What are some ways to make a living as a programmer that don't involve wagecucking?

What are some ways to make a living as a programmer that don't involve wagecucking?

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rob a bank

mr robot episode one

blackmail pajeet pedophiles with child pornography

suck dick

invent bitcoin

same shit that do involve wagecucking, just do it on your own without project managers and companies

But how? I work in silicon valley and literally every company I've worked for has made their money not by selling a product to customers but by scamming investors into giving them money.

ding ding ding

build a dapp

>pic related

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Make connections, get in shape, have some psychedelic experience and become a "founder"
You'll be a billionaire in no time

I'm too autistic to know how to deal with people though. My only real strength is programming, but I am really good at it.


>Make Undertale
>Literally get rich with pixel shit while talented developers don't even sell a single copy of their game
>Re-release the game every 2 years on a different platform
>Get even richer
>Laugh your ass off at the people putting actual work into their games

Create a project and team up with a charismatic sales guy to pitch it to people.

create cheats for online games and sell them

I don't know anybody like that, because all my friends have similar levels of autism and social anxiety as I do.

I'm a charismatic guy with 3/4 of the way through an accounting degree who would love to make both of us a steady income off of your programming skills

muh graphics are so important meme

Any non-theoretical ways to do it? I'm looking for a concrete way for somebody like me with 8 years of programming experience to make a living without having to be a wageslave for the next 30+ years?

make an indie videogame that doesn't suck ass

As a fellow programmer who made it a few years ago (by poor-country standards mind you) now there is nothing left. Only high-risk/high-capital stuff. You are much better off wagecucking in the programming field, especially if you don't like dealing with people.

That's basically my life goal, but there's so much competition in that space now that even good games don't make money anymore.

>make an indie videogame that doesn't suck ass
He can make a 10/10 game..problem is getting more than 5 people to see it. There are tens of thousands of indies released every month.

It's so simple man. You know how students use quizlet to look up all of their school work. Well make a website that takes those quizlet answers into a more searchable format. Then fill your site with ads. And if you want more content, put your own ad up offering to buy completed homework from students for tiny amounts of money

advertise a job position, give them shares in your company as payment.

Make a REALLY good game, put it on steam and gog, shill it on social media. If its good at least some people will buy it.
Alternativelly, you can simply include furry porn and milk a patreon forever.

>If its good at least some people will buy it.
Yeah, and maybe I'll make a total of $5k for 2 years of work.

I'm working on some power armor. Need a good programmer to make it work.

>power armor


Everyone knows cave story and undertale. I'm not saying it is easy but if you are autistic enough there is always a way. Although until it gains traction and you build a rep as a dev he'd better make games as a side thing and as not his main job tho.

Just be an independent contractor, idiot

Do you know Model-View-Controller?

Congrats, every company in the world can now use you

A good game takes, at the very least, 2 years of full time 60+ hour weeks to make. There's no way anybody can do that on the side while working a full time job.

That's still wagecucking. I've worked both full time and as an independent contractor at different jobs and it's the same shit.

>what is cavestory
5 years tho and released for free
I bet he didn't bitch that much. Maybe this is not for you afterall.

Yeah and he was pretty much the pioneer of modern indie games. He had zero competition at the time and if cave story was released today it probably would've been ignored by everybody. Also I'm pretty sure he was a neet and had all the time in the world to work on it during those 5 years.

What do you want then, passive income?

Write a program that either generates income or something people will pay you to use


No, he worked on something related to printers (dunno if selling them or tech service), and worked on it on the evening.
He didn't do it to monetize it tho, so if that is what you are after the furry or incest porn games might be your safest bet. Those sell well for some reason.

No, I want to work on something that I have control over rather than working for retards on some product that has a 100% chance of failure after the VC money they scammed out of investors runs out.

Pretty sure you have to be a degenerate furry yourself to make something like that. That would be like asking a fag to photograph playboy centerfolds.

Then put your money where your mouth is and start your own company, you fucking retard

That was the whole point of my question. What kind of company/product can make money in today's economy?

Something that stops internet companies to stop censoring conservative outlets and promoting socialism

start with that

Here I’ll share with you the keys to a hit commerical success, but don’t spread it around
>Develop for Windows OS
>Make your game lightweight, a toaster should be able to play it decently
>It’s going to be a horror game
>It doesn’t have to be scary, just dark, I mean literally dark
>have a story, keep it loose, that gets the viewer interested in the mystery. It should point to some mystery that will be explained either in a much later installment or never at all.
>style over substance, make sure it looks good, or at least better than the 2 cent clones floating around the steam store
>I said viewer because you’re aiming for the Youtube demographic that plays anything that is: episodic, and spooky
>this means children, so your game should be easy to pick-up and drop. Difficulty should scale with playtime in a session so future runs feel rewarding.
>keep the story open for sequels as long as you need the cash
Remember me when you’re rich

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That's not really a problem that can be solved by one person. Google and Facebook are too powerful.

>too big for one person
You know Facebook was basically a one-man effort, right

Facebook wasn't trying to take down a giant industry leader. Their only competition was myspace, which was a real piece of shit product at the time.

just use a black background with greentext and type cd a lot

You're a man of can't instead of a man of can.

You will never make it, not because of anything external, but because of yourself.

Change yourself first.

No, I just think it's a waste of time to work on a problem that's literally impossible to solve.

You’re being delusional here
He has a solid point and telling him to waste effort and then harping on him shows you probably don’t understand how massive Google and Facebook are. A better suggestion for would be to create something those companies would want to buy from him. Not very likely, but a lot more likely to happen than your suggestion.

Chances are, you're probably not that good of a programmer.

But you don't have to be to make money. There are kids that have made millions with basic/mediocre programming skills by making low-hanging fruit type stuff like phone apps, very basic phone games etc.

There's a goldmine in crypto so why not program something in this space.

if you make a meme game streamers will pick it up and it will shill itself

Examples of stuff to make for crypto? That can be made by 1 person and can be monetized?

I make ~$6k/mo off a crypto project, sometimes more. I wont tell you tho. Im a one man team and my code is literal garbage.

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Is that passive or active income?

Plenty of stuff. Make trading bots and sell them to noobs, make crypto listing/ranking websites etc, make your own DAPPs.

If you don't care about ethics there's a lot of easy money to make also by scamming, and you can use your programming skills to automate a lot of that.

Semi-passive maybe. The project can run itself but im actively working on it full time trying to drive up income as its my best shot with more room to grow. Competition is already coming out of the woodwork and this is the last thing I can do. Im putting all profit into crypto and hoping by next year I can retire in the sense of having $500k or so. Just confirming theres probably lots of crypto stuff to do. You could make more doing a dapp or eth game or even launching a coin without delivering on any of those.

>or even launching a coin without delivering on any of those
Isn't the SEC starting to crack down on ICO scams though?

I don't really see any practical use cases for crypto other than speculation though. Has there even been a single coin in crypto that's been used for anything but speculative trading?

I wouldnt suggest just exit scamming but even if you tried your hardest and failed, youd still walk away with like a giant chunk of whatever you raised. Youd have to pay yourself for your time.

And likely prison time as well.

Probably just like all those kickstarters that failed to deliver or delivered a sub optimal product.

The difference is that kickstarter projects aren't selling you highly regulated things like securities.

wage cucking is the only way

Nigga just code trading bots and sell it here

what does a trading bot do exactly?

Why haven't you implemented this my man? Easy money

sniff your asshole

I better get to work then.

Well, that's how it's done. All the "muh anxiety" or "muh autism" excuses you crap out isn't going to change that.

Why wouldn't you want to wagecuck as a programmer? Hear me out here. I'm not a programmer but I know several. The ones I know the best turned down an offer from Google.

As a programmer, you do 2-3 actual hours of work a day and will usually start around 80k as being mediocre. The people that do program have this work ethic/mentality and it can't be broken. is $150/hour not good enough for you?

80k annually is not 150 bucks an hour.

>What is chegg

More like actual 10-12 hours a day and when the time comes being chucked into training your pajeet replacement.

Average salary for programmer's in Germany is about $47k. 80k? lmao, maybe after 20 years.

make software people want and sell it

Like what?

You suck at your job then. Getting replaced by an indian...

Also as I said I know several programmers and have at least talked to dozens... They fuck off over half the time they are there in every company. I've worked for multiple fortune 500s. This is their work culture. I'm actually jealous. You are just trash at your job, literally 20% as efficient as the people that don't suck.

why the psychedelic experience?

True, programmers make average salaries in most wealthy countries in Europe. They only have relative high salaries in USA and poor countries (like they have say 1500 euros where the average is 300)

games are probably the most straight forward if you can make something good. could always make a porn game which is even lower hanging fruit.

problem is games require more than just programming skill if you're doing it on your own (and you should if you want it to be profitable)

Your country sucks then.

I adjusted for 2 hours of actual work per day, which is what the ones that aren't shit at their jobs do. If you deny this you don't know the culture or are actually shit at being a programmer.

You sound like you have no idea what you're talking about. No job that pays $80k is going to let you get away with working 8 hours per day at the bare minimum, and in most cases they're going to want even more out of you. I've never had a job where I could spend most of the day doing nothing, and I've been doing this for 8 years now.

Make some useful web tool. I use this thing called pinboard.in to store my bookmarks. It's really simple but it works and isn't annoying. Guy who makes it probably does pretty well off of it.

*with working less than 8 hours

I don't deny it. What you said wasn't very clear. It just made you look bad at math.

Problem with programmers is you guys trash on marketers and finance guys, but when it comes time to actually build something without having one of those guides holding your hand through it, you're fucking clueless. Programmers are like hamsters in their ball. Absolute fuckery outside of it.

Lol at u talking trash without knowing my situation. I am a programmer but I never wagecucked a single day..I worked for myself out of college and built stuff that I live from even today. Those are the stories I hear from programmers I know. Small companies (the vast majority in non capital cities in Eastern Europe) work you hard. What you say is kind of true but only in big established companies. The pajeet stuff I keep hearing about in the USA.

You suck at your job prolly. I'm not being an ass but I've worked at 3 fortune 500s. Our programmers started around 80k for each one. The lowest was 72k. All the programmers admittedly fucked off 70% of the time. They had game rooms next to their divisions in one of the companies with fucking arcade games and shit. I'm not even kidding.

I'm still pretty bad at math tho.

>You suck at your job prolly
Yeah, that must be why I get recruiters from dozens of startups a week trying to get in contact with me and why I've never spent a minute of effort trying to find a job in my life.

>the vast majority in non capital cities in Eastern Europe
Well those countries suck then and the job markets are fucked there. I was walking about the US job market and US corps, which is my fault. I didn't realize you lived in a shithole.

You do have the pajeet stuff somewhat right though. I did the make/buy calculations to outsource for one position I had. It is sometimes cheaper to hire 4 retarded pajeets to write shit code than 1 decent programmer working 30% of the time.

Recruiter here. We fish just about anyone. As long as I sell you, place you, and you can hold on to the job for 3 months I get paid. It's great if you are actually good, but, most companies realize millennials don't stick around anyways so if you leave in a year or two it doesn't look bad on me.

And since you are so important and good at your job those recruiters offer 80k/year right?

I make $100k, which doesn't really get you much in the SF bay area, but I've never had a job that paid less than $80k in my career. I'm not even sure how that's relevant to the thread though.

If you read back all I stated originally is that in the US a decent programmer can easily start at 80k a year and fuck off 70% of the work day. Since they all do this it is basically soldiering and is the norm for their field. Unless of course you fucking suck at your job and have to put in more work or accept lower pay to compensate. You have never had a job that was less than 80k in your entire career so you are just confirming what I said. It is relevant to the thread because I was asking OP why he wouldn't want to wagecuck as a programmer, since I have seen what they do and it is pretty cake.

Does that clear it up?

Also man, I'm in accounting. Move the fuck out of Cali they are fucking you so hard with the taxes. Go to Texas, and enjoy 0% state income tax. They are where most corps are migrating now.

You just need to find the next "cryptocurrency" thing, which will make you a millionaire without efforts. Can take from hours to decades of search until you find it. Good luck.

Yeah and my point was that you can't fuck off for any amount of the day, at least not at a startup. If only for the fact that you're usually working in a tiny room with 5 other people around you that can always see your screen, including the founders of the company. I've worked for 6 different startups and this has been true in every single case.

I very much doubt there is another one..