What do you see in the pic?

CIA psychoanalysis test.

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Dick in my hand

Did you spot the repeated "the/a" article during your initial scan of the picture?

The test is designed to prove that our mental models often skip over pertinent information without our conscious awareness of it.

Extra "the" or "a" in each one. What do I win?

Congratulations user, a CIA recruiter will be in touch.

>Did you spot the repeated "the/a" article during your initial scan of the picture?
Of course not. If I did, that means my brain wouldn't work right.

prescriptive english grammar is the chains around our throats held by the pedagogy

based vernacular english will surely win in the end

screen cap this

>CIA hiring literal brainlets


You didn't get the answer, so who's the brainlet?

I did. What's that mean, I'm extra smart?

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looks like little grugling paint it

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You, you nervous wreck of a man re-reading everything a million times to find patterns in imaginary government recruitment threads on a tibetan butt sniffing imageboard

I see Talking Heads

From the study:
Did you perceive Figure 1 correctly? If so, you have exceptional powers of observation, were lucky,
or have seen the figure before. This simple experiment demonstrates one
of the most fundamental principles concerning perception:
We tend to perceive what we expect to perceive.

two of them also make you visualize something while the central one does not.

Everything is patterns, even when they aren't really there, man...

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Read all 3, didnt notice anything. Then went back and read each line such as "Paris Once Bird", etc. and on the second reading I noticed the repetition.

I agree. If you can read patterns, you've got life pretty much figured out. Poor pattern recognition skills just means that the sensory details of life will overwhelm you and trap you within patterns of control and exploitation that remain invisible to the less mentally capable of us.

>once in a life time
We fucked up
Once meaning, the one time you truley had a chance to buy any shitcoin and 10x - 1000x your money. Most bought the peak or sold for 10% profit early on. Anons now unironically waiting for once in a life time explosion of fake meme coins to happen again.


I bought Bitcoin in 2013 and re upped my stack in early 2017 because I could feel the shift coming.

Regarding pattern recognition skills, if you carefully read through the Assblaster threads and follow the different leads he provided, you can discern the activity happening behind the scenes that will make LINK as important as he said it will be. You just have to parse through the information yourself and accept that most people on Veeky Forums haven't put in the research and are deluded linkies, but ultimately they'll be proved correct in spite of themselves.

where can i find this faggot?
I heard he shilled some shitcoins as well that absolutely failed
Isn't he dead/ doesn't come around here anymore, guess i'll look in archives

Three dumb phrases with an extra word inside of triangles.

It means you are schizophrenic

it means you are detail oriented and should be able to proofread papers at the CIA because there's alot of typos and grammar errors by field agents

3 pyramids with words i wouldn't string together