Why are Americans so poor?

Why are Americans so poor?

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poor in relation to...?

>implying $18 an hour is bad

thats like a career honestly

Poor people are fat in america. Let that sink in.

other americans lol

burgers suck.

$18 per hour. is this considered poor in the US?

they vote for people like trump

After taxes its like $13/hr

being from a third world shithole in south america i can't comprehend how these people whine about being poor. being homeless in america would be the equivalent of being middle class here.

Trump is a Russian Agent.



For some editor at the Washington Post with their head up their ass: Yes.



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The development of new technologies has allowed the average worker to be significantly more productive now compared to 30 years ago. Instead of passing the benefits of this new productivity to workers, business owners have kept it to themselves and their shareholders.

Considering how I make $15/hr and can't afford anything

get a roommate

quit buying stupid shit you dont need...
I make $12/hr and while I would like more money I am still getting by and saving money

“We are now of the belief that this model can greatly benefit the Putin Government if employed at the correct levels with the appropriate commitment to success”

Imagine if Goebbels was FDR's campaign manager.


I can only get 30 hours a week. it took me a year to get a car

too lazy to work hard. You guys dont understand how shit works, you want something then DO IT

The government should only be there to defend your country.

You want to fix a natural disaster, start a fund and organize. You want to start a business DO IT. You want money do something other than flip burgers. You lazy god damn snow flakes

Heh, wagelet. PHD in math here. 500k starting + bonuses

work more, quit being a bitch.. what are you doing right now.. wasting time by sitting on a north korean anime and crocheting website instead of earning more money or working a second job

Read the title it says 50% make LESS than $18 an hour. And most of those shit jobs are so overcrowded that they don't give everyone at least 40 hours a week. Keep in mind that only 10% of this country makes more than 100k a year.

$18/hr is little???
Here the medium is like $8/hr

8/10 because its the classic troll used, but you get a 2/10 for execution..

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is this how it starts? we just consume media that keeps raising whatever arbitrary wage value is deemed too low? i mean, we fucking went from about ~$8 as min wage, and MSM only discussed muh $15/hr. if this is their attempt at bargaining, im gonna puke.

>"oh, well $18 is the REAL fair min wage, but we'll settle for $15/hr now see we're making progress

Why do you hate Russians? Seems pretty racist.

Ok well move out of moms basement and see how far that 12/hr gets you

Stop having children before you start your career making a decent salary and benefits and you won't have these problems. I live in NJ the 2nd most expensive state in the country. My parents didn't have us until they were like 35.

Move out of the overpriced cities/states and see how far $12/hr gets you

I rent an apartment by myself.. sure its a studio and basically a slum but I'm still doing it

With the productivity gain over the last 40 years, it's insane that the median wage in the US isn't twice of what it is.

Pennsylvanian here.

Number one state employer: Walmart

>it appears my superiority has lead to some controversy...lol

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>thats like a career honestly
eh. That's like having an extra couple hundred every month if you do literally nothing extra. Not a career anyone should strive for.

As a single person living on your own, 18 an hour will put you SLIGHTLY better off than living paycheck-to paycheck. With a roomate, your standard of living would be much more comfortable.

How about you get some marketable skills instead of flipping burgers then.

>Makes a nigger wage, regardless of what state he lives in.
>Probably has no savings or health/car insurance
>muh slum is not bad

The problem isn't that people are living this way. The problem is that people think its okay. Jew brainwashing at its finest.

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>marketable skills
What, like driving an Uber and delivering groceries on the side?

Really makes you think

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>Pennsylvanian here.
Can confirm. I go to PA every year. Only thing there are Walmarts and Trees.

>18 an hour will put you SLIGHTLY better off than living paycheck-to paycheck

what shithole state are you in that you can barely get by with$18/hr?

its always the jews fault, never your own for not figuring out the system and then using it to your advantage

maybe in LA, homeless people elsewhere are often mentally ill and a lot die from exposure

national income growth during the worst the economic collapse? i mean, im sure the stats are fairly similar today, but holy hell why would anyone use income growth stats gathered from a time where incomes were dropping and layoffs/shutdowns were weekly?

>Worst of the collapse

2009 was the start of the bull run.

Everything costs more in America ffs. It’s not comparable to your shithole country. And the fat people in America aren’t fat because they’re well-fed, they’re fat because food in America is devoid of nutrition so people stuff themselves without ever feeling satisfied.

You raising a family on $12 an hour?

no I dont believe in doing stupid things with my money.. a coat hanger only costs $1 and can solve a lot of problems

2x12x40x52=about 50k

median HOUSEHOLD income is about 55k

edgy kid

Notice how the MSM doesn’t talk about making employers pay foreign workers our minimun wage. Because then they might hire Americans instead and we can’t have that, that would be racist.

>its always the jews fault, never your own for not figuring out the system and then using it to your advantage
it's impossible for everyone to game the system at the same time though. it's pretty zero sum
Also, apply what you said to people who were slave caste in slavery societies.
Sometimes the only real solution is regime change.

Personally, I'm rich because I did game the system, but I don't think I should have had to in order to live a comfortable life, and I am only able to do so because I am better at it than the vast majority of people, who wouldn't be able to do it even if they tried much harder than I did, due to their cognitive limitations.

Countries with low poverty are much nicer to live in. You can actually feel reasonably safe, and the crime culture is minimal and what remains usually has a better code of conduct regarding civilians.

It's unironically the metaphorical jew's fault. They have engineered things to be like this through their political influence.

I'm not so sure about that m8, Europe, in general, is pretty fucking expensive

well they kinda do, but an obtuse fashion.

>dont buy (brand x) they use literal slavery sweatshops to sell us cheap goods
>these poor fucks in india work for a nickel an hour and its gut-wrenching
>lol no sweety, you dont need those manufacturing jobs because the us cant compete with globalism
>but if we put tariffs on shit, shit will cost more and hurt people

Our system should benefit the vast majority of our people. Especially considering if we can’t get our people jobs then we have to give them welfare. It’s not about ME doing well, it’s about the average person doing well. 50 years ago a guy could graduate high school and get a job that could support a family. That’s the way it should be. If it isn’t, then there’s something wrong with our society that needs to change.

why are they only counting 2009 to 2011?
Are those the only years they could find data on?

my nick name is razor

Since both of you want to change the world so much why dont you be the 1st to give your money away, hey im poor so why dont you give me your money and then once I am rich maybe then I can adopt your point of view..


seriously put your money where your mouth is

The supply of employees is much higher than the demand.

kikes stick together, that's how they always win.
burgers, like most of the west don't. it's my wealth and you can't have it. that's why we always lose.

What country are you comparing it to? Not going to crunch the numbers now, but most Americans need a car and spend a lot on gas in order to commute to their job. Also medical insurance and college debt are higher in America. 18 an hour is closer to 12 after taxes, and then keep in mind this is the average job, so median age late 30s and only taking home about 25k a year, can this support a family?

the answer for this question is too complex.

You’d just spend the money on more abortions. But yes I do give money to people who need it when I have extra, and when I make it I intend to give a hell of a lot more. But only to good people down on their luck, not worthless, do-nothing trash.

Because the supply includes the entire fucking 3rd world.

>Since both of you want to change the world so much why dont you be the 1st to give your money away, hey im poor so why dont you give me your money and then once I am rich maybe then I can adopt your point of view..
It's a systemic problem. Simply giving people money now doesn't make their long term income any higher. They don't get a higher portion of the value that they produce.

I'd rather spend my money on political adverts than pissing in the wind. Poor people like you who doesn't think he is fucked over and lambastes everyone who does think so is the primary reason nothing changes.

This is true but regulations about employment can be done in ways that create artificial scarcity of work hours.

For example, in some countries, you need to pay employees 50% more per hour for work hours that exceed a 37.5 hour work week. This results in pressure towards an 8 hour (half hour lunch) work day, and thus more spread employment and "scarcity of workers". At first, one might think this would simply lead to everyone getting lower wages because its less hours worked, but in reality, if it creates worker scarcity, it causes businesses to gradually start bidding up wages at the cost of their profit margins just like they now do regardless in sectors where worker scarcity exists due to a shortage of qualified workers.

"6 hour work weeks" have been proposed in some countries to ameliorate the effects of increased automation.

Because they're dumb as shit. American education is a joke.

so now you agree we shouldnt just raise the wage because that would be giving worthless do nothings free money... which is it? poor people deserve more money or poor people dont deserve more money... you 2 are being wish washy ...

or maybe you dont mind giving money when its not your money

You just don't understand. I want wages to go up. If anything resembling current capitalism is to continue, I want them to go up emergently through regulations that create artificial scarcity of workers and work hours from low skilled labour.

I would be fine with not being rich in a society where the non-rich aren't fucked over.

In some areas of the country yes, for example I live in suburban Michigan where thanks to niggers the prices of everything has skyrocketed because they’ve turned Detroit into Somalia 2.0, but in places like the rural Midwest you can do a lot more with that money.

maybe you should start a fast food company and be the one to pay everyone that higher wage.. you could be the 1st...
Or you could put your money where your mouth is already.. but you wont because you are a coward

Not according to tax brackets, but it is poverty tier in practice

Holy fuck can you stop being so willfully economically ignorant.
Every company needs to be forced to play by the same rules designed to increase the wages, or else it doesn't work and the companies that pay "fair wages" just get shat on by their competition.

The poverty rate in America is 13.5%.
Considering that ~10% of this country has an IQ too low to ever hold down a job, that's impressive.

when that law is passed guess who is gonna pick up those wages.. consumers.. congrats now the cost of living just raised and we are right back where we started and that $18/hr is now the same as my $12/hr... its not that hard to figure out... still waiting for my hand out good sir

There's such a thing as profit margins and they can decrease. There are countries with lower unemployment, and thus higher wages for low skilled laborers, and it doesn't lead to a 1:1 increase in the cost of living.
Do you know why? Because the companies need to compete against each other on prices, and they are willing to reduce their profit margins on services and products to keep their prices lower so that their sales volume doesn't drop and their total revenue stays acceptable.

or those companies all leave and go overseas to some other nation... and then we dont even have jobs to earn low wages at.. is this the 70's and 80's again?

>not poor enough so you can't get government gibs like food stamps and free healthcare
>not rich enough to save up for anything significant if you are already paying rent and other bills

Better than nothing but it really sucks to be honest. You're not really living, just surviving.

god damn fucking jews cratered the economy and stole all the money then a nigger president ruined what was left. the jew bankers who stole everything got away with the biggest theft in human history cause jews took over courts and legal system with synagoguery and nepotism. kill them all for real start fucking killing jews

Well, in Russia it's normal to raise 2-3$/hour while food, clothing, electronics and cars costs almost the same as in the US.

Chinks and pajeets took their lunch

Elites will lie and tell you otherwise

well I for one welcome communism if it means I get a whole $2/hr raise

If you live in NYC, LA, San Fran, or DC, yes. Everywhere else that's enough to live in reasonable comfort assuming no dependents.

How do you beat the system user

Not Asians. Latinos command the labor force now.

America is dead because of greed and childishness.

>$18/hr you can get entry level internships in CS that pay more than that

just sent 100k

No you fucking 12 year old. You cut taxes dramatically, cut social services, remove 3rd world savages like yourself and then let the market take care of itself. People like you just want to keep intervening. Like a fucking child picking a scab honestly.

Jesus christ i was getting $24 an hour when i was 17 and still in highschool working at a retail warehouse here in Australia.

Wagelets have a hard time getting a second job, companies often call you in on random days to fill in for a nigger who doesn't show up. They can make your hours whatever they want sometimes.

What's the daily cost of living in America?

sounds to me like you should have studied more or if you arent disabled go work a real job.. there are many that dont require even a diploma and actually pay very well.. or you could spend all your free time looking for a different job, one with stable hours and then get a second job from there....nobody is forcing you to work at walmart

that would be nice I could save a little more if I didnt have scumbags eating up my tax dollars

received user, I can now afford to take a different opinion and think it would be great to just give the poor more money for working the same job any monkey can do

The median home price in the US is $210k and the median rent is $1600/month. That means that you would need to spend 70% of your after tax income just on housing if you make $18/hour.

>$24 AUD is literally worth 18.50 USD
>Australia also has a higher cost of living than the US so it's effectively the same or worse

Reminder a bottle of vodka costs $30-40 in Aus, but can be as little as 2 bucks in the US.

different currencies and places you fucking mongoloid

>Reminder a bottle of vodka costs $30-40 in Aus, but can be as little as 2 bucks in the US

Women entering the workforce and 3rd world immigration made the supply of labor skyrocket.

The End

Someone /thread me

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He say Straya too expensive.

A bottle of Smirnoff Red is 30-40 bucks in Australia. In the US you can get the equivalent amount of alcohol for significantly less.

All things considered you could probablt at least quadruple a us hourly pay when trying to compare to australia. Your poor as fuck on $24 an hour here if you dont live with mum and dad

>As a single person living on your own, 18 an hour will put you SLIGHTLY better off than living paycheck-to paycheck.
bullshit. where do you live?

So the only practical solution is to go after occupations that require a higher skillset correct?

Blokes are missing the point i was 17 years old making more then half your population. Pretty ridiculous that you dont have a minimum wage.

>Run-down shithole built in the fifties that requires tens of thousands of dollars in renovations costs 400-500k in a bad neighbourhood in Australia

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You'd think

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