Why is TRX mooning again?

Testnet release? Worth getting in, anons?

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biz hates trx

as a Veeky Forumsraeli I must tell you to go fuck yourself for talking about TRX.

as an investor, currently eyeing TRX fuck around with it's 2 day support line, I can tell you rn that this shit is going to have a 40 day moon that even Veeky Forums will be pissed about.

just buy the dip user srsly.

Btw the last time trx had a jump (like 5 days ago from 4800 sats to 7200 sats, it took 60 hours to takeoff again to 10000.

We are at hour 49

No it isn't. And hell to the no.


2x in a bear market

>hurrr not a moon hurrrrrr

trx was fantastic for day trading.
probably why biz didn't like it.

>ignores price here
>almost fomos here
>finally buys here "IS THIS A GOOD BUY Veeky Forums???"

Never. Fucking. Change.

I've been hodling in TRX all week. I'm waiting for that testnet. Nothing can make me sell.

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TRX is the only coin with a market cap over 1 billion and a weekly graph trending in an upward direction.

Upward direction???

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Because trx has strong fundamentals, this generations Steve Jobs at the helm, and 500+ strong team behind it across the globe. It don't get any more real than TRX. Compare with a shitcoin like link lol, no contest, TRX wins hands down.

You believe February is part of this week.

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Seriously, I heard it's the next Bitcoin /s

No, that would be Qtum.

I could not give a fuck less what happens to it. I'm joining a pump and dump.

>this generations Steve Jobs

Stopped reading there, holy fuck.

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I am convinced money is funneling back between TRON and OCN. OCN will be the new TRON. Prove me wrong.

Priced in. TRX can only dump from here

I'm putting alot of my money into ocn... it's my project coin for making money atm. I hope for some nice results by may/june. Holding 5900 coins atm

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Have you even looked at the numbers?

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