So, Veeky Forums, i'm unironically going to jail in about a month. My sentence is 03 years locked up...

So, Veeky Forums, i'm unironically going to jail in about a month. My sentence is 03 years locked up, but i should be released in about 02 if i'm a good boy.

I have about 50k $$ in crypto right now - what should i buy to hold during those next years? i mean, i dont really have much choice, and cant really pull out the money (else my prison sentence will be even worse lol, dont trust nobody to hold it for me either).

help a future inmate biz

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I wonder what ironically going to jail would be like.


Whad ya do, user?


Put $1000 on a 10x long on BTC.

good point

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Probably LARPing like that old lady who wanted to go to jail for a day to see what it’s like. Maybe doing some meme crime like spelling out his name with poopoo on a lawn. And probably just a way to mask “give me next 100x coin”

what have you done


that's called wagecucking

wont reveal too much not to be indentified but basically embezzlement with my customer's money (former lawyer)

im in euro btw

That sucks. is embezzlement easy to do?

I would say the absolute safest would be to put it in Eth. You might not moon as hard as the other coins, but it's a huge backbone of crypto and not completely outdated like bitcoin.

ETH!?! He's going away for 3 years. You know how many ETH challengers there are looking to gain traction right now?

jails are not that bad in my country. from what ive seen and heard it's a lot worse in the usa, so im not really worried. will just be bored for a few years, prolly spending my time reading, exercising and taking boring jail classes lul

ya, i was thinking of ether as well, but recently FUD has got my worried. worst thing would be get out of jail in a few years to find im out of money or even the same amount desu.

All in LINK

whatever you buy just dont tell them niggas you a crypto nerd or your ass gonna regret it

70% btc
20% link
10% XLM

Req, link, xcm and nano.

You should put all in COSS. You'd have a fuckton of dividends when you get out, split between a lot of different coins.

You think the rest of us aren't inmates?

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I don't own COSS but this is actually not a bad idea.
Diversification and whatnot.

Put 80% into BTC and 20% in XMR don't listen to these soyboy scammers OP

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50% BTC/or your stable coin of choice

30% those you think that will steadily increase ex monero

20% gamble


All in bitcoin duh, when you get out itll be around 100k a bitcoin

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Literally just BTC no leverage.
There's no way to be sure if 99% of the other projects will even be around in 3 years much less see growth, so it's best to just go with the big boy. Should BTC tank alts will tank anyway, so there's no real point in taking big risks by investing into alts.

This is probably the most important piece of advice anyone on this board will ever give you, OP. Do not let anyone in jail know about your wealth.

Unironically RLC. Good luck in there.


I'd say have fun with your new muslim brothers, but I'm not even sure if they jail them over there

10% EOS (long shot)
30% NEO (good chance but may fail)
35% ADA (best shot and changing smart contracts)
10% XMR
10% ETH
5% BTC

Scoop up some skycoin, friend. paper/brain wallet by default, plus you will have billions of coin hours by the time you get out. and coin hours will have market value by then too, because skywire will be in full swing with hella apps on top as well. hundreds of ICO's are slated to launch on skyledger this year

Veeky Forums unironically

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You will stay poor.

Eos, long shot!
Your gonna be poor!
EOS will have a bigger market cap than eth in 12 months!

Bazingacoin & Confido.

40% BTC, 20% LINK, 20% XMR and 20% ETH.

pretty high chance all alts will tank so i wouldn't go below 40% BTC.

If I went back to 2018 and told them Bitconnect was the world currency, they'd say I'm crazy.

ADA, IOTA, TNB, REQ, BTCP (all will do a solid x10 - x100 in that timeframe) and that idea with the 1k x10 leveraged BTC long was also a good choice.

Why don't you flee the country?

Probably a LARP, but JNT is the correct answer.

The Aryan Brotherhood is run by Jews, they use the racial factor to unite dumb whites to run a crime empire while they simultaneously defile the symbols that were holy for the Germans in their battle for survival.

True evil right there.

LINK/NANO/BTC, even split, you’ll be fine


What country?

EOS (registered)

all in on LINK

god you stupid niggerfaggots never learn

Like the time Hank did it to get Bill out on KOTH



XMR dude

Kek. Triggered EOS bagholders

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madk is that you

> King EOS - long shot
> chinkscamcoin - good chance
> trannycoin - best shot
Dear Diary,
Today user decided to stay poor

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Nexus. Nexus earth. Please don't make the mistake of not investing in it. Do your own research. Please

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Take 5k and put 1k each in smaller cap longer shot coins. My choices would be: Theta, pillar, AdEx, and salt. Take 45k and put 15k in litecoin, Veritaseum, and Omisego.

>the Germans in their battle for survival.
a)Germany only came into existence in the 19th century

>Aryan Brotherhood is run by Jews
>It was originally an irish prison gang that got saturated with retards with KKK leanings from the southern US states. It does not exist in europe
>True evil right there.
is you you fucking stormfront reject

Why didn't you ask for weekends?

OP, if you're still here.
This happened to me in 2011, and I came out a multi-millionaire due to my holdings.
I went in for armed robbery (long story, lol) and got out in 2015.
Didn't even know Bitcoin had increased in value until my cell mate told me about the Gox hack randomly in passing. Thought I'd missed my chance because it was going to never recover, and then over time realised that I was one of the luckiest people on the planet, despite being locked up. I nearly went insane due to not being able to tell anyone that I was getting richer as the days went by.
Anyway, it's not the end of the world and you never know your luck, is what I'm trying to say.

t. 800+ BTC

>40% BTC, 20% LINK, 20% XMR and 20% ETH.
>pretty high chance all alts will tank so i wouldn't go below 40% BTC.
This. Might crash but you're at least as close as guaranteed you can be to have something left, if only 10%. With shitcoins you could be rich but also completely broke.

Do you live in Sydney?

I think I know who you are mate