How to make money in this bear market

This thing hovers around 200 ETH in volume. Wait for it to hit 400+. Then make five or six 10% gain trades to grow your stack. Simple as all hell. Made several thousand this week alone. It gets crazy volatile, but easy to set limits and come out on top.

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Veeky Forums, Veeky Forums. Always rejecting money.

im holding this got 10k in should make me a billionaire soon

unless you're planning to buy high and sell low, biz isn't interested.

Unbelievable right? This thing jumps between 0.001900 and 0.002500 several times per day when volume is high. Easiest money ever.

Nice try pajeet

I'm not even shilling the coin, I dont care if you hold it at all.

So basically buy now, volumen is superior to 400

You could buy now, my buy order is at 0.00200. Set a sell order for 0.002400.

Or set alerts for the way up and watch it.

Yeah, I think they get too emotionally attached to shit over here.

i caught that bump yesterday and today. lucky i was chart watching. the volume is always low on Binance

honestly thank you.

easy 7-9% flips, and you double your money every 9 trades.

Unreal. plus the actual price is increasing and won't get trapped.

You are welcome, user. I had one piece of information to give Veeky Forums and this was it.

Dont believe me? Set two blockfolio alerts at 0.00200 and 0.002400.

literally amazing. This is better than waiting for a random PnD.

And it does this 3-4 days per week.

It started

It has been going all day. 10-20% jumps. Just stay patient. If you miss one day, just hold off on buying and selling and catch the next round.

Fuck I bought and it dumped down

Set a sell order at 0.002400 and go to sleep.

Done. Thanks user. May Huge gains come your way.

Huh so a biz pageet dumped his bags on you. Who could have guessed

Back at you. Rinse and repeat. Again, I expect it to hit 0.001900 several more times so dont flip your shit when that happens and you didnt get your sell.

How do you guess the selling point? What If it goes to 0.00239 and goes back down

what did we do to deserve this incredible opportunity

I have just been following it for several weeks and routinely check the 24 hr high and low.

OG RLC swing-trader here user. Sharing this sort of stuff with /biz is distasteful, please refrain from doing so in future

I will never make a thread on this again.

>implying Veeky Forums affects the market
>implying Veeky Forums has enough capital to negatively impact your "secret" coin strat

kys selfish faggot

thank you and pls don't be such a spineless cuck. You did the right thing sharing this.

Really just doing my own persuasion tactics there there. But you are welcome.

Go fuck yourself

This user Doing the lord's work

Appreciate the heads up but i agree with Let the normies that now fill Veeky Forums with their autism fend for themselves.

RLC is also a great long term hold, one of the best projects in crypto.

The best part about is this one day you will wake up to 200% gains, IF you are holding at that time. Better hope you're right that it'll dip after you sell.

nobody wants a fucking hodl rn it's a bear market.

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What exchange do you guys buy your iexec on?

Sincerely appreciated user

Do you pretty much sell when the rsi reaches 70 or so?

Delet this

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I invest in RLC but can't take advantage of the random swings as I work a lot.

How long do I have to accumulate normally though? May is when it moons, right?

Whats it look lile with ETH? Is the volume change similar to where you could do this with RLC/ETH?