65 cents / 1 dollar

Veeky Forums will defend this

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>what are economies of scale

>OP doesn't understand wholesale pricing

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Most of the cost is the bottle itself ya dingus

OP look into 100 calorie packs if you really want to your head fucked with

>buying corn syrup water for any price

>drinking soda

1000% profit vs 250% profit

>drinking this cancer shit

What are packaging costs?

The cost is in the packaging and transportation of the goods... not the actual contents of the fluid that is produced for pennys.

I'm a simple man, I only drink soft drinks mixed with shit grade spirits..

>drinking the liquid jew
i hope you have health insurance Gomez

Processing cost is just one side. The other side is that people who only want 20oz of soda, would waste the rest left over. Paying the $0.35 more wasted soda that will go flat isn't worth it.

Who the fuck drink this pisswater anyway?

>not drinking tap water
>not living where tap water is clean

>being a slave to the sugar industry

>he fell for the high fructose jew

>whabbb arrr ebobonobies bbborrr sbale

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thats all you ever really need

Not saying this is you OP, but...
Why can't I be rich and successful?
Rich people should pay more in taxes.
>pays for soda
>wage slave for soda
>you basically live to pay your soda bill monthly

Also on the future I truly believe there will be a monthly subscription to soda, people will have a soda machine like McDonald's in their houses.

it always surprises me how dark fanta is in the rest of the world. pic related is how we get it in the UK.

forgot pic related.

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>not drinking unsweetened almond milk

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hmm, it appears you have discovered that oz of corn syrup water aren't actually a commodity to end users

OP, it's the overhead. They're paying .02 for the liquid and the plastic. Overhead to get it into your hand, and market it, are what makes up the cost.

anyone with enough future orientation to use this service doesn't drink soda in meaningful quantities

Enjoy your phytoestrogens

>Do you have to worry about eating too many almonds?
>No, not really. I'd be more concerned about overdoing your intake of flaxseeds and soy, both of which have about 2,893 times and 792 times (respectively) more phytoestrogens than almonds do.
>Both phytoestrogens and almonds have important places in the human diet. But as with all things, you'll want to consume them in moderation to maximize their benefits.

But would consume other drinks with higher quality for less

>calls other people soyboys
>drinks milk and eats cheese

what did he mean by this?

>not living where tap water is clean

Do you even understand why you have cleaner tap water in Europe? It is because most of the pipes were put in after WW2, meaning from the 1950's to the 1960's. US pipes are older. That simple. Give it a few more decades and Europe will have the same problems as the US.

the 35th amendment will mandate a soda faucet be installed in every american home

Amazon, one click soda refill.

>having a tap
good goy

was just thinking this. what difference is there to make ours so much lighter

don't drink me or my son ever again

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I'd guess some UK regulation on food colourings. I'm not sure what it's like elsewhere in Europe.

you're thinking of soy milk brainlet

Absolutely. It's ridiculous that people still drink this type of crap.

>most of the pipes were put in after WW2
u fockin wot m8

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I think it's that American/3rd world fanta doesn't have any juice

Looks too much like real orange juice. Might trick American consumers into thinking it's healthy.



It's light in most European countries.
Only mutts blacked their for obvious reasons.

You think whole europe has newer pipes than the colonies because of WW2? top kek the coping

its clearly not because of regulations, laws against pollution, constant controls, updates in infrastructure

Goes to prove how cancerous and cheap that fake orange colored shit is.

Looks like poisonous chemotherapy crap. Why do you harmful yourself, OP?

good goy! dont forget to activate it

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>paying for literally toxic sugar liquids
I wouldn't even drink that shit if I was paid to do so

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You've discovered that transaction frictions mean marginal cost does not always equal marginal benefit. Sometimes economic profit exists. You're a fucking genius OP

Not like there is much difference between 0% and 5%

Remember not to eat the toy within your kinder egg, kids. Oh wait, we better ban it in the USA just in case, too much danger.


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It's not even real sugar, it's HFCS crap. I can't get over how ignorant people are

>what is economies of scale

I meant how ignorant the people who drink it are, not you whom I replied to*

It's not as if HFCS is really all that much worse than what they claim to be "sugar" in other products.

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Lmfao all these fags talking shit about a tasty beverage. Can't enjoy a sweet once in a while?

In Europe They make it with actual juice and orange. It stems from WWII Germany where they had to invent their own pop with local ingredients because they couldnt import coca cola. Afterwards it became a hit and is now owned by Coca Cola. The American product using it's branding is no way related to Fanta at all. It is more like Orange Crush just a bunch of artificial flavouring and colouring. Canada has it but with Tangerines I believe. And I think you can get real Orangina in the USA. I know you can in Canada.

European Fanta is just soo, sooo much better though user.

True, would like to try it one day.

>its clearly not because of regulations, laws against pollution, constant controls, updates in infrastructure

No it is not. Prove me wrong. Better yet wait and see when all your pipes start failing. That said you also don't have as many lead pipes because of WW2.


Coca Cola always owned it. Sneaky jews played both sides of the war.

It is capitalism, let the market do its thanggg

unfortunately, it's not a "once in a while" treat, at least in modern times. i completely agree with you, ya know, moderation n all. but we are exactly talking about the folks who drop on down by the pharmacy for doc's egg cream on the occasional afternoon.

It's delcious. And orange is a fruit.

>The prepackaged 100-calorie box contains six snack packs with 22-25 crackers in each for $.42 per pack. The regular box produced 16 snack packs of 22 crackers each for about $.12 per pack.

god damnit america

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>doesnt understand the concept of bulk. You buy more you get more for less.

>walking around with a 2 liter in your hand

>They have to specify caffeine free on orange soda because of the Sunkist Jew
Fuck this earth

sunkist puts caffeine in their orange drank?


Yes, like 80% the amount Mountain Dew puts in per the same amount of drank

>local ingredients

>TFW no blue fanta

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DG has got you covered

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>wageslave at mart
>in drink isle, you can buy a 2L coca-cola bottle for $1.00
>in the front of the store, a 16 oz. coca-cola bottle costs $2.19

I live in America.

Take a guess which one sells out WAY quicker?

>poison aisle

If you've ever gone into a DG for any reason other than to mock the poor you do not belong on this board. My old job required me to enter DG's from time to time, they're such disgusting shitholes. No one with any self-respect would ever go insside one.

OP here
(One of) my jobs is at DG and i agree, the people that shop here are horrendously poor

Best fanta I ever had was in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, they make a flavor that's really similar to Champagne cola which is a very popular west Indian beverage that I can guarantee no one has had.

If you like sweet drinks I highly recommend looking for the flavor when abroad or trying out champagne cola in either NYC or a predominately Black/West Indian neighborhood because those are the only places I've ever seen it sold.