The Failure of Retail

>go to the grocery store to buy groceries
>can't find a brand I like
>ask the manager
>"sorry we don't carry that brand anymore, we still carry the (((Great Value))) variety of that product though"
>reluctantly check for (((Great Value)))
>totally out of stock

Why is this happening, Veeky Forums? Why am I being forced to buy my groceries elsewhere? Why can't these stores even carry enough of their own low quality off brand products? Isn't the point of making an off brand to mass produce it for as cheaply as possible?

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great value brand chicken breast fillets are bomb

>be me
>go to multiple grocers to get the best priced items

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Don't get fruits or veggies at Walmart, shit goes bad in one day. Some foods are already rotten on the shelf because you can't trust niggers to do their job right. Shop in a place like Trader Joes or Whole Foods which were made for white people.

Have some dignity, mate. Actual retards, nigs, and Mexicans shop at Walmart.

Go to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or Publix.

nothing wrong with buying generic

Yeah, go to Whole Foods and get some liberal queer handling your food. Sounds fucking safe

Best spot is a farmer market. Still got to weed out scammers but lot's of good local shit to be found wich tends to be better due to logistics not requiring early harvesting.

Especially intereresting if you want some non-standardized varities as quite a few use old seeds that taste&look different from the commercial supermarket breeds.

are you me.

Whole Foods is owned by Amazon now so it's pretty efficient. Amazon doesn't take messing with their business lightly.

Go to Trader Joe's and Costco like a normal White person.

they also probably cause 50 different kinds of cancer and will make you resistant to every antibiotic known to man

>Putting no value on your time.

Son, are you unemployed?

Walmart is fucking with their suppliers and they are way too into this just on time inventory shit their inventory system makes mistakes at the warehouse and store level then they blame it on suppliers they don't let their department managers order more product for things that sell good I don't know what the fuck they are doing also a lot of people in the stores are lazy

This. Walmart is gonna die within the decade. Thier margins are razor thin, ttheir suppliers hate them because of their bully tactics, and their customers hate them because their employees are useless and miserable and only mexicans and niggers shop their. Once one domino falls they are completely fucked.

Why pay more are you a cuck?

There will be no shortage of Mexicans and niggers going forward

If you go to walmart some drug addict will hit your parked vehicle. at least the risk of injury or theft going to walmart must be real

Wal*mart's business model is unsustainable. They're already eliminating their Sam's Clubs at an alarming rate. When the only thing you have going for you is dirt cheap prices, with big sales on razor thin profits (and corporate bullying to keep it that way), the 0 frills internet market is going to blow you away as the industry gets more and more efficient and convenient.

Soon even fresh food will be bought online and the only brick and morter grocery stores will be high service and boutique stores... which is why Amazon bought Whole Foods and Publix is rapidly expanding nationwide.

>plebs not realizing they're plebs

LMAO I work at a Walmart, my car got hit and ran few weeks ago whole bumper is fucked. Getting it repaired this week.

I hope walmart falls. i worked there a few months part time and absolutely hated it. it's a complete joke.

Publix only has stores in the southeast US though, would be neat to get one in our flyover state. We finally just got a CostCo not too long ago. Haven't checked out our WF yet, but they sound like they'd be worth a look.
Sprout's is the liberal faggot supermarket around here. Has a lot of specialty foods for allergies and homeopathy vitamins. Reminds me of what Atkins used to be but instead of soccer moms it's full of gays holding hands.
Got any stories?

I thought so to until I had Costco Kirkland boneless skinless chicken breasts. Compare to Walmart they are cheaper and have less fat on the fat and just taste better/look better frozen.

Oh for sure man, I’ve worked there for the past three years, I am 19. Going to be four in November. Gotta head back to work now, lunch is over. Very inspired to quit Walmart and focus on learning the stock market after Martin Shkreli wrote back to me a few weeks ago. Pic related, kind of a shitty picture but good advice.

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>a customer OD'd in the men's bathroom and died
>cops pepper sprayed a woman and her boyfriend in the face on black friday
>one of the managers got arrested for stealing tires

those are the ones that come to mind immediately

>Shops at Walmart
There's your problem, retard.

I buy my groceries from Amazon. Get it delivered to me for free by some Somali. Tip them nothing.

Why are you shopping at Walmart, user?

lol I'm a Publix pharmacist and still grocery shop at Walmart. The price differences are unreal.

Amazon killed it

answer to any retail question

>Made a mistake grabbing a fave drink in a hurry
>Go home took a sip
>Almost vomits
>Look at label
>It says Great Value but arranged to look like my favorite brand
>These niggers literally trying to trick consumers left and right and completely replacing people's fave brands with their own shitty brand
>Check ingredients
>Full of fillers and artificial sugar, cancer causing agents

I love American retailers but Walmart is becoming more like Jews and Chinks.

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Wal mart logo is star of david

Wally family are not Jewish though. Are they?

Go back to plebbit

Could you post the whole note?

That is the whole note I will crop it better when I get home from work if the thread isn’t 404 senpai

Lol as a guy who actually went to Walmart not too long ago this is spot on correct! Don’t shop at Walmart, go to a place that’s not ridden with drug addicts, niggers and low life scum.



Costco is beating Walmart. They have been for a few years now and it's only recently been starting to show. They will be gone someday.

Regular population will never pay a membership fee for weekly groceries

>White male
>Went to a WalMart on the south side of Chicago last year.
>brave AF
Ask me anything.

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How many times did you get stabbed?

We have a white people Walmart user, it's called Target.

Thanks dude

t.another user

Martin is actually a stand up guy. Kinda braggadocious, but he feels like one of us almost.
Says a lot about his character that he wrote back.

life hack: stop shopping at walmart

Was there for like 20 minutes was literally the ONLY and I mean the only white person in the whole place. Was so nervous. Chicago blacks are way more edgy than NYC blacks. Non-coastal blacks are way more redpilled.

Please deliver user, havent had any shkrelli content in a long time