What do people who are born rich and famous do all day...

What do people who are born rich and famous do all day? like you would basically see and do everything in 5 or 6 years whats a 35 year old rich A lister do to kill time. hate to say it but it seems boring

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A lot of drugs and private parties.

>seems boring

Wageslaving is much more boring.

Boring? God you are retarded.

They do whatever they fucking want. Bang rich stacies all day.

They travel, do cocaine, and do a lot of bullshit things to keep themselves busy during the day. They also might be forced by their parents to take some dainty part-time job or risk getting cut off. Then when they hit their 30s they either start their own business or turn into full blown alcoholics.

Being rich can give you a sense of entitlement and security. Not having to worry about money at all where you can go buy a yacht and not have to check your bank account would be an amazing feeling.

Thousands of scenario's for how and where people are born and raised. It's the ultimate random jackpot if you're born into a royal family and it's the ultimate fuck my life when you're born to meth addicts who live in a trailer park.

>life seems boring without menial tasks I don't actually want to do but tell myself I do
You wagies fucking DISGUST me


A lot of them run unprofitable businesses, do art, or work in existing businesses their family owns.

Basically, whatever the fuck they want, all the time. A lot of us have trouble picturing it, and it's probably a good thing, because we'd off ourselves if we were able to.

>chance of being born: 1 in a billion quadrillion
>chance of being born rich: 1 in a trillion quadrillion
holy shit guys i have the worst luck in the universe

plus you're probably white and american, all you have to do is try and you'll make it. (yes I am white american and poor too)

Maybe 20 years ago

If I were rich I'd buy an office and hang around there all day acting like I'm doing something when in reality I'd just be shit posting on Veeky Forums and playing old video games

Basically they just do whatever they feel like doing. They don’t have any obligations. There’s a big mcmansion next to my apartment that was built literally just for one trustfund kid. All they do is drive around in their porsche and occasionally get retarded with loud music alcohol and drugs. I think it takes a certain kind of person to live like that and not get bored of it, I mean someone who doesn’t really require a sense of purpose or meaning.

There’s really no difficulty imagining it, it’s just that most people are grown ups and don’t give a fuck, and soldier on while being thankful for what they do have rather than mourning what they don’t.

Not hard to picture if you're a NEET

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This. Even the upper middle class is getting fucked over these days. It's a clear sign that shit is about to hit the fan.

I have an online business that runs itself and make a decent living. So I just spend most of my time travelling and sailing. It does get boring often, especially since none of my friends have my schedule and I’m usually alone.
However, I still remember how I was a lot happier and social with my low level tech support job. I was connected with more people, was around girls, and was invited to parties and outings. I would have worked there my whole life but the company moved to the US.

In a way, but what I meant is that even though we can picture it, I don't think we can fully realize what it's really like, or at least I feel like I don't since the disconnect with my current reality is just too big.

They go around and live, have experiences wagies will never have. There's a lot to see and do in the world and 99% of us are only limited by cash. I personally have a shitload of projects and activities I'd love to do that would take decades, but I'd need to be a funded NEET, which essentially is what a rich kid is.

Being a rich kid is mostly like being a NEET minus the depression. Its wonderful.

NEETs dont have money they just have time, which they can turn into whatever they want but its usually instant gratification

But this is a NEET's final form. Not only do they have infinite time on their hands but the money to sustain it. If you're telling me you'd rather work your shitty job then you're too far gone.

Life was better when I had nothing but women force u you to get a good job cause to get quality u need money. Fuck this women run society.

Well if you want a purpose why dont you teach us how you made it ? Then we can both go sailing together in both pur yachts :)

Buy champagne and get private flights while posting on instagram

Unless you are (((then))), then your favourite hobby is destabilising and destroying white nations

that might be a good thing.
richfags with a "sense of meaning" are basically trump or soros

this is why the rich get into child sex and ritual sacrifice and shit

What kind of online business? I'm setting up something right now but it's a hell of a lot of effort and honestly dropshipping or something seems easier.

>...but the company moved to the US.
I hate it when big companies take our good european jobs and outsource them to third world shitholes.

>the good life seems boring

this is how wagecucks cope top kek

US> whatever shit country you live in faggot