Who are these idiots that give video game streamers money? Like seriously, paying someone to play video games...

Who are these idiots that give video game streamers money? Like seriously, paying someone to play video games? LOL best scam in history.

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I wonder the same thing

Its like how celebs get crazy letters from fans or like how people throw gifts at celebs at concerts or wherever. But now celeb culture is online and if you pay enough money you can get your favorite eceleb to say your username and talk to you for a minute or two. Its a bit sad tbqh.

Why don't you do it then?

Im surprised TradingView doesn't have more twitch streams

And while we are at it, who even watches this crap? Never understood why people like watching someone play video games. Just play the fucking game yourself.

Amazon Prime gives you one free sub each month.

because people are stupid with their money. simple as that. if it weren't going to the screaching manchild playing fortnite it would just go to something else equally as silly.

It is like Chaturbate without any of the good stuff.

Ever hear of pro sports like the NFL or NBA? Yea, people pay thousands to sit there and watch others play. Gaming is the new generation's sports.

Teenagers with mom's debit card.

Society has become so atomized that people are essentially paying for friend simulators

Just donated 100k

I think some bitcoin whales watch them. Check out this one reddit.com/r/Twitch/comments/82e6t9/mega_donation_from_a7_anything4views/

he gives money to people like this a LOT at least 20 times.

>Who are these idiots that give football players money? Like seriously, paying someone to play football? LOL best scam in history.

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like people who wonder why guys pay to watch girls to eat

I used to think this too, but honestly it’s quite entertaining esp if you like video games yourself.

Nothing wrong with twitch. If you give money to some stranger on the Internet you then you deserve to lose money.
If I could be a successful streamer I would try to milk that cash cow for as long as I could, just like anyone else should

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I literally just watch people play video games all day. More fun than playing cause no chance of losing. Yeah It's pathetic but I'm a pathetic guy

no no, dont you remember when someone posted a vid of some girl form denmark or the netherlands about how a beta orbiter gifter her thousands and thousand in prepaid credit cards, a computer and airplane tickets? the moron doxed him on the video because hi didnt blur all his aliases, he turned out to be a retired navy sonar operator, the mofo spent 10 years in a submarine and never got laid, i even registered in some social sites for veterans to let people know what the guy was spending his money in

>go to professional sports franchise practice arena free of charge
>athlete walks up to you
'Hey man...can I have $25?'

Not quite the same.

I don't see why anyone would do the same for sports either. It's all bullshit.

you are such a retard

Plenty of reasons... Right now I'm watching someone play the new Far Cry on YouTube. It's not interesting enough that I would buy it, but enough that I'll keep watching the guy's playthrough. And the game by itself isn't enough, the guy's commentary is also part of why I'm watching. I think at one point I watched someone play Dishonored 2, and then I bought it a few months later when I had the money for it. I didn't mind being partially spoiled. And I can see why people would watch stuff like this if the game is an exclusive and they don't have the platform they need to play it.

hate all you want but you can't deny it's popularity and appeal to kids. companies pay streamers because they're a great way for them to reach younger demographics.

Why do retards give money to grown men playing with balls?

Haha I fucking hate to admit that this is kinda me to

Never donated, few streamers I like to watch but prefer the tournaments mostly

>sportsball and virtual sportsball are different

Why do retards give money to watch people have sex? Just have sex yourself?

because, believe it or not, sports take skill. and most streamers have no skill because it isn't required for what they do (unless it's a competitive gaming streamer).

I just feel really bad for these guys. I mean I'm a khv loser too but I make sure I keep my money for myself. I hate these streamers, they're exploiting the desperation of some of the most lonely people in society, knowing the whole time that they'll never have to give anything in return. They're on the same level as drug dealers, loan sharks and pimps. Absolute bottom-feeding scum.

>competitive gaming doesn't require skill

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one requires physical training and practice. the other allows you to sit in a chair all day and play videogames like a child.

Cuckball is fucking gay but the players have way more actual skills that require years of practice than even the biggest game streamer

Rarely it's about the game. This only applies to competitive pro gamers and games that just got released and people want to see what the gameplay look like. Most of the time people watch a stream because of the person who is playing it and they are either funny, comfy voice or hot. Stream a popular game with no voice/cam and see what happens, you'll get nothing.

>reading comprehension takes skill

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Competitive gaming does require skill but most top pros aren't paid streamers. Most of the paid streamers even the top ones are fucking garbage.They're just entertainers that aren't entertaining.

more like
>go to professional sports franchise practice arena free of charge
>hundreds of people are willingly stuffing bills into the athletes pockets as they play

or pays 10 000 dollars to see hand egg game at stadium =)

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Makes me sad desu, when I was young me and the gang would go fishing, skateboarding or gaming on the psx.

Don't paying a blue haired faggot to play games.

In 10 years people will hermit them self to watch live streams of ecelebs through their ocolust rift

It honestly does seem like people just watch these guys so they can pretend they are friends. Pretty pathetic.

This probably. Ive spoken to like guys in their late teens or early 20s and despite being broke or working dead end jobs pay check to pay check theyll shell out cash for their eceleb watch em when they can. They buy the merch and say the catch phrases. I dont really care what people do with their time/money but the internet is so normified.

think i'll sit on the esports bench for this one

>one requires turning off your brain and running
one is people running around on a field
one finances the beverage/alcohol industry

Same here I just don't have the hours to put in anymore, I conservatively watch it though.

Agreed, run my own twitch but refuse to accept donations.
Thats like saying pro traders are childish

I don't know but that's a pretty retarded thing to do
at the same level of retardation as giving presents to female celebrities

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ex twitch chat spammer here. i only ever watched people with interactive and funny chats. i would never watch somebody who is in submode half the stream or has weird little chats where they talk about their 7th grade homework. never subbed, never donated, ad block, neighbors wifi, stolen laptop

People literally give money to this speed runner because of their depression youtu.be/LQroxMnwtr8

i only ever use twitch to streamsnipe people

I've got a friend that does it and I support his NEET lifestyle so he doesn't change as a person. In the long run he'll be a bum, sure, but he's fun now.

It's no worse than paying to watch sports

I personally wouldn't do it but if that's how people wanna waste their money good for them

I also think spectator sports are for dumbasses.

It fucking is worse than paying to watch sports. This is a donation and not a fee. You can legally watch the streams without paying anything. Sports games have admission fees, sports streams often cost money. The difference is that people are giving their money to these streamers voluntarily, which is fucking stupid.

>t guy who probably has $5k+ speculating on btc

I only ever see $1 or $2 donations, once I saw a 20, it seems more like street performer tier. I think it's fair if I enjoyed the stream and I'd rather send them a couple bucks then a gay ass thumbs ups or whatever, just haven't worked out how to donate yet.

People are pathetic and the majority of those active in twitch chat are kids or loser neckbeards spamming TriHard, Cx, "we coo chat", or some other retarded shit. It's no different to why video games are addicting, they give you a sense of accomplishment and make you feel like you're doing something meaningful. Now you can experience the same feeling by passively consuming the streamers experience of playing a game, so you no longer have to. You can donate your money so the streamer briefly acknowledges your existence, who you probably think is your friend, because you gave him 100$. Same reason people stream snipe.

>but muhh streamers are providing entertainment and I'm just showing my support

There is no fucking reason to give someone with 5k+ viewers more money to show your "support". They are literally making thousands per month from amazon prime subs alone. They get free shit from sponsors and monetary compensations. I don't know man, people are just fucking retarded. When titty streamers became a thing, they'd get hundreds to thousands of dollars per stream, just so some fucking retard can call her a whore and to stop streaming. u fukin wot m8.

There's a couple streamers that I watch because their playstyle is utterly different from mine and its entertaining to me.

it's like watching TV with buddies.

some of them are a shit ton better than me and its nice too see not only what they're doing,but sometimes WHY too

>afraid of losing at a video game

Who are these idiots that give actors money? Like seriously, paying someone to act a role? LOL best scam in history.

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