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Guys... Bitcoin takes too long.. not even close to instant transactions, huge problem here.. transactions MUST be instant, there is no discussion here. If BCH can really achieve this, then I'm passing over to BCH which I have never used... Is BCH instant? Can anyone confirm?

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skycoin is instant

it takes longer for TCP/IP to transmit the data than it does for skycoin to confirm the blocks. Skycoin will be even faster running over skywire, since skywire reduces latency compared to TCP/IP protocol

Fuck off Btrash shill

BCH is slightly better than Bitcoin, but they're both slow. ETH and LTC take about 10-15 minutes to send from one exchange to another. XRP is fast.

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fuck yeah, bch is taking over sooner you get in the better, fuck core and their shit coin

Fuck off Shlomo. BCH is instant for all intents and purposes. There is no need for your jew token.

Don't lie. BCH is nowhere near instant. ETH and LTC are faster than BCH.

>Guys... Bitcoin takes too long.. not even close to instant transactions, huge problem here.. transactions MUST be instant, there is no discussion here.

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I like it with POT
>cheap AS
>faster than BTC


Supposedly bch is going to scale to 50k ts/s by next year. Of course nano is fast and free. Visa handles 5k ts/s and nano can handle 7k ts/s

And lightning network is coming to btc as well

How does BCH plan to scale to 50k ts/s?

By increasing blocksize infinitely.

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even if it takes 1 hour, the transactions are settled immediatly, while when you pay with a card the funds are not immediatly available. Bitcoin cash allows 0 conf transactions which are safe for small amounts but the money is only available in the next block. It's not a problem at all since waiting 10-20 minutes are not long and if you're paying for coffee you can go 0 conf

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Is there a way for people to game the system by "paying" for a coffee and then revoking the transaction a few seconds later? Or would something like that require 51% of the hash power?

Nano is as close as you'll get to being instant and it's has zero transaction fees

>He hasn't heard of 0conf which only BCH can do

Bitcoin Cash is king

Ark is pretty much instant.

Bitcoin people at Satoshi Conference, its all over now

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I've heard of it. I was just wondering how secure it is. If it's secure then I'm surprised more coins dont also do it.

>Can anyone confirm?
give me ten minutes and i will confirm this for you

but Vechain or Eth or Neo or Xlm

Coz digital fiat will make anything but bitcoin worthless someday

afaik it would require the next block to be mined by a malicious miner who is colluding with coffee buyers
plus, no miner can be certain they will mine the next block, so they can never guarantee they will be able to steal this
so the bet is that no miner will bother being malicious in this way for the sake of 10% chance of stealing coffee money

plus, the coffee shop will know ten minutes later that you double spent, which is of course the same as theft

in short, it's very unlikely a miner would waste this effort for a small payment such as a few tens of dollars or more. But if you're selling a car or a house you will want to wait for a couple of confirmations.

Thanks for the QRD.

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I read QRD as "where are you bound for and where are you from?" kek

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>Is BCH instant? Can anyone confirm?
Currently can be trusted at 1-3 seconds. In the future it will be trustable in 500 ms.

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>Is there a way for people to game the system by "paying" for a coffee and then revoking the transaction a few seconds later?
Yes by bribing miners. There would be no way to know when this would work but its success rate would be equal to the hashrate of the bribed miners. However Peter Rizun covered this in his talk at the Satoshi's Vision Conference. Basically if you add pre-confirmation verification with hashes that don't quite have enough zeros to solve the block but have enough zeros to be close then you add the information onto the blockchain required to do a statistical analysis to see if the block was mined honestly or not. So currently you can only game the system by bribing miners for particular transactions.

BCH has the exact same block times as BTC. If you can't even google that info, you really don't have any business investing at all.

BCH wants to enable 0-conf. BTC is currently developing LN.

cash is just btc with bigger blocks
its not instant
it has same problems as btc
its not scaleable to anything other than a bunch of autists sending their shitcoins to exchange and back
Roger, buy a real coin

BCH took me over 2h yesterday for one transaction

BTC and BCH both have slow transactions.

They both try to solve it by centralization.

Can someone redpill me on why you'd ever need to wait more than 1 confirmation? It seems fucking pointless waiting for more for all except the largest purchases (car/house) but even then if the payment doesn't go through then those contracts are unfulfilled so there's no risk anyway.

I think Bitcoin Cash has an extremely bright future, I'm 100% in desu.

Sending BCH to bitfinex and waiting for 12 confirmations is Bitfinex's fault, not Bitcoin Cash's you retard.

today I will remind them.
(bch is shit too)

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BTC used to have it until the retarded blockstream development team removed it

it is safe unless someone takes over majority mining power and redirects the transaction. so essentially it's safe for all transactions under 200000 USD