Begging thread but i dont give a FUCK (witness me)

begging thread but i dont give a FUCK (witness me)


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This girl worked in our office for a very short time. She had an overseas boyfriend in the UK. He flew in and stayed at her apartment while meeting friends. He borrowed money from her and then flew back to the UK. You would have thought she learned her lesson letting a guy stay at her place, eat her food, bang her out, take her money, etc. but nope. He was in desperate need of money and she asked payroll if they could western union her boyfriend money. Its a small business so they did it but neither her or the boyfriend knew how to use western union so the guy flips out at her because he didnt know who sent the money which i guess they asked as one of the security questions. So the next day she flips out at payroll about this and gets fired. They broke up and the guy even wrote in an angry email pretending to be a customer saying he got shitty customer support from his "ex". Never had an opportunity to share this story but it always makes me think.

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Wasn't this an episode of Seinfeld?

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I havent really watched much seinfeld, but this 100% happened as described. The girl was light skinned, maybe mixed. The guy was white/blonde and pretty sure he was like 18-20 and she was like late 20s. All I know is the info seen at work and some emails left in customer service where she would talk to him throughout the day while working. Idk how people can be so chad tho that they can like leach off women so easily and the women dont seem to learn. OPs pic just reminded me.

We had some remote customer service reps from Canada and Australia, and some of them also had weird relationships where a guy would move in, leach off of them, and then leave. Or theyd go leach off a guy, the guy would get sick or lose his job, theyd try to raise money at work for his medical bills, and then just keep any money raised and leave the guy immediately. Maybe just the type of women who do online customer service arent that high quality.

Can you describe how she yelled at payroll so badly that it got her fired?

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Reported this thread and reported the gofundme page
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