It's impossible to get rich without starting a business is it

It's impossible to get rich without starting a business is it.

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Yes, you will never get rich working for another man.

First ask yourself: Do you want to be rich? Why?

Yes I want to be rich.

I want to be rich because I like seeing my high score increase.

you can also get rich by speculating

but you have to work for your business, I would rather wagecuck. I wouldn't be rich but I wouldn't need to

It really depends on what you define as rich. It's possible to get into earning 1 million a year as a wagecuck, but it's certainly not easy. Realistically you should expect working to earn 100k-200k a year. That's not necessarily bad, but it's certainly not rich. Beyond this you pretty much have to start a business. Above 3 million, you're really going to need to at least be an equity partner or something. If you're looking to get to 100 million then forget about working for someone else unless you're some kind of hedge fund whiz. It all depends on how much money you want to make, and how much you're willing to work for it.

You can't get rich by speculation. You can get rich by taking fees from investing other people's money though. Many people own stocks, yet aren't rich. The idea that you can get rich through speculation, without massive amounts of starting capital, is just a meme. In reality you would be a god-tier investor if you earned 30% a year. In order to go from low or middle class to rich, you aren't going to have enough money to really enjoy that +30% a year. But if you invest other people's money then you can take a fee outright and a percentage of the profits.

I kind of would like to invest other people's money as a backup plan if my main business fails. I assume there are certs I need?

Investor here.

Why should I pay you and trust you with my money

Because I offer ethical and green investing options in my city of yoga hippies.

IDC about that

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congrats, youve reached the next level

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>desire to acquire wealth to bolster ones ego
fucking idiot, you are doomed

Then you aren't my target audience. I'm not trying to sell my product to everyone.

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Whoa don't be so hasty.

I can give u like 2% of gains

Niche finding is one of the most important rules in money making, so at least you've got that figured out.

This user gets it!

I know biz is like 99.999999% in crypto and if they don't x2 in the next few hours they feel like shit.

However this is not how normal investing and trading works! Buisness are happy if they have 8% increase this year in capital.
If you are a forex trader and can get 3% every month you are a god among men.
The ROI if you are a landlord is 15 years.
This is the state of tradional trading/investing and so on.
Of course your can gamble on penny stocks and cutting edge technology in hope that it turn out the next great thing. This however is viewed very risky and borderline gamble.

BTC was 2000$ one year ago... now its 8,500$. You do the ROI math and how outstanding is this growth. Sometime I think all of bizz got in crypto at above 1500.

I see people crying I am 70% below my ATH crypto is dead ignoring the fact how much they are up from their entry position.

>I am 70% down from my ATH.
>I am 15 000% up from my initail entry point in crypto.

So tell me what is there to cry about?!

It's not really a "back up plan" type thing. Being a portfolio manager is something people will dedicate their lives to. You're going to need a series 65 license definitely. If you want to start a hedge fund you're looking at upwards of a million dollars in starting capital needed. If you're a CPA or something and want to just sell mutual funds to people while you're doing their taxes then it's a lot easier. No matter what you'll want to get a lawyer to help you through the process.

May I ask what your Plan A is? If the two are related then I might be too hard in saying that being an investment manager is difficult.

Yes. Also your business doesn't have to be anything fancy, you just need to do start one with low overhead costs and have it be something you're actually good at. My family owns a ton of hair salons, and it's a good business for them since women spend huge amounts on money to get their hair done. Just a pair of scissors and skill and you can make some good money.

Engineering, I just had that idea for a green tailored investment fund for all the rich hippie boomers around the city who I've heard complaining about oil and its environmental impact and how they are divesting from it lately.

Looking up the laws in Canada it looks like there is a huge cartel around money management because taking initiative is punished in Canada anyway.

Oh I don't know much about Canadian laws. You aren't going to get major investors through your strategy, but I think you could probably start an ETF based around green energy. Since you're an engineer, maybe try to get a job with some green companies. I'm sure a lot of colleges and hippies will be happy to toss some money at you. Just don't think you're going to start a hedge fund and get Goldman Sachs to invest in you.

Also look around from attention whoring philanthropists. This seems irresistible to them.

I'll take a look, I could probably start something based out of some other country if I wanted to. I'm already working with a buddy on an engineering project that should hopefully generate some revenue, but I like to have a lot of things going on at once.

>You can't get rich by speculation.
dumbest shit i ever read

Good luck! Just be sure to do it legally. Judges love to murder people in finance even if they haven't really hurt anyone.
I'm guessing you just stopped reading there. Otherwise you're either under 18, or some normalfag that doesn't understand the stock market.

Canada loves to murder people with innovative thoughts. Once I can gather up enough money to get an investor visa to the states I'm out of here.

Maybe I'll see you in the billionaire parties.
Also I really hate to suggest this, but you may want to move to San Francisco if you're looking for people to shill your ideas to. The west coast has more engineering jobs, and San Fran has a ton of hippie types. Chicago and NYC have them too, but they simply aren't on the same caliber.

I would love to, so many opportunities there. I just need to get the money together here. Hopefully trump doesn't make it even more difficult.

He's not really interested in stopping skilled investors from coming to the U.S. If anything he wants to make it easier for people like you to get in.

A bit worried because his proposal raised the investment cap, but that got shot down.

Guessing immigration reform in the states is impossible.

You can't get rich speculating in the stock market, everyone knows that. Shitcoins in other hand, made me "rich" with less than 10k investment.

Sucks to be you and actually having to work to be rich lmao. Fucking normies.

I mean that's not "rich"

Green energy ETFs already exist. Did you do ANY research into it at all?

Unless you're a trust fund baby with millions to sink into one, you're not going to get anyone to invest in your fund with no experience, no capital, no contacts or inroads to the kind of investors you'd need, and no formal experience, degree or training in the field.

In other words, you don't have a hope in hell.

This was an idea I literally came up with in the thread mate.

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