Post the biggest scamcoins of 2018

I'll start

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Damn, these days are generous for some legit FUD.
Been holdin since October and cumulatin, but now I really can see it crash to 10c

Does this thing even have a team? I was looking at it and I don't know how it's above 1 cent.

Pice of fucking shit

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Even MORE terrible

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stay poor, cucc

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This name is hilarious to Australians.
Dero / derro is short for "derelict". A suburb or an apartment block can be derro, meaning ghetto. E.g: "Yeah nah, it's a bit fuckin' derro though, don't reckon I wanna live there."

ARY targeted biz people, which makes it even more evil

Can't wait to make the sweet ARY gains at the end of this month. I can't believe there's still faggots fudding it lmao.

How was Ary a scam exactly? Putting aside that the price fell like everything else.

No development and they hyped up partnerships that never happened to get the price up before dumping on everyone. It was a scam to give the lead dev and his friends a bunch of cash.

He was bragging about buying a house and car outright and they barely even interact anymore. They never exit scammed so to speak but they aren't actually do anything. It's more in the vein of obsidian if they never actually planned on trying.

another chink exitscam

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Can't believe anyone buys this. If it fails you lose money if it succeeds you get a sex trafficking felony.

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fuck ary

Biggest scam was the one I pulled on myself. By not Tethering out at ATH.

Ary can't be a scam, its a US based company