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*moons creepily*

Pump pre-mainnet bros.
$0.10 inbound !

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no but seriously, this

sell the hype, anons, because you know what's coming next

I'm not selling but I hope it dips hard, I'd like to buy more at 17cents

>5% up
when REQ starts randomly burning peoples tokens and they market sell I be the one laughing and saying I told you so

what is burning exactly?

>Veeky Forums now loses it's shit over 10% increases

Yeah, this is definitely a bear market.

sending tokens to paper wallet, then burning them


when is mainnet launch?

Well fuck me for being excited about gains

Coinbase announcement next 5 days


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Because you sold

What makes you think that, user?

What? It is the only thing I had something in showing return and I am wondering why

For some reason China's interest reached a peak today. Maybe it is because the whitepaper is available in Mandarin now. 7-d&geo=CN&q=Request Network

Wtf man my ledger just spontaneously combusted

>he doesn't have Burn Guard 7.1 Creepy Edition
and you think you'll make it

Any one else get a letter saying their coins are going to be burned? i knew it was a possibility and I'm not really that mad about the burn, but I'm freaked out that they knew my address.

What's up with calling REQ creepy? I think it's funny, I just don't fully understand the joke

Yup letter said they would burn all coins not in dev wallets ffs

Also shut the fuck up with this stupid shit. It doesn't get any more believable the more you say it

some copy pasta about Stacy talking to her friend

Never received letter. Should I write one to developers to waive burning my coins, befire q3?

Anybody else get a letter in the mail about their tokens being part of the burn pool?

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LINK dumped hard as shit after the SXSW conference.

The same thing will happen with REQ. Idiots don't realize the "mainnet" release doesn't have fiat.

>up a cent and a half

>no fiat in mainnet
What you talking about?

This is exactly what I'm talking about.

April 1st REQ is going to crash hard as jesus.

fiat implementation isn't coming until sometime Q2

Has anyone noticed in the whitepaper the request app has a stellar logo at the request button? Is this a sign?

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Did you get whitepaper in a mailbox, tgogether with notice of coin burning?


I'm bringing marshmellows to the coin burn

Me and Sergey gonna make smores

After I registered my tokens with the network, they Fedexed me a letter too. It said I had to lock it in my Ledger with v1.5 firmware or above to protect my tokens from the random burn.

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PartnershipMain net

Dubs of main net

“Stace! What’s up girlfriend, long time no see! Let’s go get some coffee!”
>”Uh, you go girl, you’re looking so good! What have you been up to since I last saw you?”
“Well, I’ve been with thirty seven men, and aborted four fetuses, also, Stace, have you ever been with a dog?”
>”Well, actua-“
“Woah, Stace! That coffee shop has a “Pay With Request” sign on their window, let’s go to that one!”
>”Oh my God, isn’t that the creepy as shit app that uses that gay little “blockchain” LOL. I cringe so fucking hard just saying that word, it’s so fucking weird and outside of the bounds of normal discussion, I just fucking hate it and anyone that uses it. Let’s try their coffee Brittany”
>”Hi, we saw the pay with Request sign, we’d like to use that to pay. We’ll have two Slurp Juices!”
“Woah, Stace, holy shit. LOL. You’ll NEVER fucking believe what the Virgin designers of the app make you do now. LMAO.”
>”Oh my God, I’m about to throw up, I need to go to the bathroom, the image of the neckbeards that made this app jerking off to our passport pictures makes me want to fucking puke.”
“I’m drier than the fucking Sahara when looking at this app, let’s report this coffee shop to the FDA and never come back Stace! And let’s only use Venmo from now on!”

That is a fontawesome rocket. Not a shellar rocket

You need help.

How will it dump ppppafter mainnet when pantership are being announced also?

$0.001 after main net

Fucking hell sometimes I think im going insane but then I visit this place and know im good


It's cause of KYC law Fud, have to send them your passport photo

REQ always gets sick digits

Fuck off newfag.

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I received my tokens via carrier pigeon. They sent me a telegram yesterday using Morse code to reassure me that my tokens were fireproof.


The day of REQoning.

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What the fuck is happening? Someone just bought a hell of a lot REQ om binance.

pwc partnership lol fucking frogs
jump ship now while you have the chance

PwC partnership just confirmed

How many?

That's huge

Wtf is even PWC lol

oh SHIT i just checked the charts it just exploded lmao

stay poor, dumb nigger

Pricewater house Cooper. One of the big three of auditing. Companies hire them to audit the books.

539k REQ comfy AF

grats on the cushy retirement


>on Veeky Forums
>doesn't know what pwc is


1 dollah

So afraid to fomo in. Sell the news, r-right guys?

I fomo'd in hard, shits went up 0.01c

someone buy up the whole book, do it you won't



I sold part of my stack at 3270 sats to jump onto another imminent moon mission, didn't want to risk getting dumped on, but still keeping 30k on my Ledger. Maybe I'll pink wojak later.

Already dumping

Selling now with the mainnet only days off...

They are probably going to ann one more partnership too.

Which moon mission faggot ?

scamelcoin, faggot

major partnership announcement = dump?

what even is this market
I've about had it with this fucking nonsensical charts, dumps for no reason etc

It literally pumped 20% within an hour faggot. You think it will go only up and never correct? But yes, this is big news for REQ. $100 EOY is not so far fetched anymore.

weak hand mother fuckers

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Good chance to get buy volume at high prices from pump chasers who will sell back low. That's why they say 'sell the news.' also, it's 5:30 EST, nobody is buying shit right now except degen gamblers

Holy shit thank god I sold when my alarm went off
Just gotta watch to buy back in at the right moment

this shit can't even break 1 dollar

There may be a second pump in a few hours, but it's dumping to 3-3.1k first. We're in a bear market, forget about sustained pumps. Good on you for taking profits.
Kys prajuk.

kek is this your first day

you think 3k sats is a good buyback?

Yes, but keep in mind it's a risky play if you're in for the short term. Bitcoin is looking bearish again. The PWC partnership is huge for Request though.

I'll take an instant 30% gain and sell. I don't have much money to my name, but if I can buy back in later, preferably before another dump, then I can repeat my profit earnings. Steps on a staircase rather than waiting for the elevator.

Yeah i was thinking prices for REQ might drop even lower over the week then bounce back

I sold 10k REQ back in December after it pumped 30%. It proceeded to 300% afterwards.

you still in it to win it?

Is this opposite day? I can't tell with Veeky Forums anymore.

>buy back in later, preferably before another dump

I have 30k right now if that's what you're asking. Had 50k, but slowly dumping into JNT before it lists on binance.

I think he accidentally used the upside down backwards p, he meant pump

Buy high sell low. All is in order.

Ouch, here's hoping I don't run into that. I sold ETH thinking it wasn't going to get any higher than 1100. But that's not a 300% loss.
LOL I actually meant to say I would hope to buy before another pump. This board does stuff to your brain.

>But that's not a 300% loss
Loss? The fuck, that's not a loss.

So? Did you buy?