Less than a week ago, if you had 75k LINK, you were a top 500 holder in the world. No longer.

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With all the Fudding of link, why isn't the price tanking harder??? But there's no way mainet will be out anytime soon. Rory confirmed consensus and validation codes are NOT done. Code, beta, audit, review.... looking more like at least late Q2/Q3

I have a PhD in crypto economics and mathematics. Crypto incentives in Chainlink are a legitimate concern. I saw Ari Juels speak at a conference recently where he mentioned tokens and asked him about the token economics of a node staking system like the Chainlink network is planning to use. The problem is that node operator incentives are fuzzy at best and not even figured out fully by the team (see the gitter for Steve stuttering about this). When I brought it up to Ari Juels, I told him that in the way the network is expected to be used, the fees payable to node operators would actually decline as requests become more ubiquitous because as the network grows it becomes cheaper to use. This makes sense if you took a few advanced cryptoeconomics courses. Ari admitted that it was a great question but that they were "actively pursuing research in that area." I sold my LINK immediately after that and saw a significant dump on the binance charts. It's pretty clear these guys are pulling you along making you think they're doing something revolutionary when the incentives aren't even fully determined yet.

Who is still buying these fucking things? Is there really that much traffic on a cambodian basket weaving forum?

Didn’t they say they had 83% code coverage? That’s pretty damn close to closing up all loops desu

>cambodian basket weaving forum?

How do you come up with this shit?

>PhD in crypto economics

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> still top200
*tiny fist pump*

Can you further clarify, how much has it changed?

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>so new it hurts

The moon is soon, my friends.

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This has happened in the last seven days or so. It's one of the easiest ways to watch the LINK wallets grow. Just check the 500th LINK holder. If that number goes lower than where it is now, whales are likely dumping. The higher that number gets means wallets are getting fatter at the top end, which means smart, larger investors are jumping on board.


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thanks for that /comfy/ feel user. truly the patrician's choice.

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Code coverage refers to how much of the code is covered by automated tests. Not features.

old fud

Why the hell would they ask for a review when they know the codes weren’t all done...

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Wallet list is deceiving. I have 30k link so I'm near top1000, however I personally knows 2 guys who have nearly 2x and 4x my link stack and keeps it on binance...

How much bitcorns would you have I'd you were in the top 500 holders this early into the project? Is there any way to know?

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You need to lurk more

i was actually pushed out of page 23 it's pissing me off