Passive income?

Shill me best coin for passive income? Neo, Coss, KCS or something else?

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Escro and gincoin

>50 cents/token

COSS is what I use for the income coin.

How much COSS you have to make it worth it?

Never heard of them, would you choose them over COSS?

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neo and coss but im not sure if coss could hit the big one considering the massive amount of volume that the bigger exchanges keep for themselves


Depends how long you hold it. It's pretty low/crappy right now, but 25k coins or so should pay out pretty well EOY.



10-15% ROI for stakers, more if you're $$$juicy$$$ enough to own a servicenode.

Some nodes of other projects offer higher ROI %, but few actually offer legit services to sustain or increase the value of the token/coin involved.

Plus the future will bring TX fees from the DEX and other future microservices that run across the Blocknet protocol. Not to mention the obvious upwards price movement of BLOCK tokens along the course of these features coming together.

And the biggest selling point? You never fucking hear about it on Veeky Forums. A clear BUY signal, because as we know, everyone here is too retarded to invest in anything decent.



Look up powh

add .cc on the end..... and it has doubled my investment in like two weeks lol

Snowgem, a zk-snarks masternode coin. Early masternode operators get around 300% roi

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These are my two biggest investments, money and time wise into researching.
These ICOs I think are significantly better than the competitors and the shitty ones released in the past that went x10 or more
when they shouldn't have. Both of these will pay some sort of return over time; which is a very big factor in me choosing them as crypto bull runs are about over and sound investments that you get into early will take their place.

#1 KRI KriosCoin
DYOR (Do Your Own Research) but TL;DR version:
>Buyable with PayPal (Even credit card)
>10 cents a token on exchange launch on April 16th
>Marketing platform that is expected to do well/Has Silicon Valley partnership confirmed
Coupon Code MW10 gets you 10% bonus coins on purchase

#2 LocalCoinSwap
(Use my link to help out user)
DYOR (Do Your Own Research)
>New exchange that allows direct trading of ANY cryptocurrency
>No verifications or restrictions
>100% of profits distributed to users through the blockchain
>will get airdrops of each ICO that hits this exchange
>Airdrops of new coins for LCS hodlers based on the amount you hold
>Pre-ICO at the moment

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Ethlend ($LEND). Lend cryptos, get profit. Easy af. Soon they'll update the UI, so get in because now is cheap, like 700 sats. You're welcome.


10% staking rewards per annum and more importantly it will still be around in 5 years and be used.

Enterprise platform coin like NEO, closest to STRATIS in concept.

i dont get how those are legally going to pass whatsoever

I've got coss and kcs. Thinking of doubling down on coss cause it's so cheap atm. It's high risk but high reward long term. If it takes off I retire and live off of fee distribution.

Neo, Coss, and ARK are my 3 favorite.

I'm thinking of selling some of my TRTL for COSS. I mined like 25 MM TRTL and have just been holding, might as well trade it for a solid coin like COSS I think :)

Probably Payfair or Minexcoin


Came here to post that. I've got 1/5 of a service node with mates. One of them has enough for 2. Going for full kike money changer.

GVT, alpha coming soon

I mine trtl on my old ass gaming pc, only do a thousand or so a day. Hoping it'll take off at some point. Shit I'd be happy if trtl hit 10 cents. 25mm is nuts. What's your mining setup like?

Qtum pos

I'm sitting comfy at 10k Coss, but I know I'll be waiting a while for them to really start going and begin their advertisement campaign. One other thing that is barely ever mentioned about Coss is that holders of the token will also receive fee splits from other Coss projects that are unrelated to the exchange

ERZ. Lock-In gives .10% to 2.5% a day with an early release option for a penalty (30%) but has been workjng out great.

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Request Network (REQ)

Token burn will reduce supply over time Black Block Research estimated that it will give a passive income YoY between 8 and 50% (quite a range, i know) starting from March 31 2018.

how many to own a node

Neo, COSS, KCS and something else

NAVcoin i like

I've got an incredible coin for passive income, but new Veeky Forums doesn't deserve it. Would have shared it about 5 months ago, but you're all just a bunch of cocksuckers.

Holy fuck, I never looked into COSS. From reddit:
The COSS coin gives you a fee split for half of all the fees collected on the exchange. So all the money made by the exchange is split among the token holders.

There is a spreadsheet that shows the payouts and the volumes required on the subreddit /r/cossio.

Currently the payout is around $20 for 25k coss tokens. But the exchange volume JUST broke 20mil weekly volume for the first time.

When the exchange is handling 100mil+ in volume (could be as soon as a few weeks, Kucoin saw 100mil volume very quickly) the fee split will be in the hundreds or thousands for 25k coss.

Weekly, that is awesome.

This gem could be giving you passive income every week.

COSS has new trading promos lined up and new coins to be added as well.

UI/UX is being upgraded within a week and will have a whole new face lift.

This is probably the best gem to get into. Its not just a trading play, but if the exchange handles volume, the token will increase in price, AND you'll have money coming in weekly.

KCS is at $20.

BNB is at $20

COSS is at $1.35. (if coss hits $15 dollars, the payout would be in the thousands per week).

Does bitconnect still work?

Yeah - but you can only buy Herbal Life with it now

Unironicaly, this. Passive income out of a real world usecase. 10/10 Business plan and execution.

Yes, try powh.

invest in a project that does invoice factoring.
Profit for 2-3 % / a month.

Either buy PPP or ppt. First one is still cheaper.