Who /sipandtrade/ here?

Who /sipandtrade/ here?

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>drinking the sugary jew and not concentrated cold brew

I mixed a zero ultra with vodka last night and I couldn't sleep the whole night my heart was beating out my chest and I was sweating buckets I had to pop a benzo to chill out at 7AM.

Fuck that shit.

this meme fucking sucks please stop posting it

Siplet detected.

No one drinks this shit except white trash neets

I'm depressed, so I'm having my first sip after months without. I'm falling off the wagon, boys.

might kill me...

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only fucking losers actually drink energy drinks.

Fresh roasted coffee with sugar and a splash of creamer is where it's at.

>not drinking your coffee black

What the fuck is the point?

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/sipandtrader/ here. I only drink white.

Welcome to the Veeky Forums demographic

fucking water is where it's at.
enjoy way-premature death by heart disease, user.



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>black coffee
Boomers detected

Do you also dump soy in your coffee?

I used to drink black coffee in late teens/early 20s. Thought I was pretty fucking cool and mature. Then I realized it tastes better with creamer. I don't fuck with sugar though. Maybe that's the next step.

>putting sugar in your coffee

kys Amerilard

>his europoor country cant afford sugar

You're literally worse than the non zero sippers, black coffee or nothing

I drink tea

>not including the two best flavors
orange and purple

zero sugar, zero calories

I sip before shilling LINK and day trading

hello sip brother

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95% of biz is that exact demographic

still has carbs you dumbfuck

>coffee with sugar

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Veeky Forums needs to leave

/black/ master race