Why are women so repulsed by me?

Why are women so repulsed by me?

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Probably cus you're ugly

They can smell your stinky linky, faggot.

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because you care about what they think

But I see ugly slobs with gf's all the time

The old adage

Looks - Game - Status

Pick two

you're probably ugly and have that "nice guy" personality girls fucking despise

You're absolutely right. Never even thought of that.
Just having 1 can work, but it'll only bring shallow women to the table.

>hes nice, but im sure hes really a creep and the nice guy bit is an act!
>yeah he beats me and cant hold a job down but deep down im sure hes really just hurt and is a good person


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Having the three, you become a chad

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ugly, weird, socially awkward, no redeeming qualities, small penis, virgin

thats because they have redeeming qualities and or have a large penis

you need a social status. Get friends.

dude you're pretty disconnected from reality, penis size is just a deal breaker under 6 inches but having a penis larger than 7 doesn't add much

Thanks for the rare wojak



you sound like the exact type of person I mean

what's it like being a virgin at age 30?

>"nice guy" personalit

I fell for the "be nice and treat girls with respect" meme when I was younger, but have since changed so it's not that.

you sound like the type of person to believe that stereotype even exists.

what's it like having an inability to accurately judge people and situations?

damn that looks exactly like me below the neck

I lived off of just game and done me well

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Well usually people can make up for it with a great personality. You probably suck all around, user.

get dumbbells, stop being a loser

If you're like me, it's simply this
socially awkward as fuck (not in a cute way) -> no game -> no status or social capital -> dying alone
Only chance of escape is getting enough money for gold diggers

>You probably suck all around, user.
That hits in the feels, user.

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In order of importance:

1. Looks
2. Money
3. Status

Only true 10s need all three though, a good enough scoring in any of the three is enough for most women though. But only looks get a powerful bond with women (especially the face, a Chad face gives you the Halo Effect that's the cheat code for life)...

Look at Trump, he's one of the richest men in America and the highest status as well... but since he looks like a fat baked sweet potato she's always cold with him.

do you work out or going to live life a lazy loser?

I do. I started beginning of this year after a long break. Slowly getting back my gains

Order of importance changes depending on her mood and age.

Older women are more likely to care more about money and status than looks.

"Business & Finance"

Gee, I can't wait to hear opinions about women by Veeky Forums's leading experts in the field.