a coin with a use case... is this real life?

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this could be hugh

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It's the next Signatum! Get in for big gains boys!

Damn, i got around 247 phore will i make it

>Sell whatever you like*.

>*Some restrictions apply. For more information, see our terms and conditions. Illegal items are prohibited.

Why the fuck do I need a blockchain to sell normie shit? What even is the point of a permissioned blockchain?

you can buy and sell with cryptocurrency anonymously, that's why

What happens if you list illgeal stuff? Its blockchain so they can't do take downs right?

"For Beta purposes, Phore requires all products and services to be manually screened and processed before your listings will appear in Phore Marketplace "

dont know what happens after beta tho

What the point if a 3rd party has authority over the marketplace, its supposed to be blockchain decentralized and equal power all over.

"The Phore Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace designed to be used with Phore (PHR). Among the many benefits of using the Phore Marketplace are, Zero listing fees for sellers and fair arbitration for disputes. The marketplace allows for trades to be conducted transparently or privately, and illegal items are restricted and will be filtered out of search capabilities. The marketplace offers a real world use for Phore and we will never collect any data from buyers or sellers."

the point is just selling goods privately, just without the illegal stuff i guess

I think they probably need time to sort legal issues which comes with decentralization. Beta proves they have a working product which is more than 99% of cryptos.

hardly any point, lots of people want private selling for stuff like weapons and drugs, don't see this working if they've got central power to filter this.


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Phore is pronounced like Whore am i right?

>Phore is for poor whores

you could buy goods for your crypto gains without getting exposed to any tax obligations or fiat exchanging though

You are a poor whore if you dont buy Phore


Pajeets are back guys looks like were back in bull


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