Press S to shit on grave

Anybody want to take a guess on how big of a free fall it's gonna go tomorrow?

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Stay in your containment thread

If it goes below 140, buy
if it goes below 130 buy again

Am I alone in thinking that FB will be around for a long time? Grandmas use it, there is no other general purpose platform that threatens their hegemony. Myspace got facebook'd, but who will facebook facebook?

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facebook is finished. you’re vastly underestimating how small the timescale of change occurs at on the internet.


The market overreacted from a few B-list celebs deleting their profiles. Facebook isn't going anywhere.

glad this shit is finally dead. what a shit stain on humanity. the biggest social engineering job in human history under the guise of a "social network"

>you’re vastly underestimating how small the timescale of change occurs at on the internet.
I remember checking both my myspace and facebook accounts for ~2 years before switching entirely to facebook. It happens gradually.

Any network technology needs a wide userbase before it returns enough value to be worth adopting. It was the same thing when texting replaced pagers and the telephone replaced the telegram.

Realistically, there's nothing even close to replacing Facebook right now. There are small competitors that do a portion of what Facebook does... but these are not nearly as popular or attractive to advertisers.

What is this, boner fuel for ants?

Reddit will be next Facebook

Short it

Only Russians and bots use Facebook.

A lot of businesses like restaurants use Facebook as their website.

Ive deleted my profile like 15 times over the years but I have to keep coming back so I can post pictures of my kids so my mom and her friends can see them.

buy stock if it hits 140 imo. in 2 weeks, everyone is going to forget about this shit when some other bullshit media storm hits the fan

if you buy face book you deserve to die, seriously supporting that social justice warrior tier cancer
do you have any fucking morals?
oh right im in biz


Does anyone under the age of 30 even use FB?

Kikebook isn't dying, as much as i want it too. They still have complete hegemony in the social-signaling department for girls, celebrities, models a la instagram. In this social media space there will always be four major niches: anonymous shitposting forum, professional or semi-professional promotion, social and/or virtue signaling podium and private or semi-private messaging between close contacts.

Facebook is sort of a mix of the last three but does none of them exceptionally well on top of having a growing rapport of storing everyone's information and selling it. It's no longer in the realm of tinfoil hatters who we're right once again because people are too retarded to understand that if a company is providing something for seemingly free than their actual product is the consumer.

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Veeky Forums is selling your data

oh yeah dude, I hope someone finds my shitposting on this austrian rock collecting forum valuable.

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Veeky Forums has in the past, mootykins needed money badly and cucked out. Also the unironic Veeky Forums gold accounts and ads for people that don't use ad blocker for whatever reason.

Up 2% to 5%
and will continue to go up 5% monthly.


Fuck off /pol/ trash


I'm 19 and facebook is unpopular with people my age, and people younger think it's shit. It'll die with the current crop of 30+ moms

It's dead, people have been using it less for a long time before the recent news.

i unloaded my position a few months ago after talking to my 11 year old cousin who said facebook is for old people and nobody uses it. listen to the kids yall.

Brainlets, your irrationality is laughable, no wonder none of you have made it in life. You're all destined to remain poor pieces of shits in your worthless existence.

Understand that Facebook achieved mega corporation status and it won't die anywhere soon.

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oh shit, the marketers now have my whole stash of plush pepe pictures

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What coin is this?

>Oculus Rift
VR is shit and Vive is better than the Rift anyways. Plus they pissed away what little goodwill they had when they forced Palmer to resign.

remember when they said Facebook will never die like MySpace, well look we are now

Someone is buying data from a racist cambodian online forum designed specially for people with a high asperger index

>someone buying my shitposts