I have the cure for MRSA, and it isn't bacteriophages

I have the cure for MRSA, and it isn't bacteriophages.

How do I go about getting investors?

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Is it Iodine?

what would that taste like if you licked it

If you have to ask(especially here), you don't have the cure.

It's garlic. right?

Is that krokodil?

Also you are a lying scum bag for saying you have the cure for MRSA which is a problem on the entire planet and billions of research has been spent on it.

It looks like raw tuna and avocado wrapped in an aged sausage

They already made several drugs that have high cure rates for MRSA. Vancomycin and linezolid being the most common.

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Vancomycin and/or linezolid?

This is a very weird larp. No sure what you are trying to achieve.
Let’s assume for a second that you have actually found a magic cure. That means you’re not part of a team in a university or company (otherwise, you wouldn’t ask that question). In that case, your only ways of getting it commercialised are: a) somehow launch a startup with enough funds to survive the horrendous FDA process (good luck), or b) sell it directly to a pharma.

I think that snek is sick.

Which then gets you vancomycin resistant enterococci.

You empirically cover for mrsa in some situations. You don't empirically cover for VRE, by the time you get cultures back for VRE you have sensitivities back to shift agents. Bacterial resistance is an issue but we have agents for a lot of things. Fucking china and India hand out antibiotics like crazy and ESBL rates are through the roof in those areas

Is it soap?

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It’s manuka honey, I’ve watched it work firsthand. Methylglyoxal can kill any bacterium.

Is it the urine of virgin 11 year old boys?



How would you use it to treat MRSA? Topically? IV extracts?

It's Bitcoin, isn't it?