Making it

I figured out what I want to do, navigate the terrain of North America on one of the most advanced pieces of machinery our species has created a 2018 Africa twin, pic related.

A friend gave me an old shit motorcycle and riding it has chenged the way I think. I know the risk I have seen pictures of motorcycle crashes. I have never felt as good as when I step off that bike after a short ride.

If I cash out half my Blockfolio that is 12k enough to buy a 2018 Africa twin. That leaves 12k to live for awhile while traveling North America. I'm planning on letting my crypto gain more value but I could cash out now and live my version of "making it" for at least a year and the idea is intoxicating.

I plan to let my crypto gain value for awhile longer but this recent change of mind has validated me in the idea that I have officially "made it" considering my expectations from life I hope. I hope all of you anons can feel what I feel right now eventually.

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Yeah, spend half your net worth on a brand new motorcyle, you fucking idiot. What's wrong with riding the shit motorcycle across the country?

And when you're done riding, you'll have nothing but a shitty used motorcycle.

Alternatively, use the money to get some IT skills and certs. Get a remote job. Bring a laptop with you and work from anywhere making six figures.

What IT certs would allow this?

Not street legal and It couldn't make it. I can always get a much cheaper motorcycle but the Africa twin is assuming I see 10x-100x gains from my current crypto holdings, pic related.

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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Anything that would bump you to a sr systems engineer or a sr network engineer. Both are in high demand and allow working remotely. Search for some of those jobs on indeed or monster and see the kind of qualifications they require.

is it worth getting IT certs without having a degree?

Do you mean System Administrator? Systems engineers seems to require an actual 4 year degree...

That's nice idea but it's a lot of work. My current weed induced delusions don't want to consider things like that.

where the fuck can i get a remote IT job

sign me the fuck up right now

via con dios, motorcycle brainlet
make sure to fill out your donor card

Already an organ donor, and like I said I know the risks.

>Do you mean System Administrator? Systems engineers seems to require an actual 4 year degree...

I'm a Sr. Systems Engineer and am a high school dropout.

Explain please?

The problem is you wouldnt know how to do shit, train for 6 months and go out there and kill the interviews

I don't know what to explain. I worked my ass off from a tier 1 phone jockey on a help desk to where I am today. It is very doable.

Fucking do it OP.

Life is always a trade off between the now and the future. The thing is you will only get older in the future. Creating and having good experiences when you are young and living the life you want is better than having money when your old

Have a Ducati multistrada. Was thinking of doing same thing. I'm not in crypto. Would you be camping or staying in hotels?

Probably a mix of both but mostly camping assuming i do it with current resources.

That's what I mean. The process of how you got to where you are now.

If I get even a 5x from what I have now it's tempting. I'm too much of a pussy, degenerate, to let go of what could potentially be so much.

How the fuck is 24k your idea of making it? Delete cuckfolio and get a fucking job user

It can buy a feeling that feels like making it for at least 1 year. That's pretty significant considering my wealth before crypto.

motorbikes fucking sucks. nobody likes riding them. too weather dependant, also long rides takes tall on your body. very uncomfortable.

one does not simply earn six figures with an "it cert"

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Jesus...please, what certs did you get? I plan to get the comptia trifecta which is the A+, NET+, SEC+, and try to get a helpdesk job for 1 year or so...what do I do next? What certs?

Do it bro, im from Argentina and i was going to do the same but with a 125cc, it's a comfy bike to go at 90km/h while enjoying the ride i know tons of people who have done it

But i lost all my fucking money in ZCL/BTCP, i manage to turn $600 into $5K and i didn't cash out and now im fucked, i was planning to buy the motorbike and camping equipment, now im not going to be able bc im studying and minimun wagecuck here is $200usd, i got JUST in the worst way, my dreams crushed to the grouund kek

i envy IT people i tried getting into programming stuff but i don't like that at all, im studying mechanical engineering and i hope i can find work abroad as IT people do

You retarded. You could be a millionaire in a couple years then you can putter around Africa on a dirt bike until your balls fall off.

Id say theres a fifty fifty chamce crypto rocovers in the next few mo th so thaat seems like a solid plan. Also get gud at sucking dick incase you lose everything

Have you considered a job user?

I have a job.

BEtter off to get good with a gun don't you think?

Oh OK, well just delete cuckfolio and save up from cucking. If crypto crashes you will have lost money that you have a hope of and are already on your way to saving again, you can still live your small dream user. If you do take the trip, and we moon again, you will have lost money you might never be able to save again.

I focused on Virtualization, so beyond basics like the Win2012 MCSA, i went the VMware route to start, and branched out into Azure and AWS. I have no networking skills.

I mean, I do in the sense that I can tell the network engineer that I need this interface as an access port, this interface trunked with these vlans, and these two interfaces on these two switches in a port channel, but I can't do it myself without copy-pasting commands from google.

From the help desk I volunteered for projects on the project team (MSP) and worked my ass off. Completing projects got me more projects. Completing simple projects got me more complex projects. Eventually I was taken onto the professional services team full time as a tier 2. Then I kept working my ass off and got Sr. Now I'm in my late 20s, a high school dropout, with a few certs under my belt, and making six figures.

Land of opportunity, man. Just be white and not lazy.

Also, once you get some basic IT skills, don't be afraid to take on work that you've never done before. No one knows wtf they're doing. You just have to be the guy that pretends he does, and then google shit you don't know along the way. This way you not only complete the work, but learn the shit as you go, and have to google less next time.

Exactly what certs did you get? Thank you so much for the help btw

My current plan is follows: A+, NET+, SEC+, MCSA...what next?

Also my plan in terms of job progression is this: IT helpdesk, Junior System Admin, System Admin

Going my exact route isn't going to help you. Every tech marcket is different. I got to about $80k/yr with 0 certs. Then I got certs out of necessity. So my company could sell projects saying "We have an engineer certified in X, giving us a professional partnership with X."

If you want my exact ones, and again DO NOT copy mine exactly, they in themselves will be useless. You need to learn your market and get what is needed.

Mine are:

MCSA Win2012
Netapp Certified Data Administrator
AWS certified solutions architect

Drive is a big thing. I like virtualization. It gets me hard. If it doesn't get you hard, no point in going down this path. There are plenty of other ones.

If you like networking, go the cisco route. One of the engineers i leverage regularly has 0 systems skills. He has, i think, two CCNAs. Switches and the security one, and he has the security CCNP.

Between those three certs he's sitting comfy at 125k/yr.

But also certs mean jack shit if you're shit at what you do. The company I work for has hired a few people with certs out the ass, and once they started the job it came to light that they probably passed all the tests using braindumps. We have SysEng 1s with multiple certs making 40k because their skills just aren't Sr level, and we have a Sr Sys Eng with 0 certs making 85k. If he had certs he'd probably be 100k+, though.

Do you think this is a good route atm? I first want to become a junior system admin and eventually a regular system admin. From there I might go for AWS or systems engineering.

That is a great route to get your foot in the door. It's well rounded. When first looking for jobs, unless you want to get in at the absolute bottom of the ladder, certs are important. Your resume goes to the recruiter or HR first. They don't know shit about shit except "high cert count = good." Once you get past the hurdle of HR/recruiter, you interview with the hiring manager. That's where actually knowing your shit comes into play. Once you have a foothold in IT and have experience in X position through being promoted into it, you can get that exact position elsewhere without having supporting certs, or even a slightly higher position without supporting certs, because you've shown you have the skills for your current position.

Thank you so much for the help user.

Np user. When you feel down or overwhelmed, remember that no one knows shit and everyone is faking it. If we weren't, we'd all be multi-millionaire CEOs, but instead we're upper middle class working IT for six figures. Market yourself well.

OP, follow your dream

Don't listen to the depressed bitter fucks of Veeky Forums, experience your dream and don't pile up another regret to carry on for your entire life, you only get to live once might as well enjoy it

Fuck off lame AWS junior faggot with your offtopic lame ass advice I'm in the same business and can smell a bullshitter a mile away, this ain't your passion I've seen faggots like you optimise their way to a job but they will always suck, you'll never learn a topic on your own at 2AM monday night cause that's just not your normie self, be glad the world is dumber in general and you get a job. Now back to topic. OP do it, it will be best experience ever.. I'm also on advrider and got an older oilhead GS, can't wait to ride once the weather clears uo a bit!

Fuck N. America, go somewhere tropical where your nut will be

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>I'm planning on letting my crypto gain more value
>I plan to let my crypto gain value for awhile longer
Crypto is bleeding right now. What are you in that is gaining value?

user... I have been riding motorcycles since I was 3 years old. Yes I rode a motorcycle before a bicycle. My advice to you is to go to South East Asia with a atm card full of $$$ ... Rent a 125 honda scooter for between $3-6 a day depending on where you are and go backpacking and fuck everything you see. Smoke dope, drink booze, eat amazing food, party hard and get to ride in some absolutely beautiful scenery outside of the cities) ... I currently ride a BMW R1150 GS ... the last of the all metal off roaders. Have you got any idea how difficult these machines are to handle on anything other than paved roads? Ever tried to pick one up by yourself after you drop it? And you will drop it.. I can assure you. Go have fun on the little ones. I actually prefer a Honda RS 125 from Indonesia.. pref 2015 model as the little plastic bucket under the handle bars fits a 750 ml Bintang perfectly..

I ride this same bike as well. Can agree about lifting it offroad - you will soon find yourself in a situation where this can't be done without help even with proper technique. And these boxers are less top heavy and have big jugs sticking out preventing a flat side lean, it will only be more difficult on an Africa. I'd still would get something more fun than a honda.. maybe adventurized exc 530.. but thats just me