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>bought the TQQQ dip on 10x margin.

welp there goes my money.

>Dow futures +0.2%
>S&P futures -4.3%


Push it sideways

saw 6500, thought it was the price of btc somewhere. SOON.

>pic related
>missiles over Riyadh
>Bolton appointed
i-it's going to be fine

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Oh my god you didn't buy at 6k a few months back? Jesus you're fucking BONED dude. BOEND

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Did that guy die

Ok brainlet OP listen;

Futures go off of the open price, not the previous settlement. NASDAQ is up by 2pts or so right now.

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S&P 500 is +.08%

not that guy, some egyptian apparantly
not in this blast tho

where is that?

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Read the fucking OPEN price, not the PREVIOUS SETTLEMENT. Are you guys really this fucking new or just half-coherent because its sunday?

so, it's actually down 4.3% from friday's futures and not the actual market price?

Exactly. In that photo you posted, it is +5.50. Or it was 10min before that photo lol, delayed quotes

ok, that makes the nasdaq look even worse tho

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? shit closed 400 points higher on friday?

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Well how about this: you short it, i'll go long, we will see who makes money on open. Maybe sunday futures aren't for you user.

just tell us, whats happening to the market tomorrow

Marketwatch is just shit on updating to proper price. Explain to me any possible situation in which the dow would be green with S&P down over 4%.

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I'm not a fortune teller, i just know how to read futures on a sunday.

switching to FUCKING CNN

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I never asked if you were a fortune teller, I asked whats happening to the market tomorrow at the open? what do the futures say

Green, steady uptrend all afternoon really. Still about 13hrs though, it can change quickly as we saw all last week

i can't even think of how the boomer markets operate without 24/7 pricing.

Some of us have lives and don't spend 25/8 in front of a computer chart you cryptofag gambler

I think the market is getting rattled tomorrow, using data going back to 1990 90 out of 93 when the market has been down over 1.5% on friday it makes a new low on the monday

Only time will tell

failed missile intercept in saudia arabia

eurofag going to sleep here

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I'm surprised it isn't worse

i will cream my undies tomorrow if i wake up and see nikkei at 19,xxx