Living on $1k for food for the year...could you do it Veeky Forums?

Living on $1k for food for the year...could you do it Veeky Forums?

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Make my Mummy make food for me.

i don't mind eating really plain food i just don't have the motivation to cook it most of the time, so i just go across the street and get a burger at the pub.

but eating a bowl of lentils is no big deal for me.

Honestly best combination. Eat healthy, and become rich. By the time youre in the moon you dont even need to buy pussy.

mmmm... vomit on rice.


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I feel like it's doable and miserable

Sure, but it won't be fun.

health before wealth faggots.
if you want to develop a bunch of health problems, sure, you could do this.

that is about 2 months worth for me, but im not trying...
I guess you could live off of ramen noodles and seamen for protein

Why compare 400g to 100g though? And this is like the Chuck E. Cheese token / Bitcoin comparison chart, you really chose the parameters you want.

I fucking hate lentejas go fuck yourself

Not unless you live in a 3rd world country.

to reach the same level of protein i believe. i don't think it matters, the image is still informative.


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Go to discount grocery stores and you can find an entire pack of hot dogs for under $1. It will give you colon cancer, but who cares if you're so worthless you can only spend $1k on food per year.

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Bedding and food. The two items you should not skimp on...

growing up lentis was punishment food by my Spanish parents.

Mate I'm living off 700 a year on food

>he doesn't get free food from FoodBanks

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But why isn't the image scaling the meat so it matches the iron level of the lentils? Are you honestly this retarded or are you just arguing for the sake of it?

25 cent ramen 3 times a day bitch

under $275 a year

Its probably because x4 lentils is cheaper than x1 meat brainlet

i spent 1k this month on food lol

id rather die then live off 1k on food / year desu

I'm too scarred by my year as a vegan to go back to lentils. Maybe in 2019 I can.

$1k a year is easy mode. Try $10 a day for a challenge.

$3,650 a year... What a real challenge


enjoy your worms

$10 x 365 < $1000/year

Fuck me, you can’t possible be that stupid


I'm allergic to those. And chickpeas as well.

incoming rice and beans every day for $0.20 guy

10 x 365 = $3650

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sounds easy. try $8/meal.

We're all gonna make it, user.

best b8 in a minit

i only eat breakfast and dinner.
Living on 5$/day since december like a fucking Pajeet. Lost 5kg so far, you have to make sacrifices somewhere.

That's a funny way of writing you need to eat 4 times as much lentils to get the protein(pretty sure lentils aren't even a complete protein) in beef. Obviously it's got cow beat in micronutrients though.

not halal

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easy as fuck, $1k is nothing. chicken, beans, rice, veggies, and multivitamins.


$1.50 in Venezuela. And I mine free electricity

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easy in the sense its possible, hard in the sense it sucks. potato, rice & beans are near free in north america, to make something out of them can be tricky tho

are you really from venezuela user? is it really true you have free electricity there, also is it legal to mine? do you mine btc with asics or some alt with graphics cards?

I spend $400 on food every month.


Only Veeky Forums could turn this into a crypto conversation.

Why would hotdogs give you colon cancer?

with 2.77 a day you're probably eating a shit ton of rice and beans

you need vegetables and fruits daily to maintain health

>he doesn't know the processed jew
turns out highly processed food is lethal to you long term, who'd have thunk it huh?

I do $30 a day on average, sometimes i try to go 25 depending on weight.

Look at the Instagram posts, I realized early on processed food was more expensive than vegetables and fruits. Also slowly gotta eat leftover frozen shitty food

honestly, did you actually expect more from biz?

Price, maybe?

try doing that 4 times a day

Probably but planting some crops will be part of my plan. Already had some experience with gardening so I could probably grow some. I like to try growing corn but they say they are a bitch to cultivate and the yield is not worth it.

Oatmeal motherfuckers

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I can eat pinto beans and baked off corn tortillas every day

There is nothing "tricky" about rice, potatoes and beans. Buy a $35 rice cooker off Amazon, throw rice and beans in, an hour later you have a meal. Potatoes, you bake or microwave. What the fuck is "tricky" about that?

I live on probably 1500-1800. If I did some things to buy my meat or rice in bulk or maybe hunt and actually grow some of my produce I could fucking get under 1K I bet. Fuck I really want a nanny goat, too bad I'm in the city.

I spend that on food every month. (I'm not a lonely neet)

Saving money is a poor mans habit anyway. You have less control over what you can save vs. what you can earn. If you want to be rich, focusing your efforts on saving money isn't going to get you there. Earn more.

fucking checked. Veeky Forums is Veeky Forums.

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wtf lmao

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Learn how to hunt faggot

>roughly speaking

Idk maybe. I spend 1k a month on food right now because I eat out all the time and love nice cheeses and wines.

If I ate nothing but rice and beans and occasional pork shoulder I could do it.

them numbers