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>be me riding subway home through sketchy part of NYC
>4 thugs get on at the last stop before mine and immediately start eyeballing me and make me generally uncomfortable
>I shift in my seat as one of them edges closer, he opens his jacket so only I am able to see the glock in his waistband
>he mutters under his breath, "you gon give up the wallet homie?"
>fuck my fucking life
>I begin to reach for my back pocket to give the thug my wallet when suddenly there is an explosion of glass from the side window of the subway car
>I cover my eyes from the flying shards as the lights of the car flicker overhead
>I open my eyes slowly and the first thing I see is the thug that was threatening me is now slumped down against the wall and has a 9 inch piece of glass sticking out of his forehead, looks like it penetrated his skull and into his brain
>it's at this moment that I realize there is a new person standing in between me and the thugs, a small Asian looking dude with a huge fucking head wearing a grayish hoodie that says "binance"
>Jesus fucking christ it's fucking CZ what the fuck
>at this moment I notice he has the thug's glock in his hand, which he immediately lifts and fires three perfect shots into the dicks of the remaining thugs, who immediately collapse and begin making animal noises
>for the first time I open my mouth to speak but CZ quickly spins around and puts a finger over my mouth, "shhhing" me as he looks into my eyes
>he speaks very quietly:
>"Funds are safe."

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I love this chink

Not when the country of origin is PRC

How can you put any trust into a culture that betrays its own . A chink will never turn down a Mercedes Benz for Great Wall of Shit Car they mass produce "using the finest materials " BS
Dont ever trust a country or chink who abolished COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT ......THEY copy mass produce shit quality. Do you really want to trust them with your money ? So sad if yes



But, but Jordans cost $350 in America.

So trust a Chinese over , Japanese Euro or American right. Your life will be short. You have very low standards

Funds are safe

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Doesn't mean I'll buy trash shoes. If you had any class you look for MADE IN JAPAN or EXCHANGE FROM EUROPE ...... Again your method in life is sub par I get it

Copyrights stifle innovation.

Without the protection of intllectual property businesses cant spend the same on R&D. If it didnt exist as it does in the United States the chinks would even have any inovative ideas to steal.

Nah, that was the purpose but now its just rent seeking with them having extended copyrights to ridiculous numbers of years. Copyrights were only supposed to be 14 years originally.

fonds ore soff

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fucking chinks omfg you guys seriously. When will you learn? Never fucking buy chink shit.

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anyone with photoshop you know what to do

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they from malta not boi

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I am a Chink and I actually preferred the Haval/Baojun 530 to the Mercedes.
The BMW drives better than the Mercedes anyways

Vely good


This is one of the greatest things ive read. Ty user.

Check this out! - more information on gif image