What does her statement of cash flows look like?

What does her statement of cash flows look like?

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every college girl has taken this photo. I was so close bros. So close to moving to an off campus apartment where hot girls are bountiful..So fucking close. This crash ruined me.

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I was going to spend my days chilling at the pool and sipping on monsters and vodka while trading and flirting. WHY! WHY WHWYW WHYWYWWHWYWYWEHOUEFUEOWUFUPOEWIUAWFS:OIUVDISO:JFDSIO:JF O:SDFI:SDJF:DSIOJFO:IDSJoi;edsufoiesdjfoiwes

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It’s ok user we’ll make it someday

In flow with my dick
Out flow from her vagina

Both from Operating activities.

wait 2 years

>Taking a picture in the mirror
>Plaque in the background is the right way around

Am I retarded? Shouldn't it be reversed?

Deep state at its finest


Some (((Apple))) photo apps default reverse the image.

Holy shit.

You're right.

*X-files theme plays*

NSA all over it

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look at bottom left watermark.

Need that African anthropology/underwater basket weaving dual degree. University/college these days seems like an adult daycare.

the feels when your fiance doesn't take care of her feet and looks nothing like the ones in OP

>women are too risk adverse to invest
>takes out massive loans
Which is it?

They don't see taking out massive loans for an """education""" as a risk, they see it as normal. If you convinced women that hacking a child's cock off so they could better pretend to be a little girl was normal, they'd be okay with it.

Oh, wait.

Its paying for a safety net, theyll take a loan for 200k if it means they can get a cushy job later

>Student Loan Debt Is Leaving Women Broke and Vulnerable
>More women are going to college than ever before—but once they graduate, they have more debt and less pay than their male peers. And it's creating a systemic wealth gap that lasts a lifetime.
>Law school was supposed to be Erika Stallings' path to financial stability. But she graduated with $115,000 in student loans and today, the $1,000 monthly loan payment eats up a big chunk of her paycheck. So despite her white-collar job and fancy diplomas, she remains in a state of financial precariousness.
>I feel the panic of knowing if I lost my job today, because I've been trying to pay off as much debt as possible, I don't have the emergency fund."
>Of course, Stallings situation is not unique. Across the United States, women like Stallings are staring down piles of student debt—bigger piles, in fact, than the ones facing their former male classmates.
>With more women attending college and graduate school than ever before, it naturally follows that more women are also racking up student debt. Women are more likely to take out student loans than men
>That happens for a few reasons. Women make up 62 percent of students at private and often pricey four-year institutions, where tuition costs are often in five-figure range

Time to get out of the US, they're going to demand gibs and get them.

It's. All. So. Tiresome.

it is a feminists issue

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Chad and Tyrone's semen. Possibly Muhammad's as well

>I feel the panic of knowing if I lost my job today, because I've been trying to pay off as much debt as possible, I don't have the emergency fund."
I feel like it’s always the women who live paycheck to paycheck. If it were a man he would eat rice and beans and wear his underpants until it grinds to dust just to be able to pay off the debt and have enough savings and possibly even another stream of income.

She looks like minimum wage

CFFO: (big number)
CFFF: big number

Leave her. Feet are the most important thang

Kek, how is she treating the amortization of her looks? Accelerated schedule? I’d like to see her add-back.

With that pelvic tilt she has a long road ahead.

Law student here, she can just extend the term of her repayment. She can also just live at home the first year of working like everyone else and bang that shit out. But she probably wants a nice trendy apartment too.

She might have parents who don't want her to move back in. I know mine don't want that.

>implying she didn't purposefully reverse the image for the gram

And they say women are more "risk-adverse" lul. Not much more risky than accruing 100k in debt and turning yourself into a literal poor-wage slave as your best years are drained away and no man wants you anymore because you can't even carry a child in your dried, barren womb.


you would've gotten distracted and lose your profits

Another no ass white girl. You guys have shit taste.