This shit bout to moon accumulating 26-29k sats for 2 weeks alpha release on april 1st. macd cross on 4 hr

this shit bout to moon accumulating 26-29k sats for 2 weeks alpha release on april 1st. macd cross on 4 hr

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Wish I had more fiat user. I'm 90% in at the moment.

100% in just moved it all to cold storage time to relax for a few years

yall would been up 10% already if u bought when i posted. 13/48 emas about to cross to cross on the 4 hour.

every indicator bullish on the 4hr.
13/48 ema golden cross soon.
bullish obv and rsi divergence. w shaped market structure on the obv.
fisher and stoch rsi both crossed.
macd cross with histogram just turning positive.
fundamentally alpha release on april 1st.

how high is it going boys?

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Here we go boys ^^

look at that flatline, primed for pump.

we gon make it boys.

how many of you reinvesting in alpha on april 1?

I'll throw in about 30% probably to see what it does.

I have 12.77 GVT, I know I won't make it but will I be comfyish If I bump my stack up to 20-30?

shut up nerd lol

94 000 EOY, we're all making it.

Not gonna swing my dick around, but I'm glad I accumulated early-ish.

I bet you could fatten that stack pretty well in the alpha release. Buy some asset manager tokens early on. We'll be able to speculate on them in their internal platform market.

>Buy some asset manager tokens early on.
How do I do that? Sounds very interesting though thanks for the tip.
kek thanks user I'm sure we will

Don't listen to this jackoff. You're getting played

reasons plz


>How do I do that? Sounds very interesting though thanks for the tip.

Not sure yet. I'll install the demo app and check it out.

Just look the last month, no correction yet, il will come soon enough

>no correction yet,
It corrected from nearly 40 to 25 twice, where have you been?

what chart you lookin at? we got corrected from 40000-30000 at the beginning of march

Most people don't know about gvt. 80% of those who have heard about it don't know that it's a platform designed to make you money. When the word spreads, it's gonna blow hard.

This. Nobody knows about the insane money-making capacity of the GVT platform. It's gonna pop hard within the next few weeks after Alpha is released and your average crypto investor finds out it's the only way to make mad gains in this market.

>When the word spreads, it's gonna blow hard.
Did you mean blow up hard?

That TA he posted is literally bullshit, those are all bear indicators. Even the last candle on the chart has a massive wick on the up side, indicating a rejection and a trend reversal.

yeah man, fudding isn't gonna sink the price at this point. marketcap slightly sub 100M, only room this baby has to go is up

>hey man my tea leaves say this thing is going to crash
Meme lines mean shit in crypto I thought you might have an actual reason kek.

smart move user - you want to have a another chance to buy in before $50 1.April

FUDers have shown up like clockwork in every GVT thread for the past few weeks. Interesting.

april 1st? alt season starts tomorrow, BTC is stagnate, get ready

Been waiting to sell at 0.0039 forever now.

I've never lost money with GVT, but this latest moon is a long time coming..

>RSI above 60

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It held way better than most but this market is real shit.

Literally everyone knows about GVT, it was spammed to death here with multiple threads active at all times plus the 94k/token is a fucking Reddit meme for fucks sake, you can stop with your cringey "le sekrit token" shit.

It'll be hard for it to moon when it's LOCKED

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guess i wasn't there for that one. i've only seen GVT threads pop up recently.

Straight up though, this is one of the only projects that will be bringing new money into the space. Profits generated by asset managers (financed with GVT) will be bringing in new money from traditional markets.

Plus having money trading outside crypto will be a great hedge against downward BTC movement. This shit is really gonna shine when BTC shits the bed again.

Nobody cared about your thread, stop invading others just because nobody cares about your shitcoin.