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Can we officially call it a scam without being told to kill ourselves now?


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no, gtfo autist and kill yourself
>can't even read the code of a simple smart contract and calls it a scam


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it's the most transparent pyramid built to date. how is it a scam if it advertises itself as a pyramid nigger? KYS

Whale checking in, what’s going on here boiz

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I've put 2 eth into P3D since the first minute of launch and I'm at pic related. Currently within the top 100 of holders.

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Larping gib address or gtfo

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maaaaan i really hope either:

A) the devs run away with all the money
B) some genius autist hacker discovers some flaw that drains/locks up everyones funds in limbo forever

y'all faggots have it coming.

I've been on this board long enough to know that no matter how much proof you give someone they'll always find some shitty FUD to make themselves feel better.

A will never happen because people like you are too retarded to read the code in a smart contract.

B is very unlikely to happen because the code has been audited by numerous devs and whales who helped make and break the contract.

Stay poor for missing out on one of the greatest opportunities crypto had to offer these past months.

t. nigger

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BRB calling other whales

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Niglets, Gringos, Chinks, Spics, Hajjis, Half-breeds, Kikes holding hands, holding hands.

Whoever wrote the backdoor in the code for this smart contract is gonna be fuckin rich soon!

unironically this

P3D shills are WORSE than LINK shills, let that sink in for a second

la creatura..