Request forgotten game changer

>Proof of concept of Privacy using ZkSnarks Q2 2018.

Once they implement ZkSnarks we will be able to send private transactions.

This will compete against all the privacy coins out there, and you can’t beat the “Pay with any currency anywhere to anyone” of request, that soon will have a privacy option.

This can kill privacy coins if it actually works flawlessly.

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Doing my own research on Req gives me a huge boner. I just ask all Req fans to not push the great concepts and plans they have, before we're even close to their release.

Consider that, once people realize the privacy potential of Req, fans/holders of monero, xvg, etc. may feel threatened, and the FUD walls will be triggered.

by the time they realize, it will already be too late


In this market may Req save us from obliteration !

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Good lord. I haven't seen that cap posted here yet

Currently worth ~9 million, was ~22 million at the peak in mid-January. Wow. I do think the comparison to REQ is spot-on

I really hope that user offed himself. Fucking garbage probably caused that more than one sold.

Req is basically the crypto end game. Any type of payment anywhere will go through req. Just buy and hold req it really is that simple.

I don't feel bad for whoever misses out on Req. We can't shove it down their throats anymore than we have.

Req is pathetic, it's literally just a javascript library that interacts with ETH

you are gayporn library that interacts only with anime.

>he doesnt realise every single online business is looking for a crypto payments solution
>he doesnt realise pay with request IS that solution

>He doesn't realize how many business connections Y-combinator brings.
>He doesn't realize, they're working on private transactions.

not only that but you risk the chance of your tokens getting randomly burned when the network is used

req is a cuck coin

Can confirm i just checked my wallet and 5 of my tokens are missing. how do i prevent future burning of my tokens?

Lock it in a tezor

No one is stupid enough to believe this, please get better FUD

stop posting on /biz. devs a re monitoring the board and burn tokens based on id.

will it work with any req token? i heard not all req tokens are created equally

will this only work on a trezor?

For some reason China's interest reached a peak today. Maybe it is because the whitepaper is now available in Mandarin. 7-d&geo=CN&q=Request Network