You autists finally got to me

You autists finally got to me.
I completely ignored every single one of these LINK shill threads for more than 6 months now. Since I had better options where to put my BTC in, I didn't gave 2 thoughts about what this pajeet infested board is shilling. I am happy I didn't get involved in this since the price has stayed the same for 6 months.
But now I'm exploring new shitcoins to buy.
Tell me straight, no bullshit and no lies. What does LINK do and should I buy it?

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its just a meme man dont actually buy it lmao

You said it yourself OP.
The price has stayed the same for 6 months.

>only coin to lose below 30% of it's value in massive crash.
>Shilled thoroughly by a board that used to be filled with what were called EtherShills.

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It probably is. But memes pump. For someone with 0 knowledge about this I want to hear from the experts what it does.

There is no reason you can’t have a 100% ETH based decentralized solution, you can pay the decentralized nodes via ETH fee’s for their data transfer (a simple Ethereum based side-chain). So in it’s current iteration ChainLink as a token for me, doesn’t have a great value proposition. With just Ethereum support, I find it very annoying that you have to own ETH (to trigger the log event) and ChainLink (to pay for the data request) to receive a simple HTTP request.

It took you 6 months? And NOW you want it explained to you?

You're fucking thick

Don't buy it.

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You don't leave the link life.

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This plus the recent Swift news and the code inspection of CL in the other article will dump this thing to pre December levels. Wait or don't buy at all, I hold 100 just because of the memes and I can send 1 link to people just to annoy or confuse them.

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>What does agnostic mean

>i guess so

Holy shit, they are playing you like a fiddle. Stay poor, nolinker

You own the token now own the sticker

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You don't deserve link kys

you didn't use the correct font you twat

Don't have a hq image of the actual token image from SmartContract, don't think one exists either

lmao noone can explain what this does.
nice scam faggots

holy shit
i feel bad for that dude who borrowed 20k off his parents for this
you know someone's going to build something better by the time this one-man burger show finally toddles down that "long road" ahead of him
oh fuck, you stinky morons
you got led around by the nose by those ico buyers, you bought their moon, and now you're gonna eat their shit
fuck, you neets are so vulnerable and they really know it

oftware Engineering Associate Manager at Accenture Federal Services

Anyone know why Accenture would be interested in Chainlink?

I almost feel bad for them
Only the newest of newfags actually bought above .14 and now they're getting dumped on yet again


this. It's bagholders who want you to drive the price up. avoid this shitcoin.

Here are three options for you, they all get you to the same result:

1. Buy Link
2. Send home address, I kick you in the balls
3. Send me the btc you were going to spend on Link, I then laugh at you.

lmao I remember this shit being shilled saying it would be $10 by january 1st

is someone payed to post this? I see this posted every Link thread

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>Brandon Garcia
>Vivian Lopez

Yeah, wtf is up with that, always the same thing

it spiked to over $2000 at least two times for an hour or so, so I bet you feel stupid now

Keep yourself safe?

Don't buy it bro trust me it's a scam

Let me take a shot at this.

Say I have a berry and you have a bunny. I want to trade you my berry for your bunny. You give me your bunny and I eat your berry. Fuck you

So there are these things called smart contracts. Automatic boxes that I can put my berry into and you can put your bunny into. When the boxes detect that the bunny and berry are in them they swap. No berry eating.

Smart contracts are nice, but they're dumb. They can't see much outside of themselves. So Chainlink acts as the eyes for these automatic boxes.

Imagine I want to bet my berry for your bunny if the red sox win the superbowl. Normal smart contracts can't do this. But with chainlink they can link to a superbowl watcher and detect if the red sox dunked their way to victory and relay that information to the blind box.
Get it?

It will at least goto 7000 sats before coming back down like it has 3 times already this year.

Do it Civilian. Become a LINK Marine.

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What if the Superbowl watcher is paid off by the berry holder?

>Don't have a hq image of the actual token image from SmartContract, don't think one exists either
The font is called Carbon Regular btw, I have a ttf file of it, not sure how I could upload it though.

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Neck yourself brainlet.

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I'd buy some up but it's delisted for me on huobi... nothing I do lets me buy it or get it available and the idiots on tech support have no idea what's going on.

sooner or later i'll grab some... but huobi blows dick atm for me with it's error/gltich

Algorithm to detect 1000 google data points?