Coinbase will unironically list Nano first over your shitty erc 20 security token

Coinbase will unironically list Nano first over your shitty erc 20 security token.

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Waiting for that moment, i feel nano will be the next on coinbase

who the fuck cares about coinbase? I use binance not some burger shit

Didn’t Vitalik say that NANO was the worst ERC20 he’s ever seen?


It doesn't even matter, it creates such a sell the news event that the coin pumps anyways

It needs to stop cucking exchanges first.

Who needs Coinbase when you have Binance fiat pairs soon? Must be some heavy bags you have user

They listed BCH they can list any shitcoin

NANO isn't even ERC20 you complete fucking IDIOT.

That being said, I highly doubt Coinbase lists NANO.

It's the bottom of ERC20 tokens, literal pajeet coin

Coinbase won't risk getting their kernels leaked

I laughed. Good one user I'll use it in the future to troll nano brainlets

Hello sirs, The Coinbase insider here.

NANO will be listed on The Coinbase and make us rich :) Lambo and Moon!

good bait



The infamous Purple Thursday and subsequent delisting of Nano from Bitmex.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The kernel fork logic bomb overflow attack has yet to be fixed by the core development team.

Anyone with even a basic understanding of the STEM field knows that this coin serves no purpose when it is over 10cents, it just makes it vulnerable to scatterback attacks on the block lettuce.

This coin will never be listed on coinbase.

>block lettuce

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I don't see coinbase listing nano anytime soon.
That being said, nano is best coin

You post this same larp every NANO thread. Every time I see it makes me want to buy NANO.

Block Lettuce. Peer to Peer Electronic vegetables.

thanks just bought 100k

You just lack the general understanding of kernel compilation modules.

When reading kafka streams like nano does in its columless lettuce model, it is easy to spoof which version of gcc you are using to build the klang sub compilation package. When you can inject a modified make file you allow attakers to leak into the syskernel of the package byte ranging carblatticue.

It is all a little complex, but if you had a PHD from BlockChain Universities Online Devrey graduate program like I do, it is all simply elementary.

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I mean now is a good time to buy unless btc dumps again

I don't want to kill a thread just to ask this question, what is there a place where I can find a list of all cryptos? Google just returns top 10 lists and shit

>Who needs Coinbase when you have Binance fiat pairs soon? Must be some heavy bags you have user
Coinbase makes it easy for normiee to buy into crypto. Coinbase=mainstream adoption. For a stric currency only coin this is key.

It's a real disease.

I work for IBM. Stellar. Is being added to coinbase on april 11th

Your welcome :^)

coinmarketcap has everything that's listed on at least one exchange


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Thanks just bought another 100k

I just want this garbage at 12k so I can unload my bags.

Either this or ripple

Coinbase grunt here, I work in the office and the top execs are fucking cunts. They literally were laughing the other week when people really thought ripple was being added to coinbase.

They aren’t adding shit any time soon. Stop fucking dreaming. We’re in a bear market. They’re waiting for the boom so they can fuck you over as much as possible.

Stellar is the next coin listed on coinbase.
Reliable team.
International reputation.
Working product.


Bollinger bands are insanely tight and we are just about to end the falling wedge. Extremely oversold.

This is breaking out this week for sure.