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i've written this off as a complete loss in my mind

I'm mining the shit out of this

Zcash has a backdoor, it was funded by DARPA and Naval Research.

ZEC removed the founders fee.

Bitcoin Private removed the backdoor and branded it.

It might be a longer long than LINK for gains, but this coin will save people's lives who were smart enough to see what's coming

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i manage to turn like 600usd to 5k and still didn't sell, now i have like $200 left, it's all fucking over for me


Whats the best place to mine this shit coin user?

deleted you from my blockfolio, now if only i could delete you from my mind...

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i deleted my blockfolio app kek i was all in this fucking shit, why didnt i sell at top? why

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How did you go from $5k to $200? ZCL maxed at $235 and now BTCP+ZCL is combined like $32. That is at least $700

it's fake kid

what about ZEN? seems better than Zcash, ZEC and BTCP imo yet i never see it mentioned in these threads.

Definately hits his finger though you see it move

well i sold my ZCL at like $10 after the fork and my btcp at $30 i had like 23 each, then i said well im ruined as fuck why not try some Bitmex since i know a bit of TA

and now here i am with $200 left in Binance Coin, 4 months of holding that shit into the trash, im sick of this, want to know more? i was here when fucking etherum was 1 fucking dollar but then i left crypto and biz because i got bored, never invested until december 2017

But you guys... don't you remember "don't sell for
less than $500"?


it's not fake, I'll find the video


He didn't account for the train actually being wider than the tracks. He actually lived.

I remember the comments saying Roger Ver was paying the big exchanges $100 million dollars each to not list BTCP because he was so threatened.




ah so you took my advice and went all into bnb when I told you last week?

yeah, what can i lose? i already have almost nothing left

what's the market cap for this right now?

trying to figure out whether it is worth buying yet or if its still gonna tank

so glad i sold my ZCL for an average of around $135.

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>tfw my friend kept telling me to buy zcl before the fork
>i kept telling him to stay away from horrible shitcoin forks like this one
>he literally went all in at 150
>didnt sell when it hit 200
>still holding onto the heaviest bags in the universe right now

ive realised that for those friends that refuse to listen to advice, they need to lose most of their money before listening to you. it sucks but brainlets need a wake up call

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Keep your head up man, you should already be up 20/30?%
The burn is still far away, expect at least another pump before then.
Once again set your own goals get out in time.

Compounded gains is the answer to the gains you seek.

>what's the market cap for this right now?
BTCP bag holders would say that the enite 20.3 million should be counted. So a bit less than $600 million. More realistically only like 5-6 million have probably been claimed so like $150 million.

what the fuck hahahah is the market cap actually like 575 mil?

this has a long way to go down yet

Other people always think they know better

He was probably on the ZCL/BTCP reddit pages and fell for the meme.

Its the 'age of information' version of survival of the fittest

Did the amerimutt think the train couldn't possibly be wider than the track or something?

good point

>clearly indian

You're right, too thin to be an American.

I fell for the meme.

Fucking Rhettkt.

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This is a more effecient way to train your self for the harshness of the outside world!
media.giphy.com/media/47xqMrjTiFPslA0AOK/giphy.gif - more information on gif image

well i bought at 0.0015250 now it is 0,00149377 kek

Compounded gains isn't like the interest you gain from divinds or something like that?

The amount of delusion people had for BTCP was fucking unreal.

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if only 5-6 MM are claimed then this is open to medium term dilution due to miners.

"our data sets indicate..."


damn we all got scammed so hard

>It might be a longer long than LINK for gains, but this coin will save people's lives who were smart enough to see what's coming
You mean if they have an allergy to monero or ...?

Yeah wait until miners are able to mine this shit into the ground. Enjoy a $4 coin.

I didn't. Why do we need another privacy coin?

Listen user, I do not want to be mean but I have read your posts and you are extremely stupid when it comes to trading. If you keep day trading you are going to lose all of your money. Please for your sake just buy some bitcoin and ethereum and forget about it for a while.

Eh doesnt matter that much. I dont see a possible outcome in which bnb doesnt pump hard before the burn on the 18th.

Just relax, dont try to swing this cunt of a coin(I have tried and paid for it).
Honestly as long as btc doesnt do a freefall or we get another goxxing, under the right circumstances mind you, I see it as a realistic possibility that bnb going hard and very high(far far beyond current ath).
Get out in time like I said and look for something else after.

Compounded gains: getting 3 coins that make your money go 2x is much more likely than a single 6x. Three 2x= 8x. Work with this mindset and you should already outperform 90% of the tards trading.

Last: if binance secures fiat deposits through Malta it would be very very good news for bnb. Kraken is a piece of shit exchange and nobody likes trading on it. The only thing they do well is get your fiat in their exchange fast.

A massive red flag was the lack of people outside of Veeky Forums talking about it. I was going to claim my BTCP if it was worth anything, but I certainly wasn't going to expose myself to the risk of BTCP failing by buying ZCL.

>He actually lived.
really? train looks like its going a lot faster than in the webm, his brain would be liquefied instantly

>mfw i was literally the OP's in all those threads

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It's the best privacy coin to challenge monero, I'm stocking up before hardware wallet support announcement.

From the video he looks dead as fuck.
Rakesh and group I know you are here reading this:

Tell me what he's saying in that video and Ill post a positive reply on your next shilling campaign here.

Should I buy some of those heavy bags?

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Im not that stupid desu but it's true that i don't care about blockchain or understand some financial terms etc etc etc, and i don't daytrade i used some money at Bitmex but it didn't work out because looking at charts gives me anxiety, give me a brake would you?

Thanks dude, appreciate.


We got greedy, user. Should've settled for 2x instead of blindly chasing a 10x.