btc violating dem parabolas.

thinking whales decide what to do cause of parabolas. kek.
the absolute delusion of this people.

He probably re posted it, since it was he who first said this months ago.

Meh, I made like 50k shorting BTC because of this guy. And 300k on the bullrun. Sorry for your loss : ))))

Please do. Show me 100 and i'll give you 1btc

Why do cryptotards always making argument from historical prices? Who cares about 2012 it was a completely different market.

You can fit one into literally every little sawtooth on the chart.

Oh shit bitcoin violated a parabola? Some completely made up, arbitrary line you draw on a chart?

I love how the higher lows from 2016 are just ignored even though it would have meant another violation in early 2017 if they were used for the parabola.

They are literally just random fucking lines you could draw any which way to show anything you wanted. You could draw one to show a bullish outlook just as easily.

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dream on faggots this is going straight to 0 - here's why

cp on the blockchains
google/ibm/... blockchain
national shitcoins more likely down the road
already diminishing interest + CENSORSHIP (google twitter + more to come)
regulation that'll break its shitsticks

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0 usecase for shitcoins/token and most
madeup decentralized bullshit applications
^ everyone was in it for the quick bucks

tether and other illegal securities waiting to blow up

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Same reason people believe in tarot cards and voodoo

>2018 market is exactly like 2014 market

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Doesn't even look that bad. 2013-2014 look way worse.

The next bull run will focus on utility and make dec/jan look small.

some TA fags are really fucking blind
"muh patterns with 1 data point, it must come true, real conditions that affect price are irrelevant"

The reason parabolic advances have severe corrections is because a parabolic advance is created by many people driving the price up because they think the price will never fall.
Once the advance is broken, people suddenly lose confidence and begin dumping on each other, leading to a very rapid fall. Some people buy in, thinking that it's just another dip, but once the rebound fails to break an important resistance level, more people panic and dump as well.

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So follow along.
December 2017. Crypto has gone gang-busters. Banks start to freak out. Their FUD in late November and early December did not work.
IE: Bear Sterns and Goldman Sachs send out HUGE FUD in Nov-Dec.
Now being bankers, they know that people will have to pay taxes on these gains.
They also know that normies don't know to sell at a loss in Dec. to offset gains for tax purposes.
Normies are thinking, no problem paying taxes, I've made a mint. What's 20-30%. Nothing. I am still WAY ahead.
So come January, the banks start shorting Bitcoin in a HUGE manner and the FUD becomes insane.
Normies see that all thier gains will be gone because in order to pay thier taxes, they have to sell thier crypto now at a loss.
Normies have until April 15th to liqudate thier crypto to pay thier taxes.
The entire time MAJOR FUD from the banks.
but... Secretly the banks are accumulating.
The banks buy Poloniex.. Why ? Crypto is dead! Why buy Poloniex ? Why buy Circle to compete with Coinbase ? WHY ?
Because the banks hold massive amounts of BTC from shorting and to make actual $$$$ on it they need to sell.
So how can they sell at a profit ? I'll tell you.
On or close to April 15th the FUD from the media and banks will change into MASSIVE FOMO to make crypto explode so the banks can sell at a profit.
Crypto is going to go INSANE in MAY. I'm talking the biggest rise in crypto history. Wait and see.

> Get Ready
> Doesn't understand will take 20 months to get there

so is he just ignoring this break of the parabolic advance ?? what’s to say the market won’t advance again past ath and then retrace as it did then?

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Keeping in mind other factors like Binance moving, preparing fiat swap, Bitcoin finally finishing its correction, businesses all over the world finding out about smart contracts, ecosystems getting stablished, increasing liquidity in crypto market, state-related FUD finally coming to an end, media prone to inform about Bitcoin while increase awareness on other cryptos, Kobayashi stopping the BTC dump, BTC sending sideways signals... this is coming. And please, dont tell me im bullish, end that stupid word

This guy admits himself that he is only 40% accurate.

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do these fucking people understand how the internet works?

everything he has been saying about bitcoin is wrong. look at his old fucking tweets.

this guys fucking retarded

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Looks like BTC is about to moon....

he has some type of personal vendetta with bitcoin investors its like he is mad.

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literally had that same thought!

oh, my let me stand really strongly on my fucking functionally retard calls
this is why I hate fucking TAs

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oh, i am best TA on the fucking planet i been doing this for fucking 100 years man.

Old fucking retard Know wonder why people hate this imbecilic fuck

I listen to this retard talk for like five minutes about trading and instead of actually talking about the subject matter that he is suppose to fucking specialize in and TALK ABOUT HIS FUCKING JOB

he rambles on about how people should get a job,


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first it was march, then april now may..

Where is PoS/PoL? (Proof of Short/Proof of Long)
Reminder to not trust any TA fag that does not show his LEVERAGED positions that concur with his analysis.
If he doesn't trust his money with his TA it's because it's not worth a shit.
>"but I don't like gambling"
So TA is not that solid if it's a gamble for you then?
Anyone can hold, not everyone can net profits on leverage and avoid liquidation until cashing out, it takes real skills and balls, because you can not afford to be wrong or you'll lose all your money, unlike when you're not on leverage.

He's right in the tweet you posted tho.

>ponzis arent a valid usecase

user i...

I don't see why we need to interpret these things identically. Yes it is a good general indicator, when bitcoin violates the parabolic advance it corrects down very hard. Last time it happened it went down 80%. This time? from peak price to the bottom it has set so far it fell ~70%. For all we know the bottom happened and now it is time for a long period of consolidation


Retard-tier reasoning. There can be a clear trend in one direction, and you can still be wiped out with a leveraged position.

banks aren't putting any of their money anywhere near crypto. if you believe that you are retarded.

fuck that annoying cunt