Brands that are an investment

What are fashion and car brands which can actually be considered an investment and not just a money sink?

I made some money and wanna start flaunting it a bit, but don't wanna throw it away into highly depreciating shit. Any suggestions?

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80's sports cars ferrari mondial is still undervalued if you get a good deal and clean it up

‘97 Corolla

You basically want cars that other people for one reason or another can't get. For example invitation only supercars may be OK for a quick flip. You can guess future collector models and hodl, or you can dig for underpriced classics and resell. If you're going to drive the car it obviously gets a lot harder to make money from it.

But invitation only supercar would be super expensive I imagine, right? Talking 1 million plus?
Not sure if I'd feel comfortable putting that much money into a car

Not always, goys were doing it with the 911 R last year but porsche got pissed and banned them from the list. If you can get access to these limited releases you should be able to find some safe bets, but if one million makes you uncomfortable I assume you will have to suck some dicks to get an invitation

"street-high fashion" like supremexLV collab and shit like that

that corny shit is going to be looked down on in a couple years time

That shirt is so bad it's ironically good

Does that shirt actually exist? I want one

If this shirt actually exists, I'll buy it and wear to EDC Las Vegas in a couple of months lol

Your suggestion is retarded, in order to be on any exclusive lists you need some porsches already. So in order to get an invite to get the 911R you would need a 918 and probably a couple more in be in a decent spot in line because for the first 300 spots you will get btfo by fags like Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno and all these other fags worth 100s of millions or billions.

The best option is to find a car that you know will be the last of its type/has something unique about it that will raise the price. the 911 R is one example but we've been over the multi million dollar hurdle that is. The SLS AMG is a good example. Discontinuing a car with gullwing doors and an engine that merc said they will not be using anymore has driven the price up.

I suggest a Viper or the SLS but If the sls is too expensive a c63 amg with the 6.2 v8 that is going away(also in the sls iirc but you can grab some of the appreciation from this) or an NSX but they're already overpriced rn from what i see.

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mercedes evo 2

The pepe doll.

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Wasting money is the point of status symbols. There is nothing impressive about buying something as an investment. What makes the panties drop is when you can drop tons of money on crap like bespoke clothing that is literally worthless to anyone other than yourself.


It is merely one example and not retarded, the entire foundation of this particular scam is securing that place in line then selling to those who could not access it. I get that it is difficult, if it wasn't there would be no money in it. The lite version would be the model 3 where people will still pay above market because they didn't preorder and don't want to wait. Anyway I listed speculation as well which is fine and you are right far more viable for nearly everyone

90's jdm cars

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Good luck with that. The only kind of car that will appreciate after buying are the super rare cars, like from the 30's, and they have to be in impeccable shape, and housed correctly, I highly doubt any of the NEETS here can afford properly heated/cooled garages and mechanics to keep the thing in tip top shape. You'd have to find a insanely rare barn find, and put a small mountain of money into it to restore it by professionals to get your money back on the collector's circuit.

Basically, any car any NEET on here can afford to buy is going to lose value the second he gets in it.

Throw in the fact that the collector's market has been going down now that all the boomers are trying to sell their toys for retirement, or their kids are selling them because they're dead, and you're looking at a good way to lose money, real fast.

Cars and boats are THE worst investment you can make.

Adidas right now 2bh.

63 corvette stingray

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2003 Ferarri Enzo.

Price 2003:$659,000

Well that is ridiculous, there are plenty of cars that for one reason or another have appreciated which are not from the fucking 30s. I do agree overall terrible investment and for me not worth the effort, even to flaunt money there are easier ways. When it comes to cars the best thing to do in my opinion is to find something cheap, clean and reliable that has bottomed out, but I don't give a shit about appearing rich.

Interesting example. In this case the enzo is maybe in the realm of breaking even against opportunity cost on a traditional 'safe' investment. On the plus side you get to tell people you own an enzo rather than x amount in the bank, on the other hand you will merely be accused of larping if it isn't parked in your ample living room. Seems like a heavy bag to have been hodling all that time if the plan was to make money.

Something like the mclaren f1 I think has mooned 20x

Rolex and patek Philippe
Some of the best roi by far.

buick grand national for under 10k is probly a good investment

this is correct

Mid 1990s to early 2000s jdm's are at the bottom of there bell curves for value. Clean examples are only going to go up. For status symbols? Ferrari 360's and 430's with shields, manual trans, and daytona seats hold value and with probably go up.