Conclusion: It’s very nice code, but it shows a lack of production experience, they are very far from achieving their whitepaper goals, for now they are a standalone application that can listen to Ethereum only events and do very basic HTTP requests. They have an incredibly long road still ahead of them to finish their concept.

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>this unfinished product is bad because it is unfinished

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There is no reason you can’t have a 100% ETH based decentralized solution, you can pay the decentralized nodes via ETH fee’s for their data transfer (a simple Ethereum based side-chain). So in it’s current iteration ChainLink as a token for me, doesn’t have a great value proposition. With just Ethereum support, I find it very annoying that you have to own ETH (to trigger the log event) and ChainLink (to pay for the data request) to receive a simple HTTP request.

Why is Link being shilled and fudded so much? This isnt normal?

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I see you are new to Veeky Forums.

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why does he think all nodes won't use UTC instead of local time zones? thats a weak point. also, the fact they are rushing a specific use case (Ethereum SC), means to me they have expectations from customers to meet asap. they can expand the code to other blockchain SC after they are generating profit

The classic "it'll take too long" FUD. Ignore

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>This model also greatly limits the kind of data you might want, so let’s look back at the flight insurance example, how do you know the flight was delayed? Well, you have to ask the flight system (third party) every few seconds/minutes/hours if the flight was delayed. But think how expensive this will become? Essentially I don’t want to do any more than 1 request. So I will do 1 request after the flight was suppose to be successful. Not a very user friendly system is that?

What is this literally who even talking about

>Andre Conje


I've looked through the code on github and everything he mentions is spot on. But except for the ETH integration, the rest is nothing. Outside contributors can take care of these issues.
But the complete reliance on ETH and the fact that they have not designed their architecture to be blockchain agnostic is more worrying. It's nothing fatal but it will be a bitch to implement later.

As for the lack of consensus mechanism, aggregation, ranking, that's also an issue but I don't think there's much to be done until we have mainnet and a few nodes to run tests.

>I've looked through the code on github
>t. guy with no coding experience

LINK is Veeky Forums crack, plain and simple.

>Plausible but overly technical use case that makes people investing in it feel smart
>Plausible relationships between coin creators and an existing industry that make people investing in it feel smart
>Plausible "industry insider" LARPers who come to Veeky Forums to divulge SECRETZ, which convinces the aforementioned wannabe-smartypantses that they're part of something revolutionary that has flown under the radar so far

Truth is, the decentralized oracle problem doesn't have a market yet, and won't for many years.

We're at a phase where smart contract adoption will happen regardless of centralized/decentralized oracles, because smart contracts solve several existing business problems. No one gives a fuck whether their oracle is centralized or decentralized yet, and when Linkies realize they're investing in the crypto equivalent of the Sega Dreamcast, LINK will dump faster than anything you've ever seen.

The Wojaks will be delicious..

>They have an incredibly long road still ahead of them to finish their concept.
FFS I can't baghold this shit for much longer. By the looks of this review, we'll be lucky if they finish mainnet by the end of the year.

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Copy and pasted arguments. Yawn

>No one gives a fuck whether their oracle is centralized or decentralized yet
right, because people totally want their decentralized smart contract rendered pointless and useless by using a centralized oracle.

t. link holder here

Not a bad review desu. Let's what Johny gonna say

this shit disapoints only 1000 eoy fags.

review written by Nootropicat

>As for the lack of consensus mechanism, aggregation, ranking, that's also an issue but I don't think there's much to be done until we have mainnet and a few nodes to run tests.

Because all of these are part of the on-chain architecture.

The most effective FUD would have been to create a decent argument that LINK as ...anything is years out. You were almost there. But because all fudders are intrinsically lazy you failed to make an impact on the few. The proud. The Linkmarines.

Stupid gullible faggots just all in Chainlink because an user say "I can't reveal anything because I'm under NDA, use your brain to connect the dots, can you see the big picture, this will blow up".

Madoff "I can't reveal my business operations because this is trade secret, trust me everything is under control, use your brain to connect the dots, I have ties to government and I am former chairman of NASDAQ, just trust me, your investment will blow up".

God damn it, this is the first fud that has made me nervous...

t. pajeet

Yep. We fucked up in here boyos.
From the conlusion I think that we are looking at $10 eoy 2020..
Only by then crypto will be no more among us..

Wow another copy and pasted argument. I hate you.

>So at this point, let’s quickly talk about ChainLink. Why is off-chain data important? Let’s say you want to do a smart contract that does token swops between 2 ERC20 tokens.
>you want to do a smart contract that does token swops between
>token swops

This guy is supposed to be a code reviewer and can't review his own fucking copy?

Fuck outta here. Anyone with half a year's coding experience knows that spotting type-o's from a mile away is the most basic grade-school level skill of a programmer. Fuck outta here.

>At it’s core
>At it is core

Jesus christ...

>So a decentralized solution is required for this, step in ChainLink. At it’s core it does the same but in a decentralized fashion. But this comes with a few issues, 1 what if it’s in the interest of the node giving me the trading price (in the example above) at a much lower (or higher) value to benefit themselves. So this data has to be validated, this is where shared consensus comes in.

Is this guy a junior-high schooler? The grammar, spelling and sentence structure is atrocious.

>ChainLink has a solution for problem 1 whereby they aggregate, I’m not a huge fan of it, the problem is, if I want exact millisecond sensitive data, I don’t want a median average returned to me, so for time sensitive data I don’t think this is an ideal solution, for less volatile data, this however is a good solution to get off-chain data, perhaps user details or weather details.

This is one, run-on, abortion of a sentence.

enterprises will never use this shit

they can target mom and pops tho

Just to update my post.

I've looked at his other code reviews and ChainLink is one of the most positive reviews he did. Sometimes even better than a lot of projects that are valued way higher than LINK. I guess that stands for something at least.
The real FUD here is that they still have a long road ahead of them. But from the looks of it they will first do a minimal release and continue further development after mainnet.

I did too and he praised positively rates TRX in his analysis

I will keep on holding, because I can't see any credible reason to sell. The criticism is getting recycled all the time and the same discussions are also repeated day after day.
The current sentiment is unbelievably boring

yup, it's all just word vomit from a guy who doesn't know what he's talking about that we're supposed to take seriously

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Everything is expected to be in UTC time zones.

You guys are trying to attack a coder’s grammar? The guy wasn’t asked to spell check the code. Rory just conceded in the telegram that everything this guy says is accurate.

“There's a couple of points he's made which shows he hasn't really had a deep look through the code or the whitepaper. When he says "This means they are currently coding for a limited set of cases, but, I’m sure they will still expand on it, so let’s move on." about the HTTP headers and only using basic auth, it's designed like that because of external adaptors. The file he screenshotted was from the utils package, not the package with all the adaptors in. I find it a weird omission if he really looked through it, because external adaptors open the node up to any data source in any format.

Same is said about the point after: "Their code is incredibly Ethereum intertwined, so it wasn’t designed with multiple blockchains in mind". It's designed in a way to be modular, for example the list of core adaptors:

I like that he's picked up on being able to define crons, that's a good feature about CL. Just with him stating about the timezones, isn't true as it's in UTC.

He's right with the consesus and validation code, but that's what needs to be done next. I've said it a few times with us waiting on the main-net contracts and that's what they'll do.

Good to see a post which dives more into CL though, good read.”

Jonny via telegram

No, he didn’t.

show a pic of that, please

I don't understand why this is such a problem. Why do we need a stamp of approval from our corporate overloads? What would be the problem with servicing retail daps?

All he said was he welcomed the criticism, that people should check out Andre’s other reviews for comparison, and DYOR.

Based Jonny.

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I mean it wasn’t exact, but he basically said, “this is why the project is open source, so we can get criticism” etc. CL dev team going over the review now

Wow, I was hoping someone would post that.

Why don't those stupid fags post that reply in their subreddit. It's like they don't give a fuck

It’s not all bad. Did anyone really expect a perfect finished product this soon?

That was posted only an hour ago. Rory said in TG that the dev team is looking over the criticisms. I expect there will be a proper response in due time. Chill.

Maybe because they don’t give a fuck about redditors that hold 5k link.

Hahahahaha this person is about to lose 20k USD

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smart people wouldn't bother doing what he's doing because it's obviously a scam shitcoin heading to a valuation of $0 like everything else on this board.

Two scenarios:

1) You're trolling, in which case, that's a weak ass troll

2) You're being genuine, in which case, you're a brainlet

Just like ETH will never go above $10, right?

ok so you were making up stuff. thanks for clarifying.

I bought 43k at $0.36 2 weeks ago. Feel pretty comfy.

This image is meant to be FUD against LINK. But there are only 2 names on that list that I respect -and those are Sergey Nazarov and Nick Szabo.

100% this. those who are not willing to wait dont deserve the gains. i encourage them to sell their bags.

lol i bought 68k at 0.16

how jelly are u?

Hi sir, have you invested in espers? I can't reveal much because I am under NDA but many big things coming soon sir, think of big picture sir.

>it went up because retards bought it so it definitely won't reach its true value of zero ever
lol. pump and dumps are fine but be real pls.

I'm not selling just before the mega moon that could start any day now

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the review was conducted by an industry whale tryna 'cumulate

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The review destroyed Oraclize. Why can't you faggots see this?

Not Mobius though. Still the best oracle.

yes sirs pls cheep sir pls do the needful

The dirty little secret is that Veeky Forums before the big second half of 2017 boom pooled together their resources (myself included) to buy a shitton of cheap LINK at the ICO. So the plan to try and pump (maybe not dump per se) the price on the back of newfags.

!00% my point. Mobius $1000 eoy

Isn’t that the plan of all ICOs?

There's also no telling what they have in private repositories as far as contracts so it's impossible to know how far out it really is.

He is quite a hard reviewer, which is fine, but important to note if you only read the chainlink one.

This image is posted a lot but no one points out that the official Chainlink account only had one tweet until a month ago and hasn't been used at all since so it's no surprise no one follows it. For a better idea of who is interested, look at the Smartcontract Twitter of Sergey's personal account.

Link is no get rich quick scheme. Weak hands need not apply. Everybody here knows 2020 minimum before singularity occurs

Does ETH look like it's done? No. Open source projects are never done. ETH was in beta and honestly still kinda is. It's too slow to be used right now on a massive scale.

LINK is in alpha / testnet. This is fine. As long as the code keeps coming in, working towards the whitepaper, we good.