Post your chad chin and portfolio value

post your chad chin and portfolio value

solid 90 degree angle, $80k unrealized, $4k in jan 17

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the absolute state of Veeky Forums

school shooter/10

you've got a tumour under your mouth

We have people here who can remove the black, OP. Your Identity will be revealed soon

lmao, that's not a chad chin

You can't remove the black you stupid cunt hahaha

bet you know exactly what chads chin looks like when you spend enough time looking up at it

School shooter starter pack

Jawlines are for women.

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go back

Veeky Forums has really fucked with your sense of reality OP, I'd suggest getting outside more

>remove the black

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no data possible to extract, only compression artifacts revealed when increasing brightness.

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a piece of ai software could piece it together rather accurately

Is OP asking for a tribute?

just kidding fellow autists, I'm removing the black rn

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if i was at my desktop i would photoshop chads eyes into the black

fucking do it

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Chad is safe.

Nice backyard user

where did your gains come from?

werent you the stellar fag who was happy coz lumens was being shilled by cnbc?

Sexy. I'd love to blow my load all over your face and beard.

I found the original version

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reconstructing probable head shape in 3d software rn

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Bitcoin, eth at $40, ltc at $30, dash at $100, monero at $50

user delivers!

>tfw total jawlet
>grow a beard to hide it
>its hidden
>fuck 7-8's regularly.

Eat shit, chad ;)

Next level autism here, I love it.

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fuck, this is harder than I thought, you win this round OP but one time you will stumble upon an autist more powerful than me! mark my words!


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exclusive picture of OP at this very moment

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300k LINK

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>those lips and giant nose

almost clownlike. impressive.


You are aware I can remove these black patches right?

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Wrong. Eyebrow is way off. You just used some of my beard to patch it in.

holy fuck dude you're about to get doxxed


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Fuck. Ok, I'm sorry I doubted you. Please delete.




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5k February 2017

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>wasting good genetics on a "tamiqua."

>having a chin
get the fuck off my board, twinks

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Just a pump and dump mate, not one to baghold

Eh, I don't agree with mindless hedonism, but whatever, not looking to open that can of worms here.

The absolute state of Veeky Forums

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that is not a chad jaw your face is round

thats fucking steve buscemi

fucking hell,

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Nice. Now I can print out the photo and cum on it.


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