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i'm losing a shitload by the day, sorry don't want to get into it

i was rich and now I'm not user :(

its okay my son...everyone loses once
it will be okay

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I moved my BNB into AMB today. Now I'm worried that there won't be any news released if the market goes to shit tomorrow and I'll have to hold these fucking bags for longer

money comes and goes
another opportunity will arise
you will become a rich man again

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5x short at 8.6

All in BCH

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Everybody thinking the world will end tomorrow.

10x long BITCOIN

interesting man....i dig your style

are you confident this will go well? (i dont mean this in a condescending manner)

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unironically ironically all in on TRX aka shitcoin.

All in short Bitcoin 25x since 16000

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I want to believe

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5x long on xrp. last week of the month will see it go to 8500 sats, then 13k in couple of weeks after that.

I put 18k usd into NANO the last 3 days.

This is make or break for me. It seem like it's about to bounce. I was at 60k usd in Jan. and I'm trying to get back to half of where I was.

Shorted in BTC x5 when it was at 7,500, convinced it would tank. I was happy until it bounced out of 7,200 and was fearing liquidation at 9,200 when I was 20K underwater.

Glad I held on, in a few days I will be up $20k. BELIEVE IT!

Zoom out on that chart and on the bitcoin chart and ask yourself:
a) is Daddy really done shitting the bed?
b) will even the most ardent nanoboys not fold like bitches when he does?

Godspeed friend

I'm okay if it dips more and then bounces with BTC. It just looks like it is about to move. Stop loss @ 75ksats

Ballsy. No one is signaling in the order books so I'm guessing you had to snipe upward. I've been too chickenshit to get in since between news events it tends to stagnate

that to have been a shitty few days. how did u not get liquidated u had to have been over?

bull divergence on RSI. BOLL getting super tight.

R:R is pretty good so I said fuck it. My principals out so house money playing now.

I learned to keep some fiat when I leverage in because a few times I had been in another coin and when BTC and that coin both had a minor dip I got liquidated.

I don't do any calculations (yet) but I have to make sure I have enough fiat to make sure that if the price corrects 30% by bouncing off of a key support or resistance I don't get proper fucked.

Eh, you got me. Just threw in a bitcoin for the hell of it

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>tfw 1 btc of NANO laying around since last month

fuck me in the ass

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You'll be smiling again soon enough (though perhaps never as brightly as in late December). Nano is brilliant but the king is still the king for better or worse

I.i put everything into XTCC... Currently 280k in

It will be ok right?
please willy, he's breathing is getting more and more shallow

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I just made my first crypto impulse purchase. How do I prevent this from happening again?