Jibrel Jinirel 3/25

who here /comfy/ as we wait for the medium update?

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what medium update?

They have an hour to post it or they're late again (GMT at least).

/ourguy/ talal and the gang are whipping up a nice post on medium to clear up some normie confusion regarding how jnt works and what their approach is moving forward

They are late period. Sunday is considered the first day of the week not Monday.

In what part of the world you faggot?

I wouldn't count on it. They never deliver on time. And even if they do, this won't lead to a pump.

boys, boys, let's remember that we're all going to be multimillionaires in a few short years. a small delay here and there is nothing to be concerned with in the big picture. i for one enjoy the lack of soyism these young jntlmen have demonstrated.

lol what. Nope

I fucking hope they won't and I fucking hope it won't. Still not done accumulating.

still believing that you can 100x from 2017+1

Are you guys from the US? Sunday is the first day of the week kiddos.

No, I'm from Europe and Monday has always been the first day of the week. It literally doesn't make sense otherwise. Faggot.

i'm thinking more along the lines of 1000x user. by EOY 2020

>According to international standard ISO 8601, Monday is the first day of the week. It is followed by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday is the 7th and final day.

Classic stupid Americans not following international standards. Look up ISO

I have a nice bag but this is a long-term hold. I never pay attention to their updates, it's basically irrelevant at this point.

it's nice to know what they're doing. nothing has a chance in this bear market anyways so you're right that it won't affect price.

Only in stupid wives tales because of dumb religious niggers, that you heard from your parents and never corrected because you were too lazy to confirm it.

Dude, piss off. This has nothing to do with the US, so stop trying to sound so smug.
>According to international standard ISO 8601, Monday is the first day of the week.

Sorry Americans apparently you don't think Sunday is the first day of the week

>muh international standards
kek eurofags in full defense mode

Fuck off you jew worshipping mutt.

Look up communism. Then go fuck yourself.

Never felt so comfy.

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Not so fast!

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You going to elaborate on that?

A rope can have two ends, and so can a week. Besides, why would anyone want to work on the first day of the week? Yuck.

Use that rope to neck yourself please.

Sunday is the first day of the week for arabs

1st day of the week is Monday eurofaggots. only start day of the week is the one where the money starts flowing.


Monday is the first day of the week in Europe, you uneducated mongrel.

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i bought at 60c canadian..am i fucked?

You are Canadian, you are already fucked.


You guys have to be special kind of dicks to argue over things you agree on.

Not so fast, jiblets.


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Same here leaf bro :(

Jibtards really are the new Linkies aren't they.

Having an issue with a deposit to Bibox, want to buy more. Anyone having issues with Bibox? or ETH transfers?

they're gonna destroy this coin just like they destroyed LINK. goddamnit.

iv had no issues but iv heard when a deposit isn't coming through people go into their telegram channel and talk to an admin who will sort you out

Never used Telegram before. I sent them a ticket, hope it gets solved soon. Thanks user.

Guess you like being /cucked/

I want to send some ETH from Bitstamp to Bibox so I can buy some JNT, but I just read this on the deposit page:
>We are not allowed to use smart contract address to deposit and the loss will be irreparable.

Bitstamp uses smart contracts. What the fuck do I do now?

I could send the ETH from Bitstamp to a private address and then to Bibox, but I have never done that before and I'm scared of losing my ETH.

Just go to Myetherwallet and create a wallet, or use another exchange as intermediary.

I sent mine from CB, is the money gone?

I had an issue withdrawing my JNT yesterday. Said "Pending" for like 2 hours, but eventually went through.

And i replied to you telling i never had issues which i didnt. This is a deposit and just noticed this "We are not allowed to use smart contract address to deposit and the loss will be irreparable" i sent mine already, hope its not gone forever. Glad yours worked.

It's gone until you bother support. Enjoy your 60 day wait user. Hope your ETH doesn't crash. :^)

Was buying more JNT. I contacted support hope it gets solved at some point, no rush its only one ETH.

I did look at their telegram yesterday, and they seemed pretty responsive. Could always go that route if it takes too long.

lol what. You do not have your own wallet? Never store your coins on exchanges

So fucking comfy with my 50k Jibbies, hoping to get 100k before this shit really takes off though.

>JNT will forever be a token on the Ethereum blockchain
>People actually expect a token without its own mainnet to be worth billions

I can see it reaching the top 100, but anyone who thinks it'll go x100 is beyond delusional.

JNT will be blockchain agnostic. They will (likely) also provide NEO support-

Also saying this makes no sense. Companies can be worth more than the infrastrucuture they operate on. It is like saying that the internet is worth more than the internet corporations providing content.

It is just that we are still at the infrastructure building phase. Once it has been finished and we have the ultimate chain the content coins/tokens/dapps will gain more value in relation.

If they are late for a medium announcement, then I expect them to be late for their roadmap. This will be a shitcoin for a long while friends. Typical Arabs being late for everything.

better sell now. The coins is going nowhere. Eternal delays for the next 5 years

I already sold. This is will remain a shitcoin for several months. Nice trips btw

Oy vey better sell now goyim. Only stock market can bring you huge gains !

Better than going down like the rest of this shit market. Ironically, JNT is my best performing coin today because it hasn't moved lol.

It's actually up a little in fiat.

they will def be late on roadmap, it's too ambitious. i'm still invested and will buy more if it dips


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On the seventh day thou shall rest. Bible standards

Not until jibbies cut their teeth by organically generating a whole host of OC meme.