ERC-20 Token Import on Binance. Now all gone. Anyone with the same problem?

Hey guys... I am shitscared. All my tokens are gone. Today I received the new update for the token import. Wanted to save the annoying transfer fees. Now 300K Link and 1.02 Million Zilliqa is missing. The support is not replying. What the fuck is this?! Anyone with the same issue? Something connected to the recent trouble with the hacks?!

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>funds are safeeee

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>he fell for the Binance impurt your tok3ns exitscam

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You got memed on kiddo

lol its a scam read cz twitter

but they wrote legit email..

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its a scam email

Fake email.


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retard larp

can't say i'm surprised, i mean you think someone posting on Veeky Forums would have some internet knowledge but i guess not

Did you really fall for that?

It's okay user, you're only 18 and you learned a valuable lesson.

howd they get binance users email addresses doe?

Fuck dude, that's harsh.
Hope the support helps you out.

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Anybody with that much money in crypto wouldn't be stupid enough to keep it all on an exchange.
Shitty LARP.

holy shit, I got the same email and brushed it off.

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called sergey.
>problem fixed!

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no idea but why the hell would you enter your private key after opening some email

what URL does the button go to

They didn't, they just spam everyone.

Unironically I have the amount mentioned on Binance. But only cauz' the announcement of simplified mainnet is about to happen. Will pump Link very high.
>Accumulate more
>Back to Ledger

this. digits confirm

Dunno. Was to worried to click. Or basically I deleted it right away. I even don't want to install the OSX app they have released. I triple check and it seems to be legit. Still I don't trust to install...

mheh i opened twitter for your faggot larp

some shady as sendgrid URL, aint even opening it nigga.

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praise kek

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