Clif high predictions

What are the latest clif high predictions for various coins? The writes about the same coin in every newsletter. I think its NEO, OMG ad a few others. What are his predictions for OMG in particular?

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Why do you care? does it calm you that someone shills your bags, even if they haven't been accurate one time?

Yes, yes, OMG in particular, I want someone to shill it

I got in at a dollar by the way, so already X11

OMG will be the currency of the new silk road, a moscow to beijing railroad.

he has stated OMG and the number 30,000 are associated in his data sets

he originally believed this meant a 30,000% increase, but when someone pointed out on Twitter this would only result in a ~$165 per coin value, he replied that it could mean 30,000x

Which would correspond to a $15,000 OMG value or thereabouts.

He is incredibly bullish on it, and it is largely from the data collection. He had a recent interview where he demonstrated he knows basically fucking nothing about the coin. He pronounced it Oh-meese-go and said Omise was a specific move in the game Go. It's not, it means store in Japanese.

I think if he knew anything about Vitalik and Plasma his prediction would make a ton more sense to him.

It's almost time user

neo is crap

Vechain 500 EOY

OMG too tied to ETH fate to matter until they get their own chain

I heard he said XRP will do well. I don't have a source.

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fuck old grandpas off his meds

30,000x on omg hahahahahahaha

do you know what OMG is?

well when he made that prediction at 6$ a pop he says it gets x 30000% = 2k per omise go into 2019.

The Palm beach reports also said in August the conservative price of Omisego is worth 700$. 450 million active user base using *Omise* , 50k Merchants on their platform.

Oh wait I forgot most people in Veeky Forums are retarded this is why they lose all the time.

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PLASMA is the only thing that can make this happen

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Other way around there bud.

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I just got his latest report. What specifically do you want to know?

Anyone with 1k OMG will make it

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850 here, dollar cost average of $3. i'll add to my stack ASAP.

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3100 omg checking in HAHA im boutta be retired lick my nuts nerds