Why couldn't I have found crypto a year earlier

Why couldn't I have found crypto a year earlier

This world is too cruel

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crypto finds you when youre ready for it

:’^) truer and comfier words have never been said. I’m glad I’m here now. You can still make the LINK train user and people are still making good money trading.

Lol knew about crypto for 3+ years and invested 4 months ago.

You would have panic sold on any of the previous dips so why is this one different. You wouldn't have survived gox.

you can still make it if you go all in on tfd. its so cheap atm

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You would've just gotten just'd like everyone else in January

This. Just buy dips as normal and eventually there will be new highs, there always is

speak for yourself.

there's always a person that buy and a person that sold in every trade.

kys faggot

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I know about crypto since early 2010 but only invested in november.
Sometimes I wonder if I even deserve to make it.

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Stop whining like a faggot and just take advantage of the opportunity to short everything.

This is the golden era to buy everything for cheap and you're bitching?!

Same here. I bought Bitcoin when it was less than $50 just so I could purchase shit from silk road. I never even expected shit to turn out like this.

niggers this is only the beginning if you think it's over and panick now you wouldve sold every fucking year before don't be fucking retarded buy as much as you can now and wait

I didn't buy BTC at $400 because I thought I'd be FOMO'ing and wouldn't make any money

>Buy now
This bear market isn't over, unless you're swing trading on the way down don't buy anything until its at least under $5k.

I'm thinking really long term on this. I'm just buying and buying and buying any project that looks solid in the very long term (EOS is my biggest share of my portfolio).

I've known about crypto for a while. Even could have bought in with $1500 in late 2016, but I bought silver instead because... well I just fucked up really really bad. Haunts me every day. That's what I get for listening to boomers. I know your pain, but we can still make it. This isn't some gimmick that's gonna disappear, it's the future and we're still way ahead of most people. I honestly have no idea what it feels like to moon or make any kind of gains at all, but I hope to experience it soon. Good luck user.

Missing trades is commonplace. If this experience impacts your mental or emotional ability to trade, then you should not be trading.

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I first heard of bitcoin when it was still under $1, but thought of it as just magic internet beans... my dumb reasoning at the time was, "why the fuck would anyone want to use this when we already have PayPal?"
Then when I saw it breaking $70 in 2013 I thought it was already too late and I'd be FOMOing in.
Was one step from pushing the button around Aug 2015 at the ATL post-Mt Gox crash, but pussied out because I was afraid governments and banks would shut it down soon.
Then I seriously considered going in again around Nov 2016, but once again I thought it was already too late and I'd be FOMOing in.
Finally, in early Nov 2017 I said fuck it and went in YOLO mode.

We can only hope, user.

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You're late to the party... there is no hope for you. I strongly encourage you download the "INBOXDOLLARS" app on your phone and wagecuck untill you 65. God bless you user